Obama administration bars reporters from Silicon Valley fundraisers

“In a week in which Silicon Valley is the focus of intense news coverage, the White House that promised the ‘most open administration in history’ has made an unusual move — barring local reporters from covering a pair of high priced presidential fundraisers in the tech region Sunday,” Carla Marinucci reports for The San Francisco Chronicle.

“The President will star at two big Silicon Valley fundraisers Sunday, attending a $38,500 per person dinner at the Atherton home of COO Sheryl Sandberg [Facebook], and starring at $2,500 and up fundraiser starring Bruce Hornsby at the Woodside home of Sandi and John Thompson [Symantec CEO],” Marinucci reports. “But in a rare move — and a departure from the President’s previous trips to California – local media have been informed that the White House will not allow any of their representatives to act as a ‘pool’ reporter and file reports from those events.”

Marinucci reports, “Peter Scheer, who heads the First Amendment Coalition, said that ‘it’s their party and they can design that party list the way they want – but it shows, in my judgement, poor judgement for them to exclude the press. What goes on in a meeting where people pay this much to see the president is not trivial.’ And by barring local reporters specifically, he adds, that means the journalists most likely to know personalities — and donors — present will be outside the doors.”

“Carmen Balber, the Washington director of Consumer Watchdog, said that her organization has been ‘expressing concern about the president (meeting with) the CEOs of companies that are under investigation by the Dept. of Justice,’ a reference to Google’s top executive Eric Schmidt, who has also been a major donor to Democratic causes,” Marinucci reports. “‘We don’t think it’s appropriate.’ But with the latest move by the White House, she said, the question now “what is the president doing behind closed doors that he doesn’t want the public to see?”

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    1. Dem donors could give President Zero a trillion dollars and he still won’t get reelected. Donating to Obama 2012 is as effective as lighting your cash on fire (except for those not earning business income who can at least claim a tax deduction).

      1. Oh I dunno. Most of the people who voted for President Obama will likely vote for him again. Their disdain for all things conservative won’t simply go away because they know someone who is unemployed. They tend not to vote in terms of the health of the nation as a whole but in relation to extremely focused issues.

        Liberals tend to have hot button issues. Radical Environmentalists, the legal lobby, abortion rights activists, animal rights activists, unions, anti-America types, dyed-in-the-wool socialists, blacks vote Democratic, Latinos vote whoever gives the best lip service to immigration, etc. They vote based on those issues, not whether or not there will be an America in 50 years.

        Combine their hot button issue with the fact that they have this media created profile of conservatives, i.e. we are all racist, misogynistic, homophobic, bible thumping, fat, bald, rich, white, greedy, selfish, capitalist, men, plus the President has a billion dollars with which to bang that profile into the heads of Americans for the better part of a year, on top of the fact that decent candidates like Gary Johnson barely get the time of day from the media, and they pick the kooks like Gov. Perry to focus on, and I can easily see President Obama with another 4 years.

        So don’t count those chickens.

        1. Wow! Spot on. Can’t add much to that other than the Republicans have no one to run against him. At least so far all I see is a bunch of knuckleheads. It’s such an opportunity but if you don’t run a good (and it would only take good) candidate the Dem’s will win again. God bless America.

          1. You are implying that Republicans have never pulled this kind of crap? That only Fox News is capable of reporting the truth? That only Fox News dares to put the spin on this situation that it properly deserves? LOL, seriously…

            Obama is not everything that I want in a President, and certainly not everything for which I had hoped. But the far right had driven me so batshit crazy with their tunnel-visioned, one-solution-fits-all, no compromise view of the world that I cannot imagine voting for one. Even the ones that might be acceptable are ruined because they have to sell their soul to the GOP and repudiate everything except a specific party line – it is like some kind of sick religious cancer that has invaded our country. The last ten years have brought that tainted odor of McCarthyism into the air.

            Although I am quite conservative in many ways, I also hold some very “liberal” (I think of them as “practical”) viewpoints regarding clean air and water and renewable energy and the like. Your world excludes me, therefore I cannot support you.

