Hidden code in Apple’s Xcode reveals support for quad-core ARM CPUs for future iPhones, iPads, maybe even MacBook Airs

“The latest source code for the LLVM-based compiler Clang — the default compiler in Apple’s Xcode developer tools — shows that support has recently been added for Marvell’s quad-core, ARM-based Armada XP processor,” Chris Foresman reports for Ars Technica. “Since Marvell is targeting the processor for low-power cloud computing applications, why exactly does Apple’s version of Clang offer conditional support in its development tool chain?”

“There are a couple scenarios we consider plausible. First is that Apple could be considering the Marvell for next-generation iOS devices, such as the iPad 3,” Foresman reports. “Second, Apple could be considering the Marvell as a possible low-power, battery-life-enhancing processor for the MacBook Air… Last, and most probable in our opinion, is that Apple is using the Marvell chip in prototypes of future iOS device designs (or even an ARM-based MacBook Air that is rumored to exist somewhere inside One Infinite Loop) for testing purposes.”

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  1. Ok, non event. We already cover this before. How Arm could be used in MacBooks and Airs. Expected with the merger of iOS and OS X. Want better battery life? Arm. The rest is cover by intel.

    The iPad was discussed as needed more power to handle HD resolution. Again expected.
    Apple is coming out, rumored, with a HDTV of sorts. Arm useful to get the energy star rating? Well, I would suspect this would help along with cost.

    Nothing new except the code is there to support the products. We knew, expected, this would happen soon.

    Been there…..

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