Apple Japan offering free repairs to quake-damaged Macs, iPhones, iPads, iPods, Cinema Displays

“Apple is offering free service and repair to those Mac [and Apple product] users who were affected by the Japan tsunami and earthquake in March,” Michael Grothaus reports for TUAW.

“As stated in a Support & Information Services note on Apple’s Japanese website, the company is offering free repairs of any Macs, Cinema Displays, iPhones, iPads or iPod touches damaged in the disaster,” Grothaus reports. “Apple’s offer applies to those directly affected by the earthquake who primarily live in municipalities covered by the Disaster Relief Act of 2011.”

Grothaus reports, “This isn’t the first time Apple [or the Apple community] has offered to help those who suffered in