Apple files new patent lawsuit against Samsung in California

“Apple’s global campaign to stop its Korean rival from selling smartphones and tablets has faltered in recent months, but the iPhone-maker appears undeterred,” Jeff Roberts reports for paidContent.

“Apple is using two new patents for touchscreen technology, obtained in December, as the basis for yet another lawsuit,” Roberts reports. “In documents filed Tuesday in San Jose federal court, Apple revealed it is using newly-granted US Patents 8,074,172 and 8,086,604 to seek a temporary injunction against Samsung.”

Roberts reports, “It is not clear whether the new California lawsuit is aimed at Samsung’s tablet, its phones or both. The complaint has been filed under seal so, for now, the only public information available includes references to the new patent numbers in the docket and a filing (embedded below) that says the new case is connected to the prior one.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Appel doe snot have a global campaign to stop Samsung “from selling smartphones and tablets.” It only wants Samsung to stop slavish copying Apple’s products and stealing Apple’s patented IP.

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  1. This article begins with a sentence that clearly reveals the personal opinion of the writer. Everything he writes he essentially tries to shoehorn into this opinion.

    Apple’s legal effort to stop patent violators from infringing has certainly NOT faltered by any reasonable criteria. About the best this writer could hope to say would be “win some, lose some”.

    1. Protecting others from ripping you off is the best use of cash that Apple could possibly use. They have a huge pile that’s growing bigger daily.

      The fact that they have not used it to develop a 7″ device already tells you everything you need to know.

    2. You are a perfect match for Android. Just go and buy that “stuff” if that’s what you really want. What is it exactly that is keeping you here with Apple?

      Oh by the way, Apple WILL give you a bigger screen “when they can technically”make it possible on a device that is close to the size of the iPhone 4 or iPhone 3G. And not before! But 4.5 inch? Don’t think so.

      A better GPU? Of course they will, we don’t need you to tell us that! A 7” tablet? Don’t think that’s going to happen either.

      All in all, you should just shuffle on down and get your fix at the nearest ROID outlet and leave us with our great Apple products.

    3. blah blah blah blah, ‘take the needle off the record, take the needle off the record, take the needle off the record, take the needle off the record,…’
      Enough already, this repeated bleating about the screen size was fucking boring a month ago, give it a rest. The next iPhone will be whatever size and shape Apple see fit to produce. They won’t be paying any attention to what YOU want.

  2. Apple should maybe run commercials on show how they revolutionized the industry and how others are being shameful with their business practices. Right now, Samsung is promoting commercials that make it seems as if they are the ones who introduced the tablet/smartphone revolution in addition to their attacks on the Apple fans.

  3. what should apple do is feed rumour sites with fake info so sammy can ‘co-develop’ similar product, let samsung release their first and then release something completely different. anybody noticed that similarity of one of latest samsung’s phones with that fake image of iPhone 5 which was doing rounds before introduction of 4S?

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