Thanks, Steve

The latest issue of Fortune includes a column from Stanley Bing who writes about how the world has been changed by Steve Jobs.

Bing writes, “I want to take this opportunity, before time and our common mortality rob me of the chance to do so, to thank you, Steve Jobs, for all that you have done for me. No, I never had the privilege of meeting you, or had a chance to get yelled at by you in a business meeting, or even watch your charisma transform an audience into acolytes. But I feel as if I know you well enough to express, as you ascend to your new role as chairman, the sadness I feel and my gratitude for so many of the good things that you have brought to my life. It’s not business. It’s personal.”

Bing goes through the variety of inventions that Jobs has been responsible for and how they have influenced his life writing, “It’s been your world, Steve. And we’ve been lucky enough to run along behind you, picking up goodies as you dropped them in our path. It’s a little scary to think that one day you’ll go off to your famous mountaintop and not return with the next big thing. But at least we can all say we lived in a time when there was a person with such an imagination, and offer thanks in whatever digital or analog format we choose, wherever on earth we may be.”

Much more in the full article here.


  1. “You’re welcome” “Je vous en prie” “De nada” “Prego” “Nichts zu danken” “どういたしまして。” “不用谢” “Пожалуйста”.

    You stay classy, planet Earth.

  2. Steve has put far more than a ding in the universe. More like setting aflame and feeding an abiding bright beacon light of hope and truth and love, a monumental labor of love and enthusiasm and perseverance that has propelled quality of life forward.

    When a person passes on and has his life review, he sees all he has thought, done, experienced, and how every ripple affects others. Steve will be inundated with joy love and gratitude to a momentous extent that Heaven has rarely seen. What an extraordinary Titan Steve is, what a rare treasure, what a blessing.

    For Steve, the best is yet to come.

  3. Hear! Hear!

    In 1995 I was freed from suffocating grip of the dreaded MS constrictor – 1,000,000 times worse than any python. So, yes, I too, want to add my voice to the grateful chorus: Thank You. Thank You. And again I say, Thank You.

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