Whitney Houston’s music tops Apple’s iTunes Store sales

Just hours after her death at 3:55pm PT on Saturday, February 11, various Whitney Houston albums quickly began climbing up Apple’s iTunes Music Store’s “Top Albums” list, with Houston’s “Whitney – The Greatest Hits” hitting #1.

Currently, Houston’s presence on Apple’s iTunes Store’s “Top 200 Albums” list:

1. Whitney – The Greatest Hits
11. Whitney Houston
13. The Bodyguard (Original Soundtrack Album)
38. I Look to You
39. The Preacher’s Wife (Original Soundtrack Album) – Whitney Houston
59. I’m Your Baby Tonight
67. My Love Is Your Love
111.Whitney Houston (The Deluxe Anniversary Edition)

Houston’s current positions on Apple’s iTunes Store’s “Top 200 Songs” list:

5. I Will Always Love You
40.I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Junior’s Happy Handbag Mix)
47. How Will I Know
61. I Will Always Love You (The Bodyguard)
62. Greatest Love of All
67. One Moment In Time
70. I Have Nothing
77. Greatest Love of All
85. Where Do Broken Hearts Go
87. Didn’t We Almost Have It All
93. I’m Every Woman
106. Saving All My Love for You (Whitney Houston)
110. The Star Spangled Banner
126. Saving All My Love for You (The Greatest Hits)
156. I Have Nothing (Remastered)
159. Run to You
174. It’s Not Right But It’s Okay (Thunderpuss Mix)
177. I Look to You
178. Exhale (Shoop Shoop)
180. You Give Good Love


  1. Why am I not surprised? But wouldn’t it be so much cooler if, in a drug-induced stupor, she realized that she’d need more money for her next fix and faked her own death? Or is that just me?

    1. I’m with you on this…. but, you know she was flat broke. Having burned through $100 mil. Her manager probably told her the only way to get out of debt is to Die and your music will sell again, look at Elvis and MJ. Then again that’s just me…

    1. Yeah, I say so. She and Winehouse were on a downward spiral for quite some time.
      The real shame is that there are millions of people on the planet in the same shape and not many people care about them.
      Very sad commentary about Humans.

      1. “The real shame is that there are millions of people on the planet in the same shape and not many people care about them.
        Very sad commentary about Humans.”

        It’s not that people don’t care about them, everyone just doesn’t know who they are or what problems they are dealing with. Their families and friends most certainly care about them.

      1. I liked some of her songs, and I’m sad at her tragic fate, but that song in particular bugged the heck out if me. She had a gorgeuous voice at one time, but in that song it came across as horribly annoying.

        But clearly not everyone felt the same way I did, it’s her most popular song.

    1. I preferred Dolly Parton’s version. Parton wrote it; with rare exceptions, the version performed by the writer/singer of any song is the best. If I was writing songs, I’d write them to take advantage of my strengths.

      Dudeman, are you queer?

    1. Bobby’s busy putting himself into a cocaine stupor and telling himself that he didn’t have anything to do with her death…

      “It’s not my fault. I didn’t get her hooked on coke, she did it to herself. It’s not my fault…”

  2. “Clock strikes upon the hour
    And the sun begins to fade
    Still enough time to figure out
    How to chase my blues away”

    ~ Whitney Houston (I Wanna Dance With Somebody”). R.I.P.

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  3. She was great. Not the “greatest singer I’ve ever heard,” as aging Tony Bennett just said- but still insanely great. Wat better than Mariah, Beyonce, Christina. Only the Queen of Soul beats her. But Whitney destroyed her talent years ago, and this is about as predictable as Amy and Michael. Still, tragic and sad. I’m just amazed it took so long. Look around- it’s not hard to guess who will be next…

    1. That you never have to deal with an addiction of any kind. Of course, I’m sure you’re just too strong for that, and everyone can simply choose to stop anything the do that harms or is not good for them.

      Your utter lack of understanding is amazing. Perhaps you are addicted to stupidity?

    2. Addiction is severe illness, which sometimes leads to early death. It is not like she wanted to die or even wanted to continue to be addicted. But this illness is both chemical and psychological.

      While at initial point when she agreed to try cocaine she could be said to be responsible, all of later years she already did not belong to herself completely. No matter how much she was sorry and suffering, nothing could be done. So, overall, Houston deserves only sorrow and sympathy, not condemnation — she was defeated by the illness.

    3. Yeah, everything is a disease or addiction, and no one is responsible for their own actions. Bullshit; it’s bleeding heart whiners like you guys that keep this scourge on humanity going. If it was up to me it would be two strikes and you’re out. Find an island to exile all of these fools onto and be done with it. You can kiss the asses of all the Lindsay Lohan’s on this planet and it’s not going to fix a damn thing.

      1. We’ll see if you feel the same way when someone close to you is the one with the addiction.

        Of course, since you seem like a real winner, you very well may not have anyone close to you, which may be why you are so angry.

        1. Yeah I’m angry. I’m angry every time I hear about a bust on a meth lab in a home full of children in a residential neighborhood. I’m angry when I hear of a robbery that is instigated due to drug abuse. I’m angry when someone is murdered by a family member because they wouldn’t give them money for drugs. I’m angry because of all of the atrocities committed by cartels in the course of the drug trade. I’m angry about the astronomical cost to taxpayers fighting the drug wars around the world.

          Yes I’m angry; and if you aren’t then you’re a bigger idiot than I thought.

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