Lady Gaga challenged Apple’s Steve Jobs over iTunes’ Ping

“He is known for his legendary temper but if there was one person to take on Apple chief executive Steve Jobs – then it’s the fiercest woman in pop, Lady Gaga,” The Daily Mail reports.

“During a meeting with Jobs and her manager last year about the corporation’s music network Ping, Gaga ‘voiced concerns over the lack of integration with Facebook,'” The Daily Mail reports. “The discussion was about the corporation’s social network and its ‘underwhelming’ results, according to the New York Times. The discussion was about the corporation’s social network and its ‘underwhelming’ results.”

MacDailyNews Take: Being sticklers for things like chronology, we have to ask: How could Ping have had underwhelming results if it hadn’t yet launched?

Full article here.

Evelyn M. Rusli Reports for The New York Times, “While Lady Gaga herself — née Stefani Joanne Germanotta — is the artist and creative mind behind Lady Gaga Inc., her lesser-known manager, Troy Carter, is leading the enterprise’s digital strategy. Unlike other managers who focus on a handful of big platforms like YouTube, Mr. Carter is trying to tap into a broad range of online tools to keep the Gaga machine in overdrive.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. I had shared the opinion on this girl with everyone else here until very recently, when I was in a situation to see an interview (don’t ask me how I ended up watching it). It turned out that, apparently, this girl has some brains. After hearing the story, you can figure it out. Well educated, with solid family upbringing. Essentially all the showbiz flash is a carefully designed act, and apparently, it is working quite well. More importantly, unlike the above-mentioned Spears, this one seems to continue to have both feed firmly planted on the ground, and when cameras aren’t watching, is a normal person.

    As much as it surprised me, I started liking this young girl (not her music, though); she’s smart, apparently. Good for her.

    As for this little yellow-journalism excrement, two things: first, it is one of the crappiest daily tabloids from the UK ( and that’s saying something); second, publicists and agents make a lot of moves like this one without much consideration for their clients.

    1. Was it the “60 Minutes” interview, which they repeated this week? Clearly she’s a very bright young woman. Like you I admire her business savvy, but not her music. As far as the business of music and managing fame goes she’s going to become the next Dolly Parton. The only difference being, I like Dolly Parton.

    2. She’s very smart. The constant wardrobe creations do more to keep her in the news than her music releases, which only fuels the sales of her albums. She took Madonna’s template and jumped up a couple of levels, whereas people like Britney Spears just copied it.

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