Cyber criminal scams already exploiting Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ death

“As millions around the world mourn the loss of Apple co-founder and visionary Steve Jobs, opportunistic online crooks have already begun to cook up schemes exploiting the tragedy for their own benefit,” Matt Liebowitz reports for

“One such scam, spotted by researcher Dmitri Bestuzhev from the security firm Kaspersky Lab, is a fake contest you can enter for the chance to win ‘1 of 15 MacBook Pros in memory of Steve Jobs!'” Liebowitz reports. “Beneath the enticing offer is a space to enter your email address; while you won’t win a new laptop, the chances of you winning a whole new batch of spam emails are high.”

Liebowitz reports, “Another part of the scam Bestuzhev found was the chance to see exclusive photos and video footage from Steve Jobs’ funeral. Below a header reading, ‘The Life, Death, and Legacy of Steve Jobs,’ the message says, ‘Video footage and images will be here uploaded live from the funeral ceremony. Check back each day to see if they are posted.’ …For now, these scams don’t appear to infect victims’ computers with any malicious software, but that could quickly change.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. You would have thought that people would have learned just alittle about Steve Jobs, just 0.01% but it sure does’nt look like it, if these retards are falling for scams on the internet. Apple does’nt give their hardware away nor would the family of Steve Jobs broadcast the furenal since he was a private person and kept his family away from the press, so why would they expose themselves to the press now. Apple does’nt want that and neither does the family.

    People have to stop being retards to all the scams that circulate on the internet everyday. There is no such thing as free and no way your going to make $250 per hour clicking on ads.

    1. There is nothing capitalistic about lying.

      Capitalism does not give license to lie cheat or steal. Though that is what we have. Therefor what we have is not Capitolism. It’s some form of insane evil using the name of Capitolism as a sheild.

      Banks included.

      1. Your first point is dead on, but your second point is not. What we actually have are more and more individuals willing to exploit, lie and cheat within our capitalism. Capitalism is simply an economic philosophy. And, like a hammer, can be used to build houses or crush skulls, depending on the hand that wields it.

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