Amateur Hour is Over: Best Buy cancels BlackBerry PlayBook orders, pulls listings

“Best Buy raised questions on Thanksgiving weekend after it suddenly started cancelling Blackberry PlayBook orders,” Electronista reports.

“Shoppers have frequently reported orders being dropped, even if the order had already been charged and was virtually ready,” Electronista reports. “Those on Best Buy’s forums have mentioned the retailer being ‘overextended,’ while our own checks had one store say that “all” orders had been cancelled.”

Electronista reports, “The cancelled orders come just as Best Buy also appears to have pulled listings for the PlayBook itself, leaving only accessories. It also comes as stores like Staples and Office Max are showing unusually limited selections where one or two models are missing… Best Buy normally leaves products online if they’re only temporarily sold out, however, raising questions of whether the chain plans to keep the PlayBook. Although the PlayBook is likely to stay, the withdrawals recall the situation that led to the death of webOS mobile devices, where Best Buy was stuck with unsold stock and threatened to make HP pay for TouchPads it couldn’t sell.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It won’t be much longer now for beleaguered RIM’s Oldsmobile of iPad wannabes.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mike D.” for the heads up.]

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  1. One of the criticisms of RIM is that the corporate culture is too Canadian “nice” for the ruthless battlefield of global high-tech. Jobs was able to commandeer a ruthless AAPL; now that he’s gone, and Cook is seen as comparatively good natured, I wonder if the corporate culture of AAPL could change for the better for employees, and for the worse for the company.

    As “nice” as it is to work at RIM, plummeting fortunes demoralize and ultimately eliminate its workforce.

    If AAPL is to maintain COCO vectors across divisions, and the kind of LEMN curves Munster tracked during his Black Friday POLTRY analysis, it can’t get too nice!

  2. Anyone here ever use a Playbook? I have used one for texting, the BB Phones can send SMS, MMS to the tablet. For someone looking for an extension of a BB Phone, it is very cool.

    It’s no iPad, but for a BB user they are a cool toy (at 200.00 not 500.00)

    1. Not interested in obsolete crap, sorry. I have a few friends who carry BlackBerries but more often than not they have more dropped calls than me carrying an iPhone. BBs are antiquated crap that will die along with Bakelite rotary phones and eventually slide down the toilet hole to join Nortel in the sewers.

  3. I agree with CT… at $199 the playbook is priced right (where it should have been all along). I considered getting my step-dad one for Christmas since the iPad we got for my mom is in constant use between the both of them. The playbook makes sense because he is assigned a Crackberry phone through his work.

    1. Not a great metaphor, Edsel was a model produced by Ford who (as you know) survived the debacle (because they had other strong, innovative products) and went on to prosper.

      I don’t know if blackberry is going to survive this.

  4. But…but… but… I was assured that the fact that it plays FLASH would assure it would destroy the iPad? Wasn’t there a lot of smug talk along the lines of “thanks Apple, we’ll take it from here”?

    Wha’ happened?

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