            1. No. That’s not what I said. I too am a independent thinking and voting kinda guy. But to not acknowledge that the media, in general, is not very very very liberal is foolish. I have not ever voted the party line. I don’t think it should be allowed on a ballot. I have voted for democrats,republicans and independents. If people want to vote a straight ticket let them take the time to click on each candidate. I worked with so many people that didn’t bother to vote. They said that their vote didn’t matter! They need to live in north Korea.

          1. Palin? You’re serious? Did you WATCH her interview with Katie Couric? Go to YouTube. Now. Find the interview (last I looked it was still available), and watch the WHOLE thing. Palin did nothing in that interview but dance around the questions she couldn’t answer and make a complete fool of herself. Yet thousands of people still support her, which IMHO is a clear sign of the declining IQ in this country.

            Palin is a complete moron, and one with extremist views. Doubly dangerous.

        2. Carter/Reagan election 1980! Ever heard of it? American Bankrupt of feeling American Exceptionalism, Energy Crisis, High Unemployment… Pretty much what we have today. Although the GOP nominee may not be the second Reagan and thus have the same landslide win, I think the chance are more than enough in his favor.


          Regarding article about Obama Admin barring reporters despite laying claim to going to be the most open admin, I say this…

          “JUST WORDS! JUST SPEECHES!!” (although Obama said that in a speech, he swiped it from another politician Deval Patrick. Jeez, does this man have ANY accomplishments on his own instead of skating through life?!

        3. Yes, Republicans have never pandered to the masses via hot button issues *coughabortiongaymarriagewarondrugscensoringanythingetcetcetccough*…

          It’s also amusing that you express how butthurt you are over being painted with a broad brush while driving your own street sweeper dipped in blue paint. There’s a class waiting for you at your nearest university. It’s called Critical Thinking 101. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

        4. Yeah, and the GOP — or should I be more precise and call it what it is, the Tea Party party — have no “hot button” issues of their own? Immigration? Gay marriage? Anti-abortion? Right-to-work? Union busting?

          And for someone opposed to what they feel is a media-created profile, you are quick to supply your OWN media-created profile of those who would oppose you politically (radical environmentalists, socialists, anti-American, etc.)

          Trust me, most of the liberals/progressives I know are extremely patriotic sorts, who aspire to live in a gentler version of America than that supported by Perry, Bachman, Palin, et al.

        5. “… profile of conservatives, i.e. we are all racist, misogynistic, homophobic, bible thumping, fat, bald, rich, white, greedy, selfish…”

          Not all…but certainly enough to establish a stereotype. Actually, the problem that I have with the GOP is that its adherents feel that it is fine to stereotype the left and badmouth them, but turnabout is foul play. Everything is euphemisms for the GOP – “job creators,” for instance, or “class warfare” – terms that are styled to evoke emotional reactions of support or dislike. The GOP is so busy attempting to “take over” the country’s power base and return to the “good old days” of 2000-2004 that it is willing to undermine this country and increase the hardship to most of its citizens rather than work as a team towards viable and practical solutions. It makes me friggin’ sick to my stomach every time I hear that crap on TV or the radio.

          The funny thing is, even Ronald Reagan wouldn’t pass muster with the GOP of today.

        6. Other than fat and bald, your description fits Perry perfectly. He is a cowboy sociopath.

          I love how the GOP plays to misers with your “entitlement” attacks. Never mind that it is such a small amount of our budget. Eliminate it all and it is but a drop in the bucket that is corrupt defense spending. Maybe if we weren’t pumping up the war machine, fomenting civil wars and propping up terrorists to sell more weapons our country wouldn’t be broke. All the fiscal “conservatives” refuse to even consider ANY cuts to the military industrial complex that they have propped up to enrich their donors. It is disgusting and disingenuous. We simply cannot afford it, yet we want to cut programs that help our own citizens. Patriots my @ss.

          I’m a USMC vet too, not some military hater, I’ve been to war and it’s ugly. If you are a fiscal conservative you have to look at ALL the numbers, you tea baggers insisting on not doing that are corrupt, lying, small minded war mongering fools.

