Piper Jaffray lowers Mac estimate, raises iPhone

“In a note to clients issued Tuesday, Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster offered his analysis of the NPD Group’s final PC retail sales data for 2011,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“Domestic Mac unit sales were up 12% for the quarter, according to NPD, which isn’t bad given that sales of Microsoft Windows PCs are shrinking,” P.E.D. reports. “But the Street was expecting Mac sales for December to be up 25%. Accordingly, Munster is shaving 300,000 units off his Mac estimate for fiscal Q1 2012, dropping it to 4.9 million from 5.2 million.”

P.E.D. reports, “But at the same time, he’s raising his iPhone sales estimate by 600,000 units — to 30.6 million from 30 million.”

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  1. I’m sorry but 3.5″ doesn’t cut it. Reading web pages is a drag. Looking at document attachments is a pain.

    When you were competing against the ex king of the hill BlackBerry, 3.5″ seemed luxurious. But the new competitor isn’t the soon to be dead RIM, it’s the plethora of Android handsets that are coming in 4″ or larger.

    You snooze, you lose, Apple.

    1. BLN, I still have trouble figuring you out. Some times you make sense, and other times you seem to be a Zunetang wanna-be.

      If 3.5 inches is too small, get an iPad. What is so hard to figure out about that.

      Maybe you should go for 7 inches. I hear that there are already several dead tablets in that size. 🙂

      Just a thought.

      1. I do have an iPad – the original one. I’m waiting for the 3rd iteration to drop because it sucks donkey balls using it – slow as molasses.

        Sometimes it’s just not convenient carrying an iPad out in the field. That’s when I whip out my iPhone only to realize that viewing documents on that 3.5″ screen is a right pain in the ass.

            1. What I don’t get is, what is the difference in pixel count between Apple’s 3.5″ retina screen and a lower res 4″ Android screen?

              I would think that you would see the same content on both screens.

              It seems to me that BLN just needs new glasses.

            2. That’s Wozniak’s and your opinion. Apple is selling iPhones as fast as they can make them. Customer satisfaction with them is far and away the highest in the industry. Seems like Apple is doing pretty well without Woz (and you).

              I realize you want a larger phone. So does everybody else here. You tell us at every opportunity. But realize that you are in the minority. The vast majority of customers are very happy with their iPhones, or they want one.

              I’m not saying you shouldn’t want a bigger phone, though I don’t want one. I’m just saying that if it’s really that important to you go buy an Android and move on with life. It’s too short to spend this much effort on complaining about 1/2 of diagonal screen space on your phone. My 2 cents. No flame intended.


              Apple’s iPhone dramatically eating into Android sales

              NPD: Apple iOS market share jumps from 26% to 43%, Android plummets from 60% to 47%




  2. … MSFT sales are shrinking … and … ?
    OK, Mac sales are up only half as much as anticipated. And the rest of the PC market’s sales are DOWN nearly 10%. Where does this put Mac sales by comparison? Perhaps … up 20% by Market Share? Still below the predicted 25%, but much closer!

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