Israel asks Apple to remove intifada iPhone app

“An Israeli minister has asked Apple Inc. to remove an Arabic-language application from its iTunes store that calls for a Palestinian uprising,” Ari Rabinovitch reports for Reuters.

“In a letter to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Public Diplomacy Minister Yuli-Yoel Edelstein said the application ‘ThirdIntifada’ — a reference to a future Palestinian uprising — passed on information about protests, some violent, planned — passed on information about protests, some violent, planned against Israel,” Rabinovitch reports. “Edelstein said the developers of the application had opened a similar page on Facebook three months ago that called for an uprising against Israel through the use of lethal force. Edelstein said he complained to the social network which removed the page.”

Rabinovitch reports, “Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said the creation of the Apple application and the Facebook page marked a new pattern in attempts to provoke violent attacks against the state. ‘Companies like this that have a global reach also have a responsibility, and they are aware of this responsibility, and I am sure that Apple will act in the same way (as Facebook),’ Ayalon told Israel’s Army Radio.”

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    1. It should be removed. if anAmerican were to write an app like this it would be taken down immediately. I don’t care who the country is or who they are against lethal force should not be supported in the App store.

    1. Clearly your observations are selective. The “arab spring” makes clear that arabs are crushed by other arabs. You may ignore this but 1000s of arab and druze members of the IDF will happily make that point. Funny how when given the choice, as the Arabs of Jerusalem are, they choose NOT to be citizens of the PA.

    2. Ok larsen, you are pro-Palenstinian, your view. So how would you feel if The Klan launched a “Guide to Lynching” or if some guy created an app “How to Continuously Beat the @&%^+ Out of a Woman and Avoid Getting Arrested”, or “Destroy the Capital Because You Disagree With the Government”… You seem to preach its ok to advocate violence against anyone you disagree with. How progressive!

      1. Now that’s just stupid. If you don’t know why the two situations are totally different then it’s not even worth having a conversation with you. However, I do think you know why the two are not the same, you just want to portray the two as the same because it saves you from coming up with a real solution.

      2. Nice straw man attack. But why not deal in facts? The facts are there, go look for them. What if Israel attacked a ship on the high seas and murdered an American citizen? Wait, that’s not a straw man attack, that actually happened. What if Israel attacked the USS Liberty again and again and again, pretending not to know it was a US ship? Wait, that’s not a straw man, that actually happened.

        Get some actual facts, learn to compare rocks vs. automatic weapons and gunships and phosphorous attacks on civilians, and then get back to me.

        I’m not pro Palestinian, I’m just anti criminality.

        1. You are only selectively anti-criminality. You are advocating violence when you support an application like this. So is Apple if they let it stand. No matter what your stand in this conflict, your attitude is sad and the more your attitude is accepted, the closer we are to all out war in that region. I would have the same opinion if you were on the other side. Should Apple allow a “nuke Gaza” app? I don’t think so.

        2. A DJ called T-Bone on 98*FM in Maryland advocated nuking Gaza on air, which is pretty close to your hypothetical case. I believe what he actually said was ‘one big flash would solve the whole problem’. I no longer listen to his show, and I sent him an e-mail telling him why. He replied that I would probably be happier listening to NPR. I already do, but they don’t have music on most of their shows. He still has his job, because apparently in the USA it is considered OK to advocate genocide in Gaza, although if you criticise the other side you get called an anti-semite. The USA will be an honest broker in this conflict when pigs fly. And no , I am neither arab nor muslim.

        3. You may want to take your own advise and see what was conveniently cropped out of the photos you saw of the high seas attack. You will find it if you look. Don’t believe everything you see or hear these days. You need to find the story behind the story.

    3. Fair is fair. Palestinians lob 8k random rockets at Israel’s civilians, Israel should lob 10k random rockets back and not do the few guided ones at the attackers.
      Or, maybe they could just sit down and say they both have the rights to a country, and work out a deal. Like that will happen.

  1. Apple, as soon as you remove that terrorist App, could you ship all of the Palestinians in the Middle East to a nice Muslim country where they could be eligible for citizenship?

    What? There is no such country? If the Muslims and the Arabs won’t help them, why should the Israelis?

    1. Yeah! Come on! Let’s find a “final solution” for these Arabs. If the Arabs won’t take them then let’s build some ovens.

      Me thinks some of that German pure race stuff got rubbed off onto our Jewish friends. Or was it the other way round all this time?

      1. A final solution would have had the displaced Arabs become citizens of Egypt, Syria, Libya, Saudi Arabia and any other willing nation back in the 50s.

        Since then a few thousand people have turned into millions just because no Arab/Muslim country would take in true refugees.

        1. You are full of it! By the same token you can say that the Jews should go back to Germany and Russia. Why did they leave in the first place anyway? And don’t say they were forced to.

        2. actually they were…
          but why go into any discussion with you.
          you provide your rhetoric, i tossed in some links to dispute your ignorance.
          you will continue to spew BS. so why bother.
          I bet you believe it was the US that recreated Israel anyway.