          Maybe we should institute mandatory embedding for national politicos. Say a 3 to 6 month tour. Maybe when they start getting blown to bits with road side bombs made of American munitions in the hands of crazies they will understand the futility of the whole mess. That region has been at war since the dawn of time. Your nationalistic pride ain’t gonna change it. Three things are happening there right now. 1. Our sons an daughters are senselessly dying, 2. The defense industry is profiting, 3. The locals are learning to hate us more.

      2. Because George W Bush hid the trillions he spent buying Iraq for Halliburton and turned the Clinton surplus into the largest deficit in the history of the world, you blame Obama for the Bush depression? With that kind of logic you must have bought a Mac by mistake.

          1. No, Pirate. It’s not really… W forced the U.S. into Iraq without adequate justification and against the opinion of most of the rest of the world. Seen any WMDs lately? Seen anything trickling down from those tax cuts? By the way, the big tax cuts were back in 2001 and 2003 – shouldn’t the “job creators” have created something by now with that $1.7T??

      3. Thanks, F10T12! Anything opposite to your beliefs *must* be correct. Obama is getting money from me tomorrow. I appreciate the motivation that you provided, and we will work on that $T, if that’s what it takes.

      1. You know what is really funny:

        Look at a map of the red states, mainly ag-country.

        This flies in the face of your party platform, because the American farmer cannot exist with out “entitlement” programs. Every field of corn, oats, beans, etc is propped up with government “handouts”.

        Amazing isn’t it, how easily you muttonheads get fed talking points and beliefs that are simple not true. All to support your own slavery. They use your religion and bigotry to empower themselves, all the while really doing nothing for you. Sadly you are no smarter than the livestock you tend. SHEEP..

        1. No, they talk about the unions, bail-out slush funds, and campaign donations from companies awarded federal funds, which apparently they don’t report during the Maddow Witching Hour.

        1. Yep, keep listening to Glen Beck. Buy the corporate line and attack the orgs that actually fight for workers. Protect profits at all cost. Lets take this country back to the working conditions of the industrial revolution. Lets protect the status quo. I’m sure it will trickle down eventually. That is if the pollution doesn’t kill you first. Of course you wil be too tired to enjoy it after working 60 hours a week for minimum wage so you can feed your family. Keep watching the Kardasians on tv, maybe someday you can live that way. Keep buying into the dream, someday, maybe.

          Or you could wake up and realize you have been sold a false bill of goods and are marching ever faster to corporate slavery.

    2. The president needs a lot of money to continue his role as Vacationer in Chief. He does not want to give up the best job ever! The media protects him from any serious investigations for his illegal activities (i.e. Fast and Furious) and he can continue his travels, golf excursions and bloviation speaking tours on the taxpayers’ dime. He knows that the DFF (Democrat Fraud Factor) will not be enough to keep him where he wants to be for the next four years due to the landslide loss he may experience in the 2012 elections, so he need to buy a LOT more votes!

        1. If you actually swallowed that line you’d make a helluva’ circus performer. Less “beneficiary” (ha!), more “individual stuck in an oil-dependent system built upon 200 years of big oil corruption.” But keep stroking yourself and staring at your E/M stock certificates.

            1. That’s telling it like it is. Nothing worse than a smug tree hugger preaching about something he knows nothing about. Me guesses he lives in Frisco and drives a Prius. i hope so. That leaves more gas for me.

      1. Yeah, Solyndra didn’t break any laws. They just stole yours and my tax dollars and put it in the CEOs bank accounts. Then they’ll use these funds to contribute to the Obama re-election campaign. Of course this means nothing to those without morals like the progressive, oops, I mean regressive Democrat party. Yes, we will regress to third world status with the continuation of anti-capitalist polices. What’s the word you regressives use? Oh Yeah, corporatist! Blah blah blah blah. LOL. Stupid Democrat voters don’t see that their leaders are filling their bank accounts with tax dollars all the while they are fighting for the little guy. LOL. Such a sad state of affairs with low-IQ democrat voters.

