HP aims to stand out from CES mobile device frenzy with new desktop PCs

Hewlett-Packard “plans to release a pair of desktop PCs, aiming to stand out from a flood of portable technology at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show,” Aaron Ricadela and Cliff Edwards report for Bloomberg.

“An all-in-one desktop PC for families called the HP Omni will go on sale Jan. 8, the Palo Alto, California-based company said today in a statement… The new HP Omni, which sports a 27-inch screen, starts at $1,200. The computer comes with Beats Audio technology, an optional Blu-ray disc drive and an HDMI high-definition TV connection.,” Ricadela and Edwards report. “Hewlett-Packard also will release the HP Pavilion HPE h9 Phoenix, a tower-style PC for gamers.”

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Ricadela and Edwards report, “All-in-one PCs, such as Apple Inc.’s iMac, include all the parts of the computer — except the keyboard and mouse — within the main chassis. The market grew 39 percent to 14.5 million units worldwide last year, according to DisplaySearch. The iMac accounted for 32.9 percent of shipments in the third quarter, the research firm estimates. Lenovo Group (992), meanwhile, grabbed the No. 2 spot in the all-in-one segment by appealing to customers in China. It had 22.7 percent of sales in the third quarter, followed by Hewlett-Packard with 21.4 percent. The total market may grow to 23.3 million units by 2014, according to DisplaySearch.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. The only thing HP “stands out” in is in failed tablets, overpriced ink cartridges and butt ugly PC’s with precious little sense of style or identity among the crowd of equally clueless PC makers.

  2. And in further news, the HP Omni will be offered in one zillion configurations confusing the royal hell out of buyers, screwing up HP’s supply chain and further lowering their margins. It will come loaded with all sorts of useless crap, but will have a low gloss screen! Going to where the puck was indeed!

    1. Easy, boy, easy. I still have and use my 15 year old HP 32S calc simply because RPN rocks. I still have (but don’t use too often) an HP 4925 TIMS.

      [cue strange economic acronym comments by Squiggles in 3…2…1…]

    1. Its not just ugly. It’s yet another knock off of Apple design albeit a really bad knock off. This piece of junk made by bait or as us will be another windows7 pc running antivirus software to fix all the holes in the OS maybe. It will die an early death as most HP computers do. About 8 months to a year if you are lucky. The replacement motherboard from HP will be 650 bucks and HP will recommend buying a new machine as usual. When people say Apple is over priced I still have my g3 and g4 macs running perfectly and they have been running 24×7 for 10 years with out issue. I have never gotten a dell or HP to last more than 2 years and most die just out of warranty. Dells seem to die sooner.
      If you have to buy a pc buy it from Walmart online and buy walmarts 3 year warranty for 75 bucks I have had them replace 3 HP workstations for nothing in the first 2 years. Each one was faster than the next. Also make sure to throw LINUX on it so you have a decent OS on it. It’s a fact Linux runs better on older hardware than windows does and even better on newer hardware.
      HP had it right the first time get out of the Desktop pc market. They tried and people got upset. So they will continue to lose market share and continue to buy pcs from Taiwan and put their names on it. Don’t fall for well we had them make it to our spec. That’s bs.
      The reality is they sent it out to bid and company x makes it cheaper using crappier parts so lets give then the contract for this computer to the cheapest manufacturer.

    2. Sorry, but that thing is an eyesore. Some engineer or other social misfit was conscripted to do the styling, and it shows. What is that stupid thick silver “U” under the equally stupid and thick black soundbar? Amateur designing and styling–a very half-hearted attempt to design something like an iMac while economizing at every turn, such as hiring an amateur to design this eyesore.

  3. Wow, it comes with Beats Audio Technology!
    Guaranteed to make all your music into crappy dance tunes with overblown bass, unintelligible lyrics, and every track sounds identical to every other track.
    Dre has managed a stroke of marketing genius persuading suckers to part with money for overpriced headphones and earphones that sound like crap.
    Shouldn’t be surprised that this is on a Windows machine, nobody with any talent uses Windows for music creation and mastering, they always use Macs.

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