Apple scores record high to top Harris poll; passes Google as pre-eminent American company

“Apple Inc has the best image of any American company, scoring a record high in a new reputation study, while financial institutions filled the ranks of the worst,” Nick Zieminski reports for Reuters. “AIG ranks last in the research company’s survey, falling behind Goldman Sachs and Bank of America.”

“Apple, co-founded by Steve Jobs in 1976, vaulted to No. 1 in Harris Interactive’s annual public opinion poll on corporate brands,” Zieminski reports. “The Cupertino, California company raced passed last year’s brand champ in the poll, Google Inc.”

Zieminski reports, “Apple earned a record high score of 85.62 on a scale of 100, helping the company rise from No. 5 a year ago. In addition to riding Jobs’ legacy, Apple’s gains were driven by product quality to profitability and environmental record. ‘The timing of Jobs’ death certainly played a role in bringing out an emotional attachment to the company and reinforced the elements of reputation that he brought (to Apple products),’ said Harris Executive Vice President Robert Fronk, who leads the company’s analysis of corporate reputations. Apple, which was floundering a decade ago, is ‘the pre-eminent American corporation right now,’ Fronk said.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. ” Apple, which was floundering a decade ago, is ‘the pre-eminent American corporation right now,’ Fronk said”

    Its also the largest company in the world by mucho billions. !!

    Just a thought, for a crazy monday.

  2. A testament as to how very rare a leader SJ was. Many would like to manage their company’s so consistently to their core values, but almost none seem to be able to. Forget Google, next closest I’d say is Ford. I think they also, since adding Mulally have managed against a core set of values, problem is, those values aren’t set as high as those at Apple.

    Google on the other hand has turned desperate, and is acting as irrationally as you would expect of a Company in desperation. Google continues as a one trick Pony, and when the end comes, the dive will resemble that taken by RIM.

    1. I think a big part of that was not being churned out by the collegiate business system, where people are taught to run companies a certain way and no other way works.

      I think a big part of the failings of corporations is a failure to be brave and bold and think outside the box. Which is funny considering how many companies use ‘thinking outside the box’ as lame business-speak when they describe their own firms and when they try to elicit more ‘creative’ thinking from their employees.

    1. TA DA!

      Apple should have been at $500 a YEAR ago. It’s got no where to go but up…

      …Until the next TechTard stock ANALyst pulls a short move and rapes its value. And you KNOW someone will do it….

      PARASITES: A Dime-A-Dozen.
      APPLE: The best.

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