Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs bio grows by over 200 pages, release date unsure

“The size of Walter Isaacson’s authorized Steve Jobs biography has grown by more than 200 pages, a check of Simon & Schuster’s website shows,” macNN reports.

“The book is now listed at 656 pages by its publisher, versus the 448 announced earlier,” MacNN reports. “Simon & Schuster is now also promising a launch ‘on or around’ November 21st instead of that specific date.”

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  1. Actually, this book has the subject that worthy of this many pages or more.

    Though what I personally would be interested into (for example, what Steven thinks about program languages and many more IT technologies and non-IT-related phenomenons) would not probably occupy many pages.

    1. I would think the same. Although, as I thought about this today, the thought occurred to me that Steve may suddenly have lots more to say.

      Contemplation of death brings great wisdom. All the fluff gets evaporated. All the illusions get pieced. What is temporay becomes clear. What is eternal and lasting also becomes clear.

      It’s possible steve called the guy and said, “All that stuff I said before… I was close, but I was wrong. Let me tell you what I now see.”

      It’s very, very possible. And then if you’re Mr. Isaacson you have to reevaluate. If your goal is a complete portrait, it’s no longer complete. And if you’re an excellent writer, changes to the end will necessitate changes in every part and possibly rewrites of whole sections.

      I can’t wait to read the book. I might take a few days of vacation to do just, and only, that.

      1. Not with Jobs, who was living on the verge of life and death for the last seven years, which is way longer than this projects’ time.

        But even before his health issues Jobs was understanding what it is to live without “fluff”. That is why he was always so ruthless to people and had ability to “talk the essence of it” about everything to everybody.

        Jobs always lived like had not time for compromises and half-hearted truths, because he always remembered the saying about trying to live every days as if it would the last day of your life.

        The book’s delay and increase of volume might not directly related with the possible wait for the story to end, but with the fact that Jobs stepped down and now a lot more people can say a lot more things about Steven and their experiences with him.

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