        3. They have ROADS (yes roads) for Isreali’s only.
          They have walls to keep the Jews….oops, I mean Palastinians……enclosed and starved. Watch the “Piano Player” a movie by Spielberg. Isreal today is a complete reversal in role for the Jews. Watch the movie…they learned a lot from the Germans.
          They have restrictions on where Arab Isreali’s are allowed to live
          They have law that DISALLOW Jews to marry Arab isrealies.
          They disallow Arab isrealies from becoming parliamentarians.
          It is apartheid in isreal.

  2. Remove DUI checkpoints… Apple, an app designed to keep thugs aware of the next rock throwing party or rocket launch into a unarmed neighborhood should be a no brainer… Right Steve?

    Lose the app!

  3. There is, of course, another way to avoid applications like this arising. That’s for Israel to stop behaving like a third-rate dictatorship that treats Arabs like untermenschen.

    1. So much ignorance.
      Israel offered to give up everything to have peace, it was turned down.
      Israel is the only middle eastern country where Palestinians have rights…

      1. I don’t think your statement is true.

        Problem is Israel is setting up settlements and the Palestinians are being invaded and intruded. Hamas is also hurting progress by supporting terrorism. No progress can be made when they are constantly attacking each other. That’s why the U.S. isn’t taking sides until there is fair compromise.

        1. Might want to read the post below from datadude… Pretty much what I would have posted if I had time.

          Can’t think of the guys name, the old palistinian guy that died 5 years ago.
          During clintons terms he was offered everything that he asked for from isreal. He declined.

        2. Glad you knew of all the details of the plan. Ofcourse we all know that it is only Isreal that says, “he was offered everything they wanted”. Wee all want to believe that dont we? NOT!

          Now do you also remember that he (Arafat) also took the deal and shook hands with Rabine, Clinton and that other Isreali guy. Rabine was later assassinated by his own people and the deal unraveled.

        3. funny, he was offered WHAT HE ASKED FOR….
          I don’t care for Clinton, but maybe you should read his book.
          He was so mad at arafat for actually getting almost everything he asked for… then saying NO.
          Clinton wanted SO badly to be the guy to end the Arab-Israeli conflict.

      2. Wrong. Israel didn’t offer everything. They offered a lot, but in blood money exchange. They wanted entire Jerusalem and particularly The Mosque, the 3rd holiest to the Muslims. It was not up to Arafat to sign it away, as the Palestinians are not the owner of it, as he said it himself at the time. But the Israeli demand was on that, as well the “Left Behind” Christian movement that believes that David’s Ark need to be rebuilt for Jesus to return etc. And so, the Palestinians continue to suffer because they couldn’t give away something they don’t have the rights to give away.
        But please, don’t let these facts get in the way of the propaganda that Israel wanted to give them everything in exchange for peace only, and the idiots had refused.

    2. Total BS. Here are the facts about the way that Israel treats it Arab population:

      Israel is one of the most open societies in the world. Out of a population of 6.7 million, about 1.3 million — 20 percent of the population — are non-Jews.

      Arabs in Israel have equal voting rights; in fact, it is one of the few places in the Middle East where Arab women may vote. Arabs consistently hold a significant number of seats in the Israeli Knesset. Israeli Arabs have also held various government posts and an Arab is also a Supreme Court justice.

      More than 300,000 Arab children attend Israeli schools. At the time of Israel’s founding, there was one Arab high school in the country. Today, there are hundreds of Arab schools.

      In 2002, the Israeli Supreme Court also ruled that the government cannot allocate land based on religion or ethnicity, and may not prevent Arab citizens from living wherever they choose. The sole legal distinction between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel is that the latter are not required to serve in the Israeli army. This is to spare Arab citizens the need to take up arms against their brethren.

      The United States has been independent for almost 235 years and still has not integrated all of its diverse communities. Even today, 60 years after civil rights legislation was adopted, discrimination has not been eradicated. It should not be surprising that Israel has not solved all of its social problems in only 63 years.

      — from:

      Before you criticize Israel for how it treats Israeli Arabs, you might first want to look at the way virtually every Arab nation in the Middle East treats it own Arab citizens, and also consider how Jews would be treated in these dictatorships if they were allowed to live there.

      1. Total utter bullshit.

        Ever heard of roads for Isreali’s ONLY? Ever heard of housing blacklists agains Isreali Arabs? Isreal is an apartheid state. Arab isrealies are even victimized by not allowing them to be parliament members unless they take some kind of an oath that no other Isreali parliamentarian has to take. Marriage between Arab Isreali’s and other Isrealies is FORBIDDEN!

        Totally different picture to the one you paint. And a totally different picture to the one most Americans carry inside their heads.

        1. If you only had a brain.

          “The country closes some roads to virtually all Palestinians, but they are open to all Israeli citizens and to other nationals, regardless of religious background.”
          The reasoning behind the no Palestinians part, they were being used for suicide bombings… READ the Israeli Supreme Court case…. THAT was the basis of the restrictions.

