Samsung’s Lee eyes deals to bolster patent portfolio, software prowess

“Samsung Electronics chairman Lee Kun-hee has asked the firm’s top management to seek measures including acquisitions to enhance its software prowess, local media reports said on Wednesday,” Miyoung Kim reports for Reuters.

“His remarks come as Samsung is embroiled in an intensifying patent battle with Apple, and after Google unveiled a $12.5 billion deal on Monday to buy Motorola Mobility Holdings, threatening its ties with the Android mobile software platform maker,” Kim reports. “‘Chairman Lee told top managers to come up with various measures including M&As to enhance software competitiveness,’ Kim Soon-taek, head of the Samsung Group office, told local reporters.”

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Kim reports, “Lee made similar remarks in late July, urging managers to boost its software prowess, patent pools and talent at the firm’s annual event comparing Samsung’s vast product portfolios ranging from televisions, handsets and computers against those of its rivals.”

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  1. Android has always been a temporary stopgap for handset makers until they could figure out where the smartphone market was going and then create a software platform. Apple has clearly shown that the integrated approach is the best, that depending on another company for your OS (Google) is dangerous and more expensive.

    These companies have all dealt with Microsoft in the past and obviously don’t want to do so again, for whatever reason. Android is keeping them in business for now, but they see that the free ride isn’t so free and that it’s coming to an end. Either Google will have to start licensing IP for Android and then charge for it (a la Microsoft), or Google will just abandon Android or restrict it to Motorola only (more likely). Either way, companies like Samsung are going to be on the sidelines without an OS unless they take charge of their own development.

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