Nokia exec: Apple’s iOS platform is ‘outdated’

“Nokia‘s new superphones will offer a superior user interface and a better, cloud-enabled experience than its chief competitors, the company’s top U.S executive told [us],” Matt Marshall reports for VentureBeat. “The reliance by Apple and Android phones on the ‘app’ as the central metaphor is ‘outdated,’ he said.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apps are “outdated” for every company that has none to offer.

Marshall reports, “Until now, many people had hoped to see Nokia’s first U.S. smartphones based on Windows Phone 7 as early as this year. But under questioning, Chris Weber, President of Nokia, head of North America, would confirm only that the phones would first hit the U.S. ‘in volume’ in 2012. He said Nokia CEO Stephen Elop had committed only to releasing a Nokia Windows Phone device ”somewhere” this year, but would not say whether this would be in more than one market or whether or not the U.S. would be included.”

MacDailyNews Take: Where are these many hopeful people? And, forget about “when,” nobody cares if they’re released or not. The main hope for Windows Phone ’07 is that Android becomes so unattractive due to its infringement of Apple’s, Oracle’s, and Jobs-knows-whose-else’s, patents that phone assemblers like Motorola, Samsung, etc. all flock to Microsoft out of desperation.

Marshall reports, “Weber called Android and the iOS phone platforms ‘outdated.’ While Apple’s iPhone, and its underlying iOS operating system, set the standard for a modern user interface with “pinch and zoom,” Weber conceded, it also forces people to download multiple applications which they then have to navigate between. There’s a lot of touching involved as you press icons or buttons to activate application features.”

“Nokia, by contrast, will offer a more seamless and efficient interface with its ‘live tiles and hubs’ approach. It does this via Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, where applications will be integrated into everything you do,” Marshall reports. “Still, much of this ‘hubs and tiles’ approach has been a feature of Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS since its launch about a year ago. It has yet to demonstrate significant traction, though it’s also early days still.”

MacDailyNews Take: “Live tiles and hubs” is the kind of song and dance you do when you have no ecosystem, developer support, or apps of which to speak. “Live tiles and hubs” is a 4 sq. inch. patch trying to cover an entire world of missing apps. We can clearly see what you’re trying to hide Microkia.

“‘We’re way ahead of them [Apple and Google],’ Weber said, referring to exploiting cloud technology to offer things like cross-platform services in the enterprise,” Marshall reports.

Read more bullshit from a failing company’s marketing flack in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Nokia couldn’t do it themselves, so they desperately turned to Microsoft to not only provide them a CEO, but an operating system that’s not only woefully late, but also brings precious little that’s compelling, as sales figures attest. Still, Nokia continues to have delusional executives on board who have the gall to claim Apple’s iOS is outdated and that they’re “way ahead.”

The only place where Nokia’s “way ahead” of Apple is on the road to bankruptcy. Way, way, way ahead.

Dude’s gotta be shroomin’. This sort of deluded thinking is why Nokia has been and will continue to fail hard: A fish rots from the head down.


[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “N8nNC” for the heads up.]

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  1. Honestly, these CEO’s are ridiculous. It’s like a drowning man pointing his finger at an olympic swimmer and telling the world the olympic swimmer doesn’t know how to swim.

    How in the hell is the iOS platform outdated when practically every smartphone company in the world has been trying to copy it for the last few years. I don’t doubt that there can be other mobile OSes that have good usability for consumers, but to call iOS outdated is just plain stupid. The Live Tiles metaphor in theory seems interesting and useful but there’s no guarantee that most consumers will take to it. I thought even Stephen Elop had already said that he wanted Nokia to do a better job bring their smartphones to iPhone standards. I’m rather certain a company knows when their devices have become outdated when consumers stop buying them. Why didn’t Nokia realize that its own Symbian platform had become outdated before the major loss of market share started.

  2. Of course it’s outdated! Any shipping system is obsolete. I’m living on the iOS 5 developer builds, and I can’t wait to see what Apple comes up with for iOS 6.


  3. [i]The reliance by Apple and Android phones on the “app” as the central metaphor is “outdated,” he said.[/i]

    Nokia has made a tremendous breakthrough. Every app ever conceived or ever will be conceived will run simultaneously, not only redefining the term “smart phone” but destroying the concept of infinity by squeezing everything into the confines of a small rectangle that’s thin, too. And snappy.

    Or maybe the phone will call the cloud, where more servers than the universe has electrons will exist. The phone will be named Gaia.

  4. well, this Nokia guy has to hype something, since what he has to sell now is all turing to sh*t. so here comes the Superphone! well, next year anyway. and it will be the Latest and Greatest! you won’t even need apps.

    when you boil this all down, he’s talking about a new generation of smart feature phones, some very cheap. actually there could be a market for that. everyone doesn’t need all the power of a smartphone. Nokia is looking for a niche where it can at least survive.

    and at least he didn’t say “magical.”

  5. that “live tile” is useless to me if i have 10 emails to read – don’t i then need to press a button and go into an app to read all of the emails – what is the difference? i fail to see how much information a small tile can give that is useful.

  6. Nokia is abandoning their burning platform because Stephen Elop held a high level meeting and looked at all the existing options including Nokia’s own mobile OS including Meamo, Meego and Symbian and found that the development trajectory needed to overtake or draw level with iOS would take too long. A decision was made to form an alliance with Microsoft and focus development efforts on Windows Phone 7.

    Nokia then dropped the N8 model lineup from the U.S. market because the reception would be tepid at best. So they knew even before they released the N8 that they would be flattened by the Apple juggernaut. The same N8 which by the way runs on Meego that has icons displayed in a grid array similar to iOS.

    The new marketing focus is to bring out a WP7 version in early 2012 by which time any argument whether WP7 is ‘more up to date’ than iOS may be moot because Nokia may not remain as a viable entity by then as they are hemorrhaging maker share and profitability faster than you can flush the remains of the night down a toilet.

  7. U all guys Apple pumpers…. icrap will always be an icrap… Check the technologies on the N9 and the beauty of the deice then come and talk icrap… No wonder why Apple is paying nokia 100 of millions for stealing Nokia technologies! 90% of Apps on the appstore are usless apps…Who needs farting apps? i am sure steve job does! Apple prodcuts are nothing but hyped products! craps build in china!

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