Apple’s iPhone dramatically eating into Android sales

“In the sales war between the iPhone and Android, latest figures from the NPD Group suggest that while iPhone sales are on the up, while sales of Android device have slumped preciptously,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reports for ZDNet.

“Between Q3 2011 and October/November sales of iPhones soared from 26% to a whopping 43%,” Kingsley-Hughes reports. “During the same period sales of Android devices fell from a high of 60% to 47%.”

Kingsley-Hughes reports, “This chart clearly shows how the smartphone race is between iOS and Android. RIM has pretty much vanished into oblivion…”

NPD: Apple iOS market share jumps from 26% to 43%, Android plummets from 60% to 47%

Read more in the full article here.


  1. Heh. I wonder how much of the damage is due to the iPhone in the #3 spot. Nothing like a free iPhone to ruin Android’s “give ’em away to pad market share” strategy. (And I’ll bet you the 3GS owners actually use their phones.)

    Boy, the Fandroids should be working their way toward a blubbering tantrum. Raw market share was pretty much all they had to assert superiority over iOS.


  2. There is no Apple competitor called “Android” (just as there is no Apple competitor called “Windows”).

    Apple competes against the smartphone makers who produce Android-based phone. That chart tells the story. The top three phones are the three iPhone models.

  3. Yesterday’s news.

    As in, this table was in other articles MDN linked to yesterday.

    If I didn’t know better, I’d think MDN was run by academics, trying to get the most publications out of the least amount of information.

    1. Reporting on the same NPD numbers as TechCrunch, ZDnet unsurprisingly came up with an almost identical graph—except that ZDnet brashly ignores the obscure bottom feeders.

      The result is a much more powerful visualization of what now looks less like a horse race and more like a medieval clash of titans, while in the distance a tired old king dwindles toward irrelevancy.

    2. Maybe yesterday leftovers but recooked with a little flavoring added …..

      Think of it like …… Same meat with new side dishes …… And the side dishes are tasty too, just like yesterday’s main course …..

  4. let’s be real. to a significant extent the prior quarter iPhone sales were depressed because buyers were waiting for the 4S, and then the next quarter they are boosted by the big catch-up. average the two and you get 35% of market, which is probably close to the truth. we’ll see the real split when the Q1 2012 sales reports come out in three months.

  5. Wasn’t the newest Nexus suppose to be the iPhone killer. I guess that is now put to rest. But now we have to look forward to the next Android flavor of the week.

  6. Heres the thing you have 1 year old Android phones that won’t run the latest software, I just got an iPhone 3Gs to replace my iPhone 3G because it was free and because even at the age of the 3Gs it runs iOS5 pretty quick and without any issue. There is less interface lag in my 3Gs than the brand new Android phones I played with.

  7. LOL to bad you had the head start and now your back in the pack and hope to gain something called momentum. Your overlords at Apple don’t care about being majority. They care about locking people into high profit phones and they are succeeding hand over fist sitting in third place.

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