          It’s NOT forbidden to marry between Israeli and Palestinian…

          “The Israeli parliament voted on Thursday to block Palestinians who marry Israelis from becoming Israeli citizens or residents.”

          MANY countries have the exact same law.

  4. Seems to me that the radical organizations (Hamas, etc.) just want to keep Palestine and the Palestinians downtrodden so they can sell their particular brand of hate and violence. After all, if Hamas isn’t recruiting people to shoot off rockets or blow themselves up, they aren’t getting money to fund their activities (and lifestyles for the leaders, who are too chicken to blow themselves up).

  5. I’m getting my 2 cents in before this thing hits 8 pages.

    I think Apple should absolutely remove this app. I’m surprised it got by in the first place.

    Also, the thing that the Palestinians always complain about – disproportionate use of force – never made sense to me. If you punch me in the face but punch like a pussy, I’m not supposed to break your jaw with my left hook?

    Always a hilarious argument.

      1. If you’re implying that Al Qaida attacked the US on 9/11 due to alleged Israeli mistreatment of Palestinians or due to US support for Israel, you’re full of crap. (Yes, this is a common meme for Israel haters.) Bin Laden rarely mentioned the Palestinians prior to 9/11. His primary loathing was for Arab regimes that were allied to the US, like Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Bin Laden wanted his *own* fighters to drive Iraq out of Kuwait in 1991, but the Saudis instead invited “infidel” US soldiers onto sacred Saudi soil which, to him, was an outrage.

        1. Whoa! Let’s not be totally mendacious here. UBL mentioned Palestine many times, and specifically as a grievance for which 9/11 was the retaliation. But this assumes that UBL was directly responsible for 9/11.

          It was KSM who was directly responsible for 9/11. And he specifically mentioned the Israel-Palestine issue as the grievance in question.

        2. He came out years later and cited Israel as part of the reason, but admitted HE ordered the attacks. not KSM being directly responsible.

          Way back in 1996 he declared war on the US (reprint of the Wash post article on 9/20/2001

          “At the heart of the bin Laden opus are two declarations of holy war – jihad – against America. The first, issued in 1996, was directed specifically at “Americans occupying the land of the two holy places,” as bin Laden refers to his native Saudi Arabia, where 5,000 U.S. troops have been stationed since the 1991 Persian Gulf War. The two holy places are Muslim shrines at Mecca and Medina.”

  6. But it is OK for Israel to build a concrete prison wall around Palestine… great logic…
    Or perhaps use fully automatic weapons on an unarmed group of protesters… or kill civilians on a boat carrying food a nation cut-off from the world… great logic.

  7. I’m glad to see a lot of people see the country formally known as Palastine for what it is, a blithe on humanity. Isreal is the worst thing that ever happened to Jewish people. Jewish does not equal zionism. But isreal is a zionist state. True Torah Jews know the difference that’s why they protest against the creation of isreal, it states clearly in the the Torah that if isreal is created again before the coming of the messiah that it will be used for evil and work towards the destruction of the faith. Pretty accurate frankly.

  8. Well, Steve Jobs *is* America’s most prominent Arab-American.

    Ah, well, mixing politics and tech, or politics and anything for the matter of that, is an ugly business. Politics is an ugly business. Apple’s pretty good at working this ugly stuff out. I won’t get too worked up over it.

  9. I used to get pretty pissedoff about what people were doing to other people somewhere else in the world until I saw it happening where I live and in places I call paradise. Violence is bred because of fear – because we do not know, or care to know the heart of someone we fear. It doesn’t matter if it is race, religion, culture, nationality, sport teams or even high schools! People live in fear because they feel betrayed and powerless. Bullies thrive on fear. They will nurture it. Facts and reality make no difference to bullies.

    This thread could disintegrate into a series of blame-game diatribes and yet, reality is that unless you are in the shoes of the man or woman who is being terrorised by whomever, then all you are doing is armchair pontificating.

    I have been to Israel and the UAE and many other places in the Middle East. The easiest way for me to relate to what it is like there is to equate it to semi-civilisation in regards to respect and support of people’s dignity – if the man or woman is not of your race, religion, culture, family (tribe), social-economic strata, or what ever your prejudice of the day is at the time.

    And I find it no different than some places in Queensland and in Sydney or Beijing or Denver or LA or Honolulu.

    When we discover as a whole that we are being manipulated to be in fear because fear is the best controlling force there is and find a way to work as one, there will be no need to find ways to escape the tyrants who use force to rule.

    I am a VietNam Vet and I hate – read that again – HATE war! and violence. It is the only thing I hate.

    Sorry for the rant but name calling and finger pointing only incite more fear.

    Remove the APP by all means. It is like getting your finger stuck in a door jam and someone comes and injects your finger with an anaesthetic, the symptoms goes away but it doesn’t get your finger out of the door.

