Analyst expects Apple CEO Tim Cook to unveil iPhone 5, no ‘iPhone 4S,’ at October 4 special event

“Despite persistent speculation that Apple Inc. will roll out a low-end iPhone 4S on Oct. 4 along with the iPhone 5, Wedge Partners analyst Brian Blair isn’t buying it,” The Business Journal reports. “‘We don’t expect a second, dramatically different iPhone to accompany (the iPhone 5) as we don’t think Apple needs to have three models in the market to address the high end, mid-tier and low end since the iPhone 4 (with memory lowered to 8 GB) will drop to $99 and effectively attack those markets,’ Blair wrote in a note to clients.”

The Business Journal reports, “The focus on Oct. 4 will be on the new iOS 5 mobile operating system, a faster A5 processor and a higher resolution 8 MP camera, Blair said. He rates the chance of a larger 4-inch screen as small, but possible. ‘We believe the casing will be largely similar to the iPhone with some particular modifications to the antennae,’ he wrote.”

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  1. Nothing concrete, no, but many indicators towards this date. That aside, this analysis is the most realistic, and the one I think most likely. No need for a 4s, just a 4 with basic 8Gb of storage along with the 5. The 3Gs is still selling well, a basic 4 will fly out of the shops.

  2. Saying that the iPhone 4 is good enough for the low-end market at $99 is highly misleading.

    There’s a huge market Apple is missing in the pre-paid wireless market. That $99 is more like $299, and much too high for people looking on the low-end.

    Even for the contract phones, there’s a huge marketing difference between $99 and “free”.

    Another thing to consider is that the iPhone 4 has a lot of expensive aspects to it that may not matter to the pre-paid market. The best example of this is the retina display.

    Apple has said repeatedly that they want the iPhone to be affordable to all…which resulted in the crazy iPhone Nano rumors.

    However, I could see Apple removing things like the retina display, the glass back, and other things that would result in the iPhone 4S being free under contract and cheap for pre-paids.

    And this low-end phone would:
    1) sell extremely well (especially in emerging markets)
    2) maintain healthy margins for Apple.
    3) still be a quality product and support the ecosystem.

    1. What I don’t understand is the cell service costs about $80 to $90 per month. That is where by far the most expense is on a smart phone. The initial cost is little compared to the total cost of ownership.

  3. No iPhone 5 only the 4S. No, wait: yes, an iPhone 5 but no 4S. Yet, there is a parts shortage, rumored for the iphone 5. Oh, the iPhone 5 is in production to replace all the other iPhones. Maybe a 4 will be out with a upgraded processor the A5. Yet, rumored, it may be a an iPhone 5 in the body of the iPhone 4. One that was lost and then confirmed not to be lost. Only to turn out to be true that it was lost but not found. but rumored to be a 4S not the iPhone 5.


  4. They won’t remove the retina display for a less expensive model. In these kinds of volumes, the retina display is a lower cost item, anyhow. In addition, keeping the phone on one resolution makes it easier for developers to only support the retina resolution. Once developers start to drop support for the regular displays and people can no longer run newer apps, they will feel the need to upgrade from their 3GS more quickly. Apple is all about moving people forward and the retina display is the way of the future, no doubt.

    If anything, you can expect the new iPhone to have a slightly larger screen to compete with the newer android phones (which have larger gorgeous displays, btw). A slight drop in ppi, but still high… keeping the current 3.5″ screen for older phones.

  5. .First things first……sites and people need to start reporting news not creating or speculating about it. Until Apple confirms or sends out a press release about it……’s  not news………merly rumor at best. 

    The next iPhone is a transition phone and placeholder in my opinion.  Apple is a smart and cost efficient company they don’t want to manufacture multiple phones for various carriers. They have to put out a new product to stay relevant in the market and keep a presence. Currently, the 3G technology is coming to an end but LTE is not fully ready for primetime and the carriers have rather fragmented networks in place.  Apple thinks long term in it’s products and strategies. The next iPhone will still rely on the current networks and add minor upgrades to replace many with the 3GS handset. Those consumers will still have a better experience with the newer handset then trying to have a LTE device with bad service. The next iPhone (Gen 6) will be an improvement over the current 3G tec and will be done right cause the LTE technology will have a time to mature and work out its kinks.

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