      2. Broke no laws? Yet they took the 5th some 20 times during their appearance before Congress while Demo-toads like Waxman tried to run interference for them.

        Let’s see what the FBI makes of the documents seized from Solyndra recently. Then again, given how politicized the Justice Department is under Holder, Solyndra execs may yet get away with it.

  1. What happened to his promises of complete transparency? Remember his criticism of the Bush administration’s “prodigious spending?”. His big campaign promises seemed too good to be true.

        1. His color does not bother me. Anyone who makes impossible promises, telling people what they like to hear, rubs me wrong. That’s how I saw the campaign of the Great Unifier. Despite the Great Lie before the United Nations, I’d trust a man like Colin Powells with my life. I also find Condaleeza Rice very attractive. I just hate snake-oil salesmen.

        2. I said thin skin, not brown skin. If a black man disagrees with Bush or Clinton or Carter, it would not be automatically assumed that they are racist. But oppose Obama and you might as well burn a cross on the white house lawn.

          Fools. If you think I’m racist, it’s because you are an anti-conservative bigot, and you deserve the fate you get and your miserable life of prejudice!

      1. On March 18, 2011, President Zero told congressional leaders that the “kinetic activity” (aka WAR) we were getting into in Libya would be a matter of “days, not weeks.” The moron used the same “days and not weeks” phrase in a news conference on March 22, 2011.

  2. Well the reason could be something like this;

    “Eric, how’s things going over at Google?”

    “Hello Mr. P. Well great and we are conversing with your JD and SEC a lot lately & I have your campaign contribution in the mail.

    “Eric that sounds great and I’ll put in a good word for you”

    1. “Eric, let’s see now, what’s a million bucks, or two, between friends. I’ll makes sure this pesky Congress hearing goes away and set my attack dogs on Apple. I’ll even use my Presidential veto on the ITC hearing against Samsung if the results don’t go your way. Nothing to it. Oh and by the way how about a round of golf next week. What say we stake a thousand bucks a hole. You stake, I win. You’re my best pal, Eric, I got your back, you can rest easy on that. You got nothing to worry about, old buddy.”

  3. these power hungry politicians are all the same. If you don’t think Perry and Romney are the same as Obama you may as well burn your campaign contributions and waste your vote. I’ll keep sending my small donations to Ron Paul.

  4. here’s one ya probably ain’t read yet, Obama Messiah:

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the PRESS; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

      1. You are right! That applies to the government so it can never get the idea of encroaching on the people’s liberty and remind them that becoming all intrusive is a No!, No! so says this Constitution that is the foundation of the principles guiding the leaders in forming the government.

        Now if we can just educate the dweeb in the White House who thinks government is the end all be all to solve the country’s problems.

      2. Disclosure
        Current campaign finance law at the federal level requires candidate committees, party committees and PACs to file periodic reports disclosing the money they raise and spend. Federal candidate committees must identify, for example, all PACs and party committees that give them contributions, and they must provide the names, occupations, employers and addresses of all individuals who give them more than $200 in an election cycle. Additionally, they must disclose expenditures to any individual or vendor. The Federal Election Commission maintains this database and publishes the information about campaigns and donors on its web site….In 2008, Barack Obama pledged to seek public financing for the general election, but later reversed himself in order to avoid fundraising limits.

  5. What’s amazing to me is there’s so many people out there that don’t know about this, or care about this. They better start reading history, including recent history concerning this President, and the tactics he uses to operate this administration, and more importantly, get curious about people around and close to him, and their political philosophy. It’s getting late in the game people.

    1. Are you attempting to scare people into voting Republican using insinuation? Who knows what people Perry or Bachmann or any of the others might bring into their administrations, were such an unfortunate event to occur?

      Romney is about the only decent one in the bunch, and he has to reformulate his platform to match that of the far right or be cast out. It only takes one little inconsistency and a GOP candidate becomes unfit for their own party.

  6. …OR this one!

    “Age and Citizenship requirements – US Constitution, Article II, Section 1

    No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty-five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States.”

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