    And Apple or whomever is not the saviour of the world – nor the watchdog…


      1. Also please include:
        – the Android flock
        – “It will be iPhone 5, not iPhone 4S” believers
        -3D fans
        -home stereo enthusiasts, salesmen or anyone who labels themselves ‘audiophiles’
        -People who’ve watched the Fast and Furious movies (and/or The Daily Show)

        1. now hold on there….. I have seen the Fast and Furious movies.

          they are not ALL bad…. far fetched for sure. No where near the best movies ever made… but i’d watch them any day before i’d watch crap like AlGore’s crap, or any Michael Moore liefest.

          Good for some time away from reality. Like the Transformers… I’ll go see the movies, i know they won’t be great… but i’ll watch them.

          the rest you and TowerTone mention… I’m down for that. 🙂

      2. I’m not sure, but I think the climate is closed system, meaning, roughly five miles up, there is no more breathable gas, and just maybe that’s kind of important to take into consideration. I probably wrong though and if you have a sec, you can help prove how silly I am for worrying about such things.

        Here’s my idea: In your house there is a closed system called your garage. In your garage maybe there is a car. If so, here’s where you can help. Go close the garage door, turn on the car and hang out for a while. When everything works out fine, let us know that you’re right and this whole climate thing is crazy.

        1. ahh, so instead of disputing anything he said, you just respond with “go kill yourself”

          would that not be a direct threat of a person here?

          More and more scientists dispute Global warming.

  10. Ask the app producers to remove all reference, or incitement, to violence and voila, a pro social justice app zionists and intifadists will be happy with. Both sides need to reach out with love, forgiveness and acceptance. The fear and violence is getting them everyone no where. It was wrong for Balfor to give Palestine to the Zionists but now Israel is real and it is time to heal and move on.

    I’d like to give both a peace of my mind.

    1. Fact Check #1: The present day state of Israel’s pre-WWII population was 2/3 Jewish over 1/3 Arab.

      Fact Check #2: Palestinian is not an actual ethnic or religious group. It’s a labeling construct for Western media in ‘reporting’ the strife of a group in a particular light. When labeled as Arabs (which is what ‘Palestinians’ call themselves), it forces one to ask what the Arab counties, where they now reside, have done to exacerbate or sooth the situation. Kinda like always labeling an elderly woman as “that poor old lady”. It’s also a great international aid scam, kinda like a charity collection for the ‘Impoverished Jedis of South Pasadena’. Real low overhead on the payouts.

  11. Apple!!!! I am actually quite appalled that this app was approved. It is not exactly a misleading application where you can say you didn’t know what it was really about. It essentially advocates and incites violence and murder against civilians and supports terrorism. Approving this app is essentially like Apple supporting terrorism. I know that is not the truth, but that is a reasonable link. I would expect it to be pulled, possibly a couple of new lines added to the iTunes license agreement, and probably a couple of people quietly losing their jobs.

  12. Hi everyone. I am a Palestinian and I would like to correct some info here. Palestinians have rights in Israel? We can vote? We can do this and we can do that? Well, that might be true to a certain extent. But hey, wasn’t it our country in the first place??!!! Until they came and invaded it in 1948?? Since when is fighting against the invaders and occupiers considered terrorism?!!!! Now they claim it was their land 2000 years ago. Ok, this is another argument. But even if I want to assume that it is right, so what??!!!!! If a land was urs 2000 years ago, does that give u the right to come and invade it and kill people who have lived there for 2000 years??? Does it give u the right to take away their properties??!!! If yes, then let’s give USA back to it’s original people!!!!! My home is taken away from me!!!! And if u think we has rights u r totally mistaken!!!! I’m a Palestinian refugee and I’m not even allowed to go back there!! U know why?? Cuz simply I belong to a place that was invaded back in 1948 NOT 1967!!! so I don’t belong!!!!!! Yeah!!! That’s the truth. Ur claiming that Israel offered everything?? B S!! their first condition is not to allow us back in the aforesaid Palestinian state. We, the people who belong to the 1948 land. Why isn’t any Arab country offering us their citizenship??? Well, I would simply say that doing that is like giving up on our country! Cuz if I get any other citizenship, I’ll have no right to claim that I wanna go back to Palestine. Plain and simple.

    Now, I still think that apple should remove this app. Cuz apple and their app store should be neutral no matter what. They should not be part of all this.

    1. What about the people that had the land before the “Palestinians”?

      And the people before them?

      How far back does this go?

      Were you born prior to 1948?
      If not, that’s like groups in America that want reparations for what their great-great-great grandparents went through.

      Civilization moves on. Try to be civil about. Both sides…

  13. Fadi:

    There is so much distortion of historical truth in your rhetoric that I don’t even know where to start… so just a couple of points:

    1. There has been an unbroken chain of Jewish presence in Palestine since biblical times. For much of this time before 1948 Jews and arabs lived in peace and cooperation in the area. How different the situation in the Middle East would have been today if the Arabs had opened their hearts to live in peace with their Jewish neighbors – and had accepted the UN Partition Plan, which so favorable to them. After the UN partition vote that created Israel in 1948, “palestinians” were not forced out of their lands, but chose to leave after getting assurance from the Arab League that in the ensuing war against Israel all the Jews would be pushed into the sea and they would then be able to simply walk back to reclaim their land. It was at that moment that the Palestinian refugee problem was created. Every Palestinian refugee should ask themselves why not a single Arab country has since offered to absorb them.

