Lady Gaga challenged Apple’s Steve Jobs over iTunes’ Ping

“He is known for his legendary temper but if there was one person to take on Apple chief executive Steve Jobs – then it’s the fiercest woman in pop, Lady Gaga,” The Daily Mail reports.

“During a meeting with Jobs and her manager last year about the corporation’s music network Ping, Gaga ‘voiced concerns over the lack of integration with Facebook,'” The Daily Mail reports. “The discussion was about the corporation’s social network and its ‘underwhelming’ results, according to the New York Times. The discussion was about the corporation’s social network and its ‘underwhelming’ results.”

MacDailyNews Take: Being sticklers for things like chronology, we have to ask: How could Ping have had underwhelming results if it hadn’t yet launched?

Full article here.

Evelyn M. Rusli Reports for The New York Times, “While Lady Gaga herself — née Stefani Joanne Germanotta — is the artist and creative mind behind Lady Gaga Inc., her lesser-known manager, Troy Carter, is leading the enterprise’s digital strategy. Unlike other managers who focus on a handful of big platforms like YouTube, Mr. Carter is trying to tap into a broad range of online tools to keep the Gaga machine in overdrive.”

Full article here.

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  1. Yeah, I gotta agree, doubtful she was involved in any tech decisions before launch, this is just a desperate cry for a little PR, hot on the heels of Apple’s big day.

    Hard to believe that someone who isn’t even very involved in the creation of her own music and the technology behind it, would be very concerned with iTunes features that didn’t exist.

    I’m sure if Apple needed an opinion, they would find at least find a spoon-feed, spoiled trollop with more experience… like Madonna perhaps?

    1. Disclaimer: I really don’t care about Lady Gaga, but I do prefer facts to made up shit. That being said:

      I’m not sure what you mean by “not very involved with the creation of her own music” She’s written every song on every album she’s released and has even co-produced some. She’s also been a pianist for more than 20 years.

      Regardless of all that fact, what does that have to do with anything. Ping is a failure. Anyone can see that. Apple brought her on board because of her dedicated fan base. She feels that she has some stake since her persona was used to promote the service. I don’t see what there is to criticize of her here. Her music might not be your cup of tea, but she’s an incredibly saavy business person and knows how to control her brand.


        Lets not forget that she has been sued TWICE by Madonna for ripping off her songs, it’s pretty transparent.

        She is a manufactured hit, phony as can be, and no kind of role model for anyone. She’s no genius and will not last. Frankly, I think Brittany Spears is more talented, and that ain’t saying much.

        Someone claim she is great and original again…

      2. She is credited with writing her own material. That is very different than actually writing her own material. Copying others’ material wholesale then producing it entirely with pre-produced off the shelf loops and backing tracks hardly qualifies as song writing. It’s pretty clear she isn’t the one putting it any of this together. And what exactly does she do to be a co-producer? Perhaps you should think of that “credit” as part of her record deal and the financial arrangements it represents, rather than the actual work of producing a song or album.

        She has maybe sat behind a piano at times over the last 20 years, but that is a far fat cry from being a pianist. All her appearances that I’ve seen of her are completely tapped, except for that horrible duet with Elton John. If that’s her being a “musician”, that would be like calling my toaster a chef.

        I think you are stretching a lot, but yes you are right, she works very hard… hiring a publicist who makes sure her name gets spread where ever whenever she can. I don’t hold this against you though, you’re merely parroting her press releases and PR “story”. Which shows how successful she has been selling an image. If only she put the same effort (or should I say “any effort”) into her music.

      3. She is a total copy of Madonna. Been there done that. Gaga just takes it to the next controversial shock level. Unfortunately, every generation has to up that shock level by one. And this is the result, but not the end. Shock sells.

  2. Wasn’t it Zuckerberg’s ego that got in the way? I don’t see the relevance of Facebook much less Ping. They’re both disabled by default on all my systems.

    1. correct.

      Took forever to find this on MDN’s site… And they didn’t post any related articles either.
      the link above is after starting here..
      then going to the link about the 18 month long talks that failed.

      basically Facebook were jerks, so Apple went ahead by themselves. and lady dumbass doesn’t like it.

    1. That was Amazon. Her label was receiving full share of a nominal price, and Amazon took a major loss on that.

      I love it when people make stuff up as they go along, as if this weren’t the internet and it weren’t that easy to google things up to check…

      1. Disclaimer to all that are about to click that link!

        Sit down.
        Place ALL Liquids out of reach. Else you will need to clean your screen/desk.
        Do not wear headphones, make sure the video is audible to those around you. (if not people will laugh at you, better they see/hear the video and laugh with you)

        Take deep breath.

        Click link. 😉

  3. Lady Gaga is already a joke. She “reinvents” herself more than Madonna and Elvis Costello cubed, indicating the not a single version of her is anything anyone would want to have around for any length of time. I mean, if you’re already boring by the time you show up in your new wig, new silly makeup, and new garters, then you must be really, really boring.

    Apple was here before Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta was born in 1986, and it will be here long after her titties are drooping well into menopause.

  4. Pure FUD from a talentless performer.

    This story is totally made up from her PR and marketing team.

    Nice try, these days everyone sees through all this made up bullshit.

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