Why Apple’s October 4th ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ event is one of the most important ever

“I think that from a milestone perspective, Tuesday’s announcement may be among the most important Apple has ever made,” Mike Elgan writes for Cult of Mac.

“The reason the event will be so important is that history judges such moments not so much by the product announced, but by the revolutions they start,” Elgan writes. “From a milestone-that-leads-to-culture-changing technology perspective, Tuesday’s announcement will be ginormous.

Of course, we don’t know for sure what will be announced. But it’s possible that Tuesday’s event will usher in not one, but two, new eras in consumer technology… The Social Tablet Era and The Artificial Intelligence Phone Era.

MacDailyNews Take: Don’t limit it to iPhone. If it works on an iPhone, it’ll work on an iPad and it’ll work on Mac, too.

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. hasnt every wwdc been a huge milestone for apple???? I’m not as concerned with the iPhone as I am the iPod touch. I could use some 3G capabilities as well as a 5-8 Meg camera. And they need to axe the stainless steel back. Go with aluminum or a rubber coating.

      1. DV is correct this is a press confrence not the WWDC,
        and… the back IS already aluminum on all of the iPad touches (including the current model)
        Do you really think the telco’s are going to allow a 3G handheld (which could easily run VOIP) for half (or a third) of what they are getting for a phone?
        You have to be kidding….

        1. The Telcos have to allow it, because they want to sell that data access, which is very profitable.

          If they don’t, then suddenly there will be an Apple MVNO, and they’ will be even more quickly reduced to operating dumb pipes.

          They didn’t stop the iPad from having 3G, so no reason to believe they’d stop the iPod from having it.

    1. Really? I’m still cruising along on a Touch 2nd gen, but thought I could do with phone capabilities by now 🙂 Have always thought that Apple products – even mobile devices – age well. I had my indigo iMac for 9 years before finally replacing it!

    2. Hey at least you have an “s” at the end of your iPhone title. I only have a 3G so I desperately want a new phone. Can’t wait to see what Apple pulls out of their hat.

  2. “Talk”/AI part will be there in the announcement, it is obvious at least from the name of the event.

    Facebook on iCloud could be interesting, but, for now, there is no confirmation of that.

  3. It’d make sense to use Ping for Spotify-ish iTunes features, like sharing playlist through Facebook. Not that it’s groundbreaking, but they should do something with Ping or kill it.

    Looking forward to the iPhone 5. Yes, there will be both an iPhone 4s and 5. I’m limping on a 3GS too.

  4. A rather dumb article to pass along. It’s only “the most important ever” once we know what takes place. Since we don’t yet it’s simply speculation. It may be a little disappointing? It may be better than we expect? But until the event takes place, we know nothing! there’s enough crap passed along as pertinent information without scrapping the bottom of the barrel! This dufus just needed to publish something and MDN furthered his cause by passing it
    along. Enough already. Pass along decent articles or don’t pass along anything.

  5. “MacDailyNews Take: Don’t limit it to iPhone. If it works on an iPhone, it’ll work on an iPad and it’ll work on Mac, too.”

    I’m going to need all three on Wednesday. *giddy*

  6. @MDN.

    You just said 2-3 days ago in a MDN comment that you hope Apple announces that the ‘assistant’ feature will be iPhone 5 only, and that it will be the ‘mother of all upgrade cycles’. That sounds gay as hell, and I hope it is available for iPhone 4 as well–I just bought one two weeks ago. If true, a long time follower of apple, me, will be alienated by both you and apple.

    1. J Bone
      Something tells me you didn’t just buy one. Oh, you have a month to return what you didn’t buy. Apple does, after all, have remarkable customer service.

      None you can go back to your android phone.

    2. Word is that Voice Assistant will need A5 to function. That leaves iPhone 4 out of that particular new feature, but there are plenty more in iOS 5. Sh!t happens. I have 3GS. I doesn’t have a great camera, nor a front facing camera, so I’ve not been able to take advantage of Facetime. My choice to to upgrade my hardware. Just the way it is. That neat little Reminders demo Apple did at WWDC, where reminder alarms are location based, won’t work on a 3GS, but will work on the 4. New features take better processors, more RAM, whatever. It’s not like Apple is removing features that you had.

  7. beware- Elgan is a prime purveyor of Apple Jackassery.

    His sole purpose for this hyperboly may be so he can tear Apple down over his “disappointment” over what they actually reveal Tuesday. If it’s not iPhone 5 with holographic display, look out. It’s gonna be, “Yawn, meh, Apple is doomed!”

  8. Without knowing what Apple will say, you already conclude it to be a landmark! Are they going to bring back the bounce mail they removed. Get some serious news and not groundless triumphalism. Thanks.

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