Top 10 OS X tips from a Mac master

“If you’ve written a book full of Mac tips [Mac Kung Fu: Over 300 Tips, Tricks, Hints, and Hacks for OS X Lion (Pragmatic Programmers)Mac Kung Fu: Over 300 Tips, Tricks, Hints, and Hacks for OS X Lion (Pragmatic Programmers)
], as I have, it’s inevitable people ask what my favourite tips are. So here they are, for one-time only—the top 10 tricks I use every day,” Keir Thomas writes for Cult of Mac.

“They’re not all barnstormers, and they’re not guaranteed to be mind-blowing,” Thomas writes. “They’re just the little things I do to make life easier and more efficient when I’m using my Mac.”

Top 10 OS X tips from a Mac master:
1. Starting apps using Spotlight
2. Quick Look everywhere
3. Quick open files
4. Paste without formatting
5. Open a link in a new tab
6. Uncluster apps in Mission Control
7. Drag and drop the proxy
8. Use text clippings
9. See other menu options
10. View the desktop

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  1. For a “master” he seems pretty clueless about the trackpad. Most of the tips refer to keyboard combinations or use of the center and right mouse buttons instead of gestures.

  2. Shut down. Unplug or remove battery for 2 minutes. Make sure all cables are securely connected. Insert battery or reconnect to power. Reboot.

    — Done. We are all troubleshooting masters.

  3. Yeah, we don’t all have trackpads (although, seriously, I’ve long since now abandoned the mouse on my iMac- only using it ‘twixt battery changes), or PC-type mice, so some of these skirt around commonality, but relying more upon keystrokes has always been a plus IMHO.

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