Oh Samsung, you are making this too easy

“Having a look at the otherwise impressive Galaxy S II phones from Samsung, I noticed that the USB AC power adapter had a ‘familiar’ feel to it to it,” 9 to 5 Mac reports.

“Turns out, it is almost an exact replica, within a millimeter in every direction,” 9 to 5 Mac reports.

“As you can imagine they both put out the same power, 5V at 1A,” 9 to 5 Mac reports.

See the photos in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As if we needed it, yet another reason to continue avoiding Samsung knockoffs:

Boycott Samsung. We no longer buy Samsung-branded products and advise our millions of readers worldwide to also avoid purchasing Samsung-branded products until they cease stealing Apple’s patented IP.

Apple’s products came first, then Samsung’s:

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Lynn Weiler” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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      1. you’re missing the point. If we are going to pick and choose which of their products to boycott than hooray. Count me in. I’ll keep my Mac products, and all the products they make that are best in class from a price performance aspect like my plasma, and boycott (as I usually do) inferior products like their BS phones and tablets. Kind of like Apple buying their chips, and suing them for stealing their IP. This is just a little less Black and white then the usual MacDaily good guys vs villains take.

        Sorry, but they make damned fine plasmas IMHO.

  1. Samsung is vindictive. They are instigating a war based on retribution, not merits. As a long-time Apple fan, I am offended. I suspect that many other Apple fans feel the same way.

    Boycotts are not an attempt to hurt the target. They are an effort to send a message whether the target is an industrial monster or a country.

    All Apple fans should boycott Samsung consumer products until Samsung realizes that it’s customers’ opinions matter. There are better alternatives to every Samsung consumer product out there. Apple fans are a sophisticated and discerning group and will find them.


    1. “Samsung is …. instigating a war based on retribution, not merits.”

      *DING* Samsung are faking righteousness while actually insisting upon a fictitious right to ripoff IP. They hid behind a paper facade. They will BURN for their vacuous arrogance. They are soooo screwed. I’m enjoying this…

  2. I bought a Samsung 24″ TV/Monitor earlier this year and nothing Samsung since. Don’t get me wrong I am very pleased with my purchase, it is a good TV/Monitor.

    Since I do not plan on buying anything Samsung anyway a boycott would be easy.

        1. I know that’s right Allllllesssandro! Go on n’ tell’em hunney!

          I find it rather interesting that the filthy, pedantic jezebel can neither write, nor punctuate a complete sentence. The little harlot even failed to capitalize his own name, for cripes sakes.

          Jon, you tramp…make note of the following:
          [So, no. It doesn’t mean “no class” — you have no class.]

  3. This company is such a scumbag immoral POS. Take them down Apple! Their management is obviously also comprised of morons to pissoff their largest customer worth several BILLION a year. How can you be so stupid? Oh, that’s right, their entire corporate culture is based on “invent nothing, copy everything”.

  4. Typical Asian business thinking: do the same thing as everyone else, drive the value of what you do to zero due to tons of people doing exactly the same thing. I can’t wait to get back to the states.

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