    2. Did you know that since the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, 800,000 Jews have been forced out of Arab lands, on top of another 200,000 Jews from other Muslim countries such as Iran? This includes all the jews from a 2500-year-old community in Baghdad. Since you have such strong feelings on the “right of return” to Israel for Palestinians, perhaps you should also advocate that your Arab brethren give Jews the same right of return to their lands in Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt and Iran?

  14. The DataDude

    My friend, my brother, I did not use history to make my point. All I said is, Israel invaded palestine in 1948. Wether it is there land or not, wether Jews live there or not, that land was ours then and they invaded it by military force. My grandparents left it then. Yes they did. But the same thing applies for so many Jews currently. So why am I forbidden to go back now??!!! Jews being forced to leave Arab states here and there is mainly because most of them if not all, went to the new established state of Israel!!! They have been offered incentives and so many other promises in return just to go migrate to Israel. to proof that, how do u explain that Jews still live in Yemen, morocco and Iran as well. Why were these excluded from being kicked out?!!! It’s simple, no one was kicked out but most of them chose to go to Israel. It’s Israelis that are not allowed into Arab countries and that’s because they did take away Palestine. That’s the least they could do.
    You have to understand something my friend, wether u r a Jew, an Arab or anyone anywhere, I promise you I have nothing against you. It’s just that I was born as a Palestinian, without a homeland! And for me, I believe in peace. I also believe that it wasn’t my falt whatever happened in the past. All I want is a homeland. A passport dude!!! A passport!!! Anyway, no hard feelings what so ever. I still emphasize that this app should be removed no matter who is right and who is wrong. Apple should stay away from this.

    1. Fadi:
      judging from your post here, I think you have articulated your plight well. Don’t let others, who may not have lived in a camp state for decades of hopelessness, toss out your opinions and sufferings as insignificant or even invalid.

      As you have noted, politely even, people are quick to demand that Palestinians should give up their rights to their land and ought to migrate elsewhere. Failing to do so paints them only as unreasonable. Brilliant justice.

      I think you have shown better restraint and empathy here than maybe some raised in more comfortable position than you. You’ve represented yourself and your people well in that regard. I wish you well.

      1. krquet

        No one can ever change my opinion on this what so ever. I love my homeland Palestine that I’ve never been to in my life and I will always believe that it is my right to go back there. I’ll make sure my kids learn the same as well cuz I don’t think this is something I should be ashamed from. I just want people to know that we don’t hate anyone. At least I don’t. Jews are also human beings and they do have the right to live in peace. As a matter of fact, prophet mohammed’s neighbor was a Jew. However, I just don’t see why are we blamed for being homeless. Jews are not our enemies, zionists are. Like Germans weren’t Jews enemies but nazis were. If we normal people don’t understand this concept, then we shouldn’t be blaming anyone for our issue. The issue that no politician or ruler around the world could solve for the past 63 years. We should all love each other regardless of religion and nationalities. It’s a shame the way the world has become.
        and MDN, I’m really sorry for the way this article turned to be a political blog. Guys, there are forums and blogs that are detticated for these kind of talks so let’s not have it here. My opinion on this app regardless is it has to be removed. Wether we (Palestinians) like it or not, making such apps will get apple involved in things it should never be involved in and that’s just nit fair. Not for apple and not for anyone. Let’s leave this behind and focus on apple news.


        Your brother.

        1. Simply naming something with ‘intifada’ signals a level of hate speech inferring an extreme oppression. An app dedicated to organizing opposition to state policies is one thing, and should be encouraged. ‘Intifada’ means ‘shaking off’ as of a yoke, or chains. The ‘First’ and ‘Second’ Intifadas were violent affairs, and it is not short-sighted to be concerned about the agenda of a group wanting a ‘Third’ in a region of the world that has rarely if ever seen peace.

        2. Fadi… Your posting is a bunch of crap! “Palestinians” are merely left over arabs that even other arabs don’t want. You are foolish pawns of your own people, fed nazi-like anti-Jewish propaganda for generations. Apple will remove this hideous app because they understand that it is about hate and destruction. Diaspora Jews and Israelis make something out of nothing, while “palestinian” arabs constantly try to make nothing out of something.

        3. Hahahahaha.

          You’ve been indoctrinated by so much anti-Palestinian propaganda that you jump on any Palestinian you see and start bashing them while ignoring everything they say, even when they’re agreeing with you.

          Like how Fadi repeatedly says the app should be removed. Apparently you missed that.

          Or how about where he says he doesn’t hate anyone, Jews are human beings, and they have a right to live in peace? And they aren’t even the enemy of Palestinians? You seemed to ignore the hell out of that.

          Somebody here is a “foolish pawn” alright.

