Advanced new glass technology behind landmark Apple Store Fifth Avenue’s rebuilt cube

cfsp key=”google_adsense_300x250″]”Some of the mystery surrounding the replacement of the iconic Fifth Avenue (NYC) retail store glass cube has been explained by graphics that just appeared on the black material covering the outside of the construction scaffolding,” Gary Allen reports for ifoAppleStore. “According to the lettering, ‘We’re simplifying the Fifth Avenue cube. By using larger, seamless pieces of glass, we’re using just 15 panes instead of 90.’ Two graphics accompany the words, showing the structural outline of the original cube, and the less-cluttered and more simplified future cube.”

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“The explanation hints that the new glass panes were made in China by the same company that developed the tall laminated panes used at the Pudong (Shanghai) retail store,” Allen reports. ” Previously, only a German company was capable of making the huge panes. A construction barricade went up at the Fifth Avenue June 16th, followed by an extensive network of scaffolding to support removal of the cube’s 90 panes, and the 25 glass “fins” that help support the structure. Building permits filed by Apple with the city say the glass replacement will cost $6.6 million, a figure which probably doesn’t include the cost of making the glass panes. The overall cost of the project could be $15 million, an amount only Apple would spend to make an icon even more iconic.”

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  1. Here’s a question: does anyone have a link to a picture of the 5thAve cube in winter, or even in rainy weather?

    Its the most-photographed landmark in Manhattan; pages and pages of Google images; yet I don’t see a single shot showing what it looks like with snow heaped around it (and on top!) After Snowmaggedon, you’d think there would have been something posted somewhere.

    I realize of course that all these tourist shots would most likely be during good weather when people are on vacation. I was just thinking about how impressive the engineering was, esp since it has to sustain all manner of weather, year in and year out. The new one will do this too, only more self supporting (without “fins” and with fewer ligaments and such).

    Too cool for architecture school.

  2. Wish they would have spent that money opening more stores rather then changing the glass in one location.

    I live in northwest Indiana (population 700,000) that does not have a apple store or even a reseller (best buy doesn’t count). So in order to have apple stuff you have to order online or from a catalog (can’t see in person), travel to Chicago (pricey), or best buy (ick). Apple may be doing far better then they used too, but they are STILL leaving big holes in US with no real retail.

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