Google opens first ‘Androidland’ store in Melbourne

“Google and Australian mobile telecommunications company Telstra opened the first ever brick-and-mortar Android-themed storefront in Melbourne on Thursday, a move to consolidate the Android brand and associated devices under one big, wide, Googly roof,” Mike Isaac reports for Wired.

“Created in collaboration with Android device manufacturers, ‘Androidland’ showcases the many different devices that run Google’s operating system in a fun, Android-themed environment,” Isaac reports. “And rather than merely hawking the devices, special displays and gaming kiosks aim to inform potential buyers about how Android works, and what devices may be best for them.”

Isaac reports, “Yes, it all sounds identical to Apple’s retail storefront strategy, an initiative that met early criticism but quickly proved successful… It’s possible that the Australian market opening could serve as a test case for Google. If the Androidland project takes off, it would make sense for the company to expand its storefront presence to other more popular markets like Japan, Europe and, of course, the United States.”

More info, and photos of the very green (with envy) store, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Next up, Larry Page plans to change his name to “Steve Jobs.” (For now, Sergey’s still resisting “Woz.”)

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Rudi” for the heads up.]

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    1. So true indeed.
      I’m serious when I say this, I want to puke every time I hear the names of new android releases and android phones. Legend, Wildfire, Droid, Epic, Nexus? Are these phones aimed kids 14? It’s incredible. And the childish people at google who name android releases… Grow up???

      1. I had the misfortune to spend Thanksgiving in the presence of a 15 year old Android fan and now I understand. This is their customer base. Their fragile identities are defined by being able to hack their electronics and to be able to expound on tidbits of obscure information that no one else cares about. They are obsessed with jumping through undocumented hoops to procure free services and software. The end product is important only in the sense that it justifies the quest. There is no profit to be made here.

    1. Steady on cupcake, Melbourne may be “south of the border” … but it’s only 869 km / 539 miles (by road) from Sydney, which IS at the centre of the universe!

      Not does Telstra sucks donkey balls, it is possibly the most hated corporation in Australia.

    1. They need that many employees to dust… the displays will be gathering dust as they won’t be touched and the employees will have to dust them. They know this from the experience gained from talking to the employees of the Microsoft stores

  1. Many of the Telstra stores are direct copies of Apple stores in layout and operation. There is one big difference though. The Apple stores are filled with customers and shoppers.

  2. wow.

    I think a retail store from a technology company should now be the sign they have “made it” and have more money than original ideas.

    I wonder if a Samsung rep showed up with a box of Apple swag to decorate their corner of this bad idea.

  3. First glance: The store is designed to appeal to prepubescent and early adolescent boys. It looks like a toy kiosk.

    Apple stores are designed to make intelligent adults feel comfortable.

    Androidland will be a short and painful lesson for Google.

  4. Made for stoners & Australian surfer dudes.

    Nemo’s dad: “Hey is this the EAC – East Australian Current?”

    Turtle: “Dude, you’re riding it. I’ll tell you where to turn off for Sydney.”

    Nemo’s dad: “Thanks, Mr Turtle.”

    Turtle: “Dude, don’t call me Mr Turtle. That’s what they call my dad.”

    Dude…..Androidland is for pussies…

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