      2. Look into the history, Gaza is pretty much all they can claim.
        They WERE offered their own state, they keep rejecting it until Israel is wiped out.
        Scroll up and see the link showing the Kingdom of Israel and the little tiny Philistina. Palestine is derived from the Land of the Philistines.

        He may have articulated his “plight” well… but it’s based on falsehoods.

        1. Whist Philistia was originally only Gaza, the Romans named their colony Syria-Palestina, meaning all the land from Syria in the North to Palestina (aka Philistia) in the South. After Syria, the Lebanon, Jordan and Israel eventually became independent states, after the Romans, the Turks, the French and the British had left, the name Palestine became attached to what is left, and the name Palestinians to it’s people, who BTW have over 50% Jewish DNA, but are 94% Sunni Muslim and 6% Orthodox Christian. That said, it doesn’t matter what they are called or even who they really are. What matters is that one part of their country is under siege, not for war, but as illegal collective punishment, while the other part is under occupation and has illegal settlements. This has to end.

    2. “All I said is, Israel invaded palestine in 1948” “…they invaded it by military force.”

      right there shows you are F’N ignorant.

      Come on, drop the proof Israel “invaded” Palestine in 1948….
      Would LOVE to see anything beyond “they invaded” toss up a few links, well anything to support your claims…
      Israel did NOT have a military force “invade” your land… you claim that Israel fought the British to take your land.

      British CONTROLLED THE REGION which they got from the OTTOMAN empire during WWI.
      in 1920 they PARTITIONED a Palestine state and proposed a Jewish state as well, it fell though.
      in 1948 the UN………………………….. Created Israel AND Palestine.
      Arabs rejected and INVADED Israel the next day.

    3. Fadi:

      Again, your post is filled with misinformation about many, many present and past aspects of the Arab-Israeli conflict. I’ve tried hard to learn the substantiated historical facts, and i would recommend that you do also. For example, on one point you are horribly misinformed — before 1948 there were centuries-old, thriving Jewish communities in several middle eastern countries. These Jews had very deep roots in their communities and left for Israel or the US only because they had no other choice after 1948. For example, I have known many Iranian-Jewish families living in the US who were forced to give up everything and leave Iran due to anti-Jewish sentiment. They are still very proud of their Persian heritage (which goes back over a thousand years) and mournful of the loss of their lands and possessions in Iran.

      You and I could spend hours arguing back and forth over this subject, and just like the Israeli and Palestinian leadership over the past six decades, settle virtually nothing. I sympathize with your plight, but ask you to consider this: The overwhelming majority of Israelis want peace with their Arab neighbors and understand that this means establishing a Palestinian state sitting side-by-side with Israel. Time and again Israel has demonstrated a willingness to negotiate and compromise with their neighbors to reach mutually beneficial agreements and secure peace (e.g., Egypt and Jordan). If you really want to be able to return to your Palestinian homeland, I would suggest that you ask the Palestinian leadership why they are not working harder to come to an agreement with Israel that insures Israel’s security and identity as a Jewish state. Abbas and most Palestinians still refuse to utter the six words that could propel the peace process forward (and secure the Palestinian homeland that you and your brethren desire) — “I will accept a Jewish state”.

      Fadi, when you and your fellow Palestinians are willing to say those six words, you will be amazed at how quickly the peace process will move forward.

      1. They should not accept a Jewish state – it shouldn’t be there in the first place. If anything it’s the Jewish people who should accept the Palestine and try to fit. Now after all this atrocities it’ll be difficult.

  15. This problem is simple !
    Religion and prophecies

    For the Jew:
    They believe returning to Israel will make their Messiah appear ad they will rulers of this world.
    For the Christians/Catholics:
    Jews return to Israel is the step for their messiah to return Jesus .
    Before Jesus return , the rapture will happen.
    All Jews will be commanded to become chrisians and those that don’t will be killed.

    For the Muslims :
    Jews in Israel mean that the antichrist will return . This anti Christ will be the Jews messiah and Jesus will return to destroy the Jews and their messiah.

    So you see prophecies drives the creation of Israel.
    Jews want their messiah.
    Christians want their messiah.
    Muslims want their messiah.

    Is it any wonder why the western world want to support Israel?

    If thing go an history as taught , Tibet will be free, Palestine will be free . Any oppressed nation will in time be free.
    The cycle continue eh

  16. Isreal insistence it has a right to be.
    So do the Palestinians.

    Israel bases their right on heritage. Is that ok?
    The Palestinains also claim that.
    So how far thru hairy do we need to go to justify ownership?

    Will Australian return the land to the aborigines?
    Will the US return all land to the native Americans ?

    We should not let history dictate our future , use commonsense.

    The Jews received sympathy for their treatment under the Nazis, that don’t mean, for their right to survivve they have the right use what they suffered onto another race.
    Whether apple removes this app or not makes no affect to the situation on the ground.

    And a country like Israel whose identity is based solely on Race will not last.
    Already their population wither while the Palestinians birth rate increases .

  17. Not sure how I feel about this but glad they did not take away our cell phones when Paul Revere warned us the British were coming.

