Apple goes thermonuclear on Google and Motorola over Android 4.0

“One measure of how quickly events are unfolding in the smartphone patent wars is the number of typos appearing in Florian Mueller’s FOSS Patents dispatches,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“The German-born blogger’s coverage of the ‘thermonuclear war’ Steve Jobs promised to unleash against Google’s Android operating system are closely read by all sides in the cross-continental disputes, and lately he’s hardly had time to breathe, never mind spellcheck,” P.E.D. reports. “‘There’s just too much going on these days,’ he wrote in the second of two long reports filed Saturday, ‘and contrary to popular misbelief (which I’ve seen on Twitter), I do sleep.'”

P.E.D. reports, “As Mueller sees it, the subject of his two latest reports, a pair of federal lawsuits filed by Apple (AAPL) in two California district courts, are signal events that could turn the tide in Cupertino’s favor.”

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    1. yes, a thief is a thief and Apple is the thief here stealing tons of concepts from Android for its IOS 5. And yet they use their cash reserves to try and bully the competition out of the market. Apple shareholders should be outraged.

      1. “yes, a thief is a thief but not Apple who was reclaiming the concept of push notifications that Android stole from the jail broken iPhone store for its IOS 5. And yet they use their cash reserves to try and keep stolen ripoff products from the so-called “competition” out of the market, that Apple created and Google shamelessly copied. Apple shareholders should be outraged that it is taking so long for justice to prevail.”


      2. Yeah, right. (Showing that two positives CAN make a negative.) Anyway, and back to your assertion . . . bullcrap. “Tons”? Show your hand, moron. Be specific. Can’t? Right. Keep smoking’ that whacky weed in your momma’s basement.

  1. And my Apple prevail.
    I think part of the strategy of waiting so long to really go after Android might have been that an earlier case would have been slow tracked thru the courts. Now Apple has valid reason to ask for and get quick judicial action as the impact of delays is huge. This may have been considered all along. Keeps legal fees down too.

    1. I think it’s more related to having to wait to be granted the patents before taking any actions. With every month comes a few more patents, no one can say that Apple didn’t warn them.

      1. Also, the time Apple spent negotiating with and trying to come to terms with the Android rip-off artists could work in their favor too. That they legitimately tried to discuss it with the thieves and got nowhere at least shows they made a reasonable effort to keep this out of the courts.

  2. I surely hope so. I mean Slide to unlock patent seems pretty weak. There must be better ones waiting to be unleashed when they’re approved. Steve had mentioned (200 ), right?

      1. Slide to Unlock existed on a Windows CE phone back in 2005 and a court in Netherlands called it “trivial and likely invalid” in proceedings against samsung there. I have my doubts about it holding up in the US.

        1. Not the way Apple implemented it. Apple’s method of having a visual representation that response to your slide to unlock motion is unique. That is whats actually patented, Apple’s unique take on slide to unlock.

          1. It seems obvious NOW, but I remember when Jobs first showed “slide to unlock.” It was RADICAL.

            We have to remember that iPhone has remade the tech world. What seems “obvious” now was certainly NOT in 2007.

          2. I don’t see how tying an animation or dragging an image across the screen changes the mechanics of it. The court actually said this was no different than other examples Samsung showed such as dragging a control to set volume in another example shown before the court.

            We’ll see but I do not have high hopes.

            1. Tying an animation to it makes it much more intuitive and useful. The technology behind knowing how far and how fast your finger is moving over the screen is quite complex and Apple has design and technology patents for such things. One court in europe said they didn’t get it…that just means that just one judge didn’t agree and it wasn’t the final decision, just a sort of pretrial decision to determine if an injunction was called for. The final decision will come much later. Other courts have agreed this is a unique thing, for instance the one with HTC vs Apple here in the US.

    1. Only thing Apple could do is go after Google on its home turf by either having its own search engine that beat Google or found a way to remove the profit from Internet search. That would be the only action that could be considered “nuclear”.

        1. Exactly right. Siri is the stealth weapon.

          Nobody wants to use Google search, which delivers a ranked (and possible poisoned) decision tree—when they can use Siri, which narrows the decision you must make to a simple human choice, in human terms…and Siri is still only in beta. Expect more friendliness and intelligence in the future.

          Google is acting like the likeable boy next door who fell from grace and became the local used car salesman, constantly badgering your mom to buy a Dodge Coronet.

          1. Google is far more like the creepy pimply-faced nerd who lives diown the streetthat hides in the bushes and stares at you through your window and tapes you undressing and then sells the tape on the Internet.

            They also rummage through your trash and go through your mail. They hope that they will next be able to bug your house, listen in on your phone conversations and keep track of everything you buy, everywhere you go, and everything you do, so they can sell that information to corporations who have no respect whatsoever for your privacy.

  3. One big slice of GOOG’s profit comes from users’ iOS devices search. We (iOS devices users) can vote with our wallets by changes the default search on our iOS devices and Macs from GOOG to other alternatives. Are you with me?
    … my 2 cents …

  4. This isn’t thermonuclear. This is apple dropping a MOAB after google executed a stupidly designed flanking operation.

    Thermonuclear is the multitouch patents which will force all android phones off the market. Apple is keeping them in reserve in case it loses these initial cases because it needs to know whether courts will uphold patent rights or not- these weaker patents are sufficient in themselves.

    1. In simple terms Android has no right to exist. Unless they go back to being a Blackberry clone or completely abandon multi-touch devices, stop ripping off Java from Oracle and recreate the development platform, and truly innovate a new paradigm completely unrelated to the iPhone,

      Worse, it’s success has allowed Android to set the model for which you can stomp all over someone else’s patents, steal their ideas, and drive innovation out of this country and hand profits to Asian companies to design and market stolen goods.

      By trying to destroy the principle profitable business of the number one American company and trying to send those profits over seas, Google has become the number one enemy of the future and prosperity of its own country.

      1. You are off the deep end.
        I would believe this if apple did not make the iphone in a foreign country.
        google is no more pushing innovation out of here than anyone else. Android even being stolen is largely a US designed and built product.

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