Steve Jobs served in George H.W. Bush administration

“FBI background interviews of some people who knew Apple co-founder Steve Jobs reveal a man driven by power and alienating some of the people who worked with him,” Pete Yost reports for The Associated Press.

“In the FBI documents released Thursday, many of those who knew Jobs praised him, speaking highly of Jobs’ character and integrity and asserting that he always conducted his business dealings in a reputable manner. They recommended him for a post during the George H.W. Bush administration,” Yost reports. “The 1991 interviews were part of a background check for an appointment to the President’s Export Council.”

“The Commerce Department confirmed Thursday that Jobs did serve on the council during the first Bush administration,” Yost reports. “Export council members serve in an unpaid capacity and meet at least twice a year, advising the president on trade policy.”

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    1. let me see now, TROLL? Yes. Too easy to spot, especially when trying to act outraged.

      First of all you should know that influencing the opposite political party is a win for Steve Jobs (and the democrats, if indeed he is a democrat), not the republicans. Steve did’nt go there to fulfill Bush’s agenda, he went there to fullfill HIS own agenda. In reality however, Steve was never a “party first and country last” kind of guy. He would do anything and work with anyone to do the right thing for the country.

      1. “In reality however, Steve was never a “party first and country last” kind of guy. He would do anything and work with anyone to do the right thing for the country.”

        Absolutely. Steve had what the majority of the human race lacks… COMMON SENSE. The rest of the insects that pollute the planet are too busy trying to get the best of each other for some sort of shallow satisfaction that gains them NOTHING.

      2. By writing, i was looking for some smart reaction and answer. Happy that my coup brought some of what was expected! 🙂
        Now, am i “trolling” or something… maybe yes, maybe no… It is only a matter of perspective, in fact.
        Philosophically, i don’t think Steve did “something for the country”, because he was probably looking to the world with a brighter vision than any nationalist or narrow mind.
        Apple’s behavior has slightly changed over the year because money is mainly ruling the actual world. But, basically, Apple was more about showing some universality of knowledge and progressive thinking.
        In USA, sadly enough, the politics are bounded with that Democrats verso Republicans pseudo-bipolarity. The first just being less extremist than the other.

          1. What do you mean, foulnate?
            USA needs to leave lots of century old believes in order to go forward. Alas, tea party extremists (and such kind of) still tries to show up in the country… and this is of very bad omen for the future…
            Obama, at least, gave a better image of America to the rest of the world… Would have been something else with having a freaky Sarah at the commands! That disaster! Yet few americans would have preferred: pathetic!

      1. Some US citizens are nice but it is attitudes (and language) like this that construct opinion against US outside your country, would suggest you add a word to your voc. RESPECT.

        1. But better citizens don’t wear out their welcome. Pity we have no better citizens serving us… in both parties, be they Local, State or Federal!

          Term Limits NOW please!

    1. What the scorched earth political people (2010-12 comes to mind among others) seem to forget is that the President, like him/her or not, is OUR President and serves all of the people. The American tradition is to serve when the President calls.

      Herbert Hoover, the Republican President at the start of the Great Depression was asked by Democrat Harry Truman to lend his expertise regarding humanitarian issues in the immediate aftermath of WWII in Europe and later for a reformation of the Executive Branch. President Hoover, long vilified by Democrats and shunned by Republicans, served his nation and became a good friend of President Truman.

      In the military (yes, godless liberals love our country and serve) I was trained to respect the rank- not the man or woman in uniform- also in the American tradition.

      The lack of such an attitude is why I have such disrespect for much of the current Republican leadership in Congress. I did not vote for Obama and remember Mitch McConnell saying his first priority was to make sure Obama did not succeed and was a one term President shortly after his election. This scorched earth 24/7/365 attitude does not serve our nation well and is not in the best traditions of our nation.

      1. I agree. It’s why I loathe when people label me a Republican. I’m not a Republican, I’m a conservative. There is nothing I dislike more than partisan politics.

        You don’t have to respect the man, but respect the office.

      2. That’s odd, I think of 2002-2008 when ‘scorched earth political people’ comes to mind.

        And BTW, it was Rush who said he wanted the President to ‘fail in his policies’ because they are so disagreeable with Conservatives, so keep it in perspective when dishing it out.

        1. Which party’s House Speaker was getting fellatio from his then Congressional Aide even as he was impeaching a President for getting the same from one of his aides?

          A- Republican Party – you know, the Family Values Party- and the adulterer/hypocrite was Newt Gingrich. The female aide giving head to the married Gingrich was his current wife.

    1. You are the fucking MORON for totally twisting Steve’s words.

      Steve was a tough love sort of guy. He always gave advice that hurts… everyone. What other kind of advice is there anyway? He also did NOT say, “You are a one term….”. what he ACTUALLY said was. “IF…….you will be a one term president”. Kind of like saying, “If BLN was to go and buy a fucking Android then we could hope to never hear of him again”. But that will never happen.

    2. Like Paul states, Steve has always dished out tuff love.

      Steve Jobs was an Obama supporter BTW but not to the politically blind or extreme extent and he could have made this comment to any president he cared about. His point was that the administration needed to be more business friendly. He cited operating with lesser regulations like in China as an option. However, I don’t think that America nor it’s workers would like to follow the China model for business. Unless we want to live with severe pollution and work at minimum wage standard.

      Apple has succeeded in operating within its own environment and succeeded very well in this country without being like China and even being environmentally friendly. So, being like China isn’t always the best solution.

    3. What are you going to call him after he wins re-election by a bigger margin than the ass whipping he put on John McSame?

      Willard “Mitt” RawMoney (Romney) is going to win? Really? Which one?

  1. Not conservative enough for my tastes, but certainly a second term for H.W. Bush would have left the country a lot better off than having to suffer through the Clinton years, including the sowing of the seeds of the subprime housing debacle (and, yes, G.W. Bush was negligent for not having reversed course on that, even though the leftist media would have branded him a “racist” even as he saved millions of lives in Africa).

  2. In Australia we seem to have pretty much no respect for the office at all. We’re more focussed on who is occupying it, and what they are doing. That’s they way we like it.

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