    Perhaps paper and pencils should be removed as well to prevent any societal changes, good or evil (matter of opinion), to take place.

    I betchya the Indians (American Indians) wished someone would have taken the guns and cannons away, too.

  18. From an Asian perspective , we do not hold the Jews in any higher regards compared to others .
    For me especially what the Jews suffered under the Nazis were far less brutal that what we endured under the Japanese cumulatively.

    Just wanted to give a little perspective .

  19. Hey brothers! I’m really sorry if I hurt anyone. I swear I didn’t meant to. But I request each and everyone of you to listen to yourselves! I can read hate in your words. FTB, maybe Israel did not invade Palestine in 1948 by all means, but they did use their aliens to do so, or else, why would Palestinian people leave their homeland the?! The country was under war. One of the strongest armies in the world (Britain or whoever was involved) against a country with no army!!! Bare hands!!! Come on! And since the UN as u claim gave Israel that country AND the Palestinian country, then how did we lose the other half in 1967?! And since the Israel state is so kind to “offer” us a land that is” ruled and governed” under the Palestinian authorities, then why are they insisting that people like me who belong to Haifa for example should not be allowed in?! Even if there were a palestinian state one day! Not Abbas and not anyone else can give away my right and so many other Palestinians rights of returning to the Palestinian state. Are you getting it? Israel are offering something, but at the same time they are putting conditions that can never be met cuz simply no one on earth has the right to approve such conditions. They also want juerulasim which was not part of their land in 1948. The land that the UN has given them as you claim. Juerulasim was invaded in 1967. The land that the UN has “given us” as you claim.
    If my post is filled with crap and misinformation, check out this link from Wikipedia which has all the references tagged in the bottom:

    Again, sorry if I hurt anyone I don’t mean to. The thing is, all you people in a more comfortable position would say anything cuz u never knew how does it feel being a palestinian.

    Apple, again, please remove this app. It does not belong to the app store. We should not involve you in all this.

    1. Fadi don’t worry you will return to your homeland !!
      A people is a nation and if we go by statistics , Israel will be an Arab nation.
      The Jewish birth rate has fallen below the sustainable rate.

      And the reason why Israel will not allow you or those of you not in Palestine to return is due to demographics . If they allow it , in a day Arabs will be the majority.

      So stay strong and stay true, history has already taught us it’s ending .
      Rome falls even with it’s might .
      Even the US will fracture in time .

      1. “Rome falls even with it’s might .
        Even the US will fracture in time”

        That’s what the world is heading for.
        Another ‘Dark Ages’.

        We will all be Afghanistan.
        Allah be praised….

        1. That’s where you are wrong , the world always progress.
          An example , as the US is falling down, China is in ascension .
          Soon China will be a greater nation and in time it will too choose to “police” the world and fall.
          History has shown us the roadmap and hopefully we will
          Reach a point of nexus .

        2. My understanding of the dark ages is they lasted from approx 300 to 1500 AD. More than 1000 years. What great progress was made in the world during that time period?

        3. If you read more about history the dark ages only only for a portion of the world not the entirety. Never covered the entire world , like the fallacy of Noah ark that supposedly covers the entire world.

          Read about the cradle of civilisation, Mesopotamia .

          The world will
          Never plunge into darkness , we as an entity will progress and soon the entire universe will be our ” earth “

        4. You referenced the fall of the Romans.
          That triggered the Dark Ages in most of the areas they ruled.
          Hence the correlation to the areas the US helps.
          China gives less than a shit about our allies.
          They will NOT rise to that level.

          Also, read that there is more than ONE ‘cradle of civilization’
          your primer-

          BTW, I studied Origins of Ancient Civilizations at NTSU
          and fully appreciate the ancient Mesopotamians.
          What happened to them…?
          Apparently they conquered, they fell, and they were conquered.

          According to you, they will rise to reclaim there land.

          Que Sera…..

        5. Since you seem to know the answer I was hoping you would have been more direct in answering my question. Here it is again:

          What great progress was made in the world during the “Dark Ages”?

    2. how did you lose the land in 1967?
      maybe if they didn’t ATTACK Israel…. maybe they would have that land….
      Ask yourself, WHEN has Israel outright attacked any neighboring state Without FIRST being attacked BY them?

      And if you wanted to know, the Ottoman Empire joined into WWI against Brittan. As you said, they had no army…

        1. “Iraq was a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, placing its reactors under International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safeguards. In October 1981, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists published excerpts from the testimony of Roger Richter, a former IAEA inspector who described the agency’s nuclear safeguards weaknesses to the United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Richter testified that only part of Iraq’s nuclear installation was under safeguard and that the most sensitive facilities were not even subject to safeguards.”

          In other words, in Violation.

          “Louis René Beres wrote in 1995 that “[h]ad it not been for the brilliant raid at Osiraq, Saddam’s forces might have been equipped with atomic warheads in 1991.”

