Apple patent application reveals new music sharing app for silent disco and mobile clubbing scenes

“Yesterday we mourned with the rest of the world as we learned of Steve Jobs’ passing on Wednesday evening,” Jack Purcher reports Patently Apple.

“Today we move forward with a heavy heart – but remain focused on what we do best: Report on the insanely great inventions inspired by Steve Jobs and his team,” Purcher reports. “During Apple’s special event held earlier this week in Cupertino, Tim Cook spent a lot of time talking about how Apple still loved music and the iPod that started the mobile revolution.”

Purcher reports, “In a patent published by the USPTO on Thursday, we learned that Apple is working on a fresh new music sharing app that is uniquely designed for those who love the mobile clubbing scene. The app is described as tying in with the iOS notification system as well as with Twitter and Facebook social networking sites.”

Read more in the full article, with Apple’s patent application illustrations, here.


  1. I’m deifintely getting old. I didn’t even know that that existed. Nice to know that Apple is tune with what’s happening in music though. It sounds crazy, but I’m sure that when you’re in the moment, it’s fun. Ya, that’s an interesting photo. If anyone would be testing a prototype it would have been Steve. I still can’t believe he’s gone.

  2. I feel like I’m walking to silent disco every time when I walk to grocery store in China. There is no music but it’s very loud because everybody is yelling at each other, so much that the sales ladies are using megaphones.

  3. From the video that I saw from a link in the original report, it looks crazy, but so did every fad for youth going back to the twist and shout, to Woodstock and up until today. If Apple sees this as a trend, it’s probably bigger than we think. Will it last? We’ll see. Who thought 10 years ago that buying bottled water would turn out to be a permanent trend?

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