Why Apple is worth more than Microsoft and Google combined

“On Thursday, Apple’s stock market value was higher than Microsoft and Google put together,” NDTV reports.

“According to the US stock market data, Apple’s market capitalization was $459.82bn. Microsoft was $258.18bn and Google stood at $198.81bn,” NDTV reports. “The stock market clearly believes in the Steve Jobs legacy and innovation at the company that has created products that captivate consumers around the world.”

NDTV reports, “Investors are already hearing technology pundits talk about what Apple could do with the iPad 3, slated for March 2012 launch. The company’s products continue to capture consumers’imagination. In short, everyone is curious to know about the company’s next product. This yet again indicates a growing appetite for Apple products.”

More reasons why Apple is worth more than Microsoft and Google combined in the full article here.


    1. My 15″ MBP was purchased on December 2006. I’ve only installed RAM.y daughters MacBook ea a refurb bought in the spring of 2006. It has a new hard drive. Great machines.

  1. There are still billions of people suffering the ignorant nightmare illusion that Windblows is a modern OS.

    The upside of Apple is huuuuuge!

    Now let’s fix iOS…so pros can also use it… Please!

    1. Pros are unable to us iOS? I wasn’t aware of that. Who are these “pros”?

      It’s hard to believe that they are able to do something professionally yet are unable to use iOS.


    2. But just wait until Windows 8 is released. The next big thing by Microsoft will not only catch up to its competitors, it will leapfrog them. That’s the claim that has been made prior to a number of Microsoft product releases, a number of which never saw the light of day. The fact is, if Microsoft does not release a really good version of Windows, then it is facing a lot of pain and decline over the next 3 to 5 years.

  2. “…the iPad 3, slated for March 2012 launch.” Really! I hadn’t heard the official Apple announcement. Must have slipped by me.

    Of course, if the iPad3 isn’t launched in March, Apple will be denounced for missing a deadline that never (at least publicly) existed.

  3. It would seem that only Apple offers concrete, cohesive products that consumers can actually buy and use on a daily basis. Microsoft does offer the Xbox 360 and Google does have the Galaxy Nexus, but neither of those products generates the revenue of the iPhone or iPad. Google seems to give a lot of stuff away in order to get ad clicks, but I guess that strategy isn’t paying off as well for mobile use as it once was for desktops.

    Apple seems to have such a multi-armed attack on consumers that keeps them coming back for more products. Thanks mostly in part to all those retail stores that so many said would be a failure. I’m sure there is no way rivals are going to create that many stores in a short time to challenge Apple for consumers’ hearts and minds.

    So many things came together over a long period of time to establish Apple’s consumer base. I sure wish Steve Jobs was around to see Apple’s long-term growth at this level.

  4. What happened to all of those people saying the Mac has no viruses because they are a niche player? Macs, iPhones and iPads overrunning the workplace and everyone’s house. Well? C’mon, speak up… now what’s Microsoft’s excuse? Perhaps those kindergarten green rectangles scare away viruses… causing them to die laughing.

  5. Oooh, how about because Apple makes more revenue and more profit than Microsoft and Google combined.

    I know the market can be irrational, but should this point be entirely dismissed?

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