RUMOR: LGD hit by iPad 2 panel glitch; Apple cuts some 9.7-inch iPad 2 panel orders

“LG Display (LGD) reportedly has lost some 9.7-inch iPad 2 panel orders to Samsug Electronics and Chimei Innolux (CMI) after its recent shipments to Apple experienced quality issues, according to industry sources,” Max Wang and Joy Wan report for DigiTimes.

“LGD’s July panel shipments for the Apple tablets were one million units short of its original mothly goal. LGD’s overall revenues for third-quarter 2011 are likely to be affected, the sources added,” Wang and Wan report. “LGD, as the largest panel supplier for the iPad 2, began using its 6G LCD plant to produce 9.7-inch panels for the Apple tablets in second-quarter 2011. The maker originally planned to enhance the panels’ monthly supply to nearly four million units in third-quarter from around three million units in the second quarter.”

Wang and Wan report, “But quality issues with the LGD panels for the iPad 2 have disrupted the maker’s production pace and have caused Apple to suspend new orders for the maker, the sources claimed. Apple has turned to Samsung and CMI to meet its demand.”

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    1. There are more panel manufacturers than there are designers of hot products like the iPad, so Apple has the upper hand. I’m pretty sure Samsung is being reminded that they could’ve had more panel business if they hadn’t copied the iPhone & iPad designs so closely.

  1. balone. Hogwash

    This story comes out a day after samsung suffers setbacks in Europe? The take is to say that samsung has quality panels so go buy the galaxy 10. Why rsk a defective iPad.

    BS. Take digitimes with a grain of salt. Make that a mountain of salt.

  2. Get ready, my friends. More of this sort of thing to come. A combination of getting so big and Steve’s absence from the Cupertino campus and you have the formula for ordinary. Ordinary tech companies have these kinds of problems.

    1. Are you really that stupid? Or just the usual bridge-dwelling troll? This is nothing to do with Apple having problems, or issues with Steve, just the sort of supply chain QC issue that can afflict any top-tier tech product, especially when the company is as obsessive about the quality of the end product and user experience as Apple is. Though the sheer scale of the monthly orders for iPads mean that keeping quality up to scratch must be pushing all suppliers QC to it’s absolute limits.

      1. Yeah I love idiots like Tom Paine who use one completely unconnected situation as the basis for another unrelated argument. A fool to the max aka troll.

        Apple will never be ordinary with or without Steve Jobs. Love these self-proclaimed prognosticators armed with zero facts. Your opinion do not facts make.

    2. I’m not a troll. But, some of you people ARE idiots. Coming here all the time simply to praise the emperor and the wonders of his devices is stupid. Apple didn’t get to where the are by treating customers badly but they are headed to mediocrity because that is what they are doing. The arrogance Steve is so well known for doesn’t work with anyone else. So, when they first say there’s no problem when there is a problem, and later have to backtrack – as they have had to do with crappy iPad2 displays, is proof of my take on this one, of many, things that are going in the wrong direction in the world of Apple. Thank you.

      1. …”So, when they first say there’s no problem when there is a problem, and later have to backtrack – as they have had to do with crappy iPad2 displays”

        I don’t remember ever reading anything about iPad 2 having a crappy display. Other than very few isolated, sporadic reports, the device has been working as specified.

        There may be things “that are going in the wrong direction in the world of Apple”, but iPad 2 display certainly isn’t one of them.

        It seems to me that Apple’s manufacturing issues, and the way they are dealing with them, are representative of the pro-active, vigilant quality control process that no other hardware maker (other than, perhaps, Sony) does.

      2. Yeah, gotta beware of Apple’s quality control and workmanship. The area on the screen occupied by the “2” on the dial pad display just went dead on my wife’s iPhone the other night. We bought it just recently…June of 2007, I think. And it happened right at the most inconvenient time, right after she had given our 1 year old a bath. she wanted to send pictures to grandma, but she right after she fished it out of the bottom of the tub (it fell out of her pocket) and shook the water out the darn screen failed. The NERVE of Apple, putting out shoddy merchandise like that!

    1. And “mothly goal”?

      Anyhow, one apparently slipped by and I got it as it seems the letters a blurred in some areas and the coating has slowed down finger movement.

      OK, never mind, miBad.
      Looks like the granddaughter sneezed on it again…..

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