          Also you forget that Iran attacked it first…

        2. FTB,
          isn’t Israel a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treat?? Till today??? But they still have nuclear heads. As a matter of fact, they have it in bigger amounts than any other country out there?? But its ok for them I guess. Oh, and btw, just out of curiosity, what was the reason behind their strike at Lebanon in 2006??

        3. “Three states—India, Israel, and Pakistan—have never signed the treaty. ”

          “The conflict began when militants from the group Hezbollah fired rockets at Israeli border towns as a diversion for an anti-tank missile attack on two armored Humvees patrolling the Israeli side of the border fence.”

          you know…. 30 seconds of a GOOGLE SEARCH finds the answers….

          Lets go into another round, maybe i can find the answers faster next time for you.

        4. Hmm did Iraq attack, Israel first ?
          That was your question.
          The answer is simple , No.
          A violation does not constitute the right to attack.

          You see Israel will always be afraid and will always seek security.
          It will use any reason ensure it’s safety and thus prioritize itself first over any other .
          That is normal human behavior and in time another country will rise and overcome.

          The pretext to justify peace thru oppression , that exactly what Hitler did.
          A circle . We must wake up.

        5. In the past they have.
          Iraq at the time did state they wanted to wipe Israel off the planet. Building a nuclear site… nah, nothing to worry about.

          Read the article, former Iraq scientists did state later that building a nuke arsenal WAS their intent. at the time Iraq had two enemies, Iran and Israel. Do the math on who would get the nukes tossed at them.
          Israel got blasted for doing the preemptive strike, but later vindicated for doing it due to what they knew. At the time everyone “knew” Iraq wasn’t making a Nuke, Turns out Israel was right… they were.

      1. Maybe if we didn’t ATTACK???? FTB, sorry to say that but u r the one who doesn’t know what the hell is going on. Since when did we even have a gun to attack with??? I don’t think we had anything back then!!!!! Plus, I gave u a link of all the facts. Not from an site and not from a Jewish side!!! That page has all the references that support each and every fact over there!!! Israel was established just because Britain felt they should give them a land in palestine and so the did.
        Dude, plz read the following, u and ur fellows, wether u r a Jew or not, I don’t hate u and I have nothing against u. But I admit, I do hate zionists who keep killing my fellow Palestinians over there, Palestinians with no weapons. Their only weapon is stones and their believe in their land.
        Now that the app is removed (thank God), can we please close this topic?

        1. It’s like talking to a brick wall..

          “Plus, I gave u a link of all the facts. Not from an site and not from a Jewish side!!! That page has all the references that support each and every fact over there!!! ”
          I posted from the SAME site you JUST labeled as Jewish.
          YOU posted a WIKIPEDIA link, SCROLL UP…..
          Holy crap…. SO DID I…..

          You forget that land was under Control from Egypt and Syria… which i’m sure NEVER had any weapons of any kind…. right?
          Oh No! I’m about to Post from that Jewish website again….. (Which… Correct me here… did you quote that VERY site? just a different page?…..)

          “On the eve of the war, Egypt massed approximately 100,000 of its 160,000 troops in the Sinai, including all of its seven divisions (four infantry, two armored and one mechanized), four independent infantry brigades and four independent armored brigades. No fewer than a third of them were veterans of Egypt’s intervention into the Yemen Civil War and another third were reservists. These forces had 950 tanks, 1,100 APCs and more than 1,000 artillery pieces. At the same time some Egyptian troops (15,000–20,000) were still fighting in Yemen. Nasser’s ambivalence about his goals and objectives was reflected in his orders to the military. The general staff changed the operational plan four times in May 1967, each change requiring the redeployment of troops, with the inevitable toll on both men and vehicles. Towards the end of May, Nasser finally forbade the general staff from proceeding with the Qahir (“Victory”) plan, which called for a light infantry screen in the forward fortifications with the bulk of the forces held back to conduct a massive counterattack against the main Israeli advance when identified, and ordered a forward defense of the Sinai.[32] In the meantime, he continued to take actions intended to increase the level of mobilization of Egypt, Syria and Jordan, in order to bring pressure on Israel.

          Syria’s army had a total strength of 75,000 and amassed them along the Syrian border. Jordan’s army had 55,000 troops, including 300 tanks along the Jordanian border, 250 of which were U.S. M48 Patton, sizable amounts of M113 APCs, a new battalion of mechanized infantry, and a paratrooper battalion trained in the new U.S.-built school. They also had 12 battalions of artillery and six batteries of 81 mm and 120 mm mortars.”

          Would you like to backpedal on your comments on “Their only weapon is stones and their believe in their land.”

          I end up using Wikipedia due to ease of use, and If i posted something from somewhere like say… Fox… some would go nuts. (it’s why i post articles from CNN sometimes)

          here, from your own beloved website. Not that Jewish site with the same domain…

          I’ll let you read about the Egyptian involvement, among others. and of course all that violence with “stones” (is that what you call bombs and rockets and such? cause i call them bombs and Rockets where i’m from..)

          I have friends over there, A friend was Married to an Israeli who lives here in the states now. I do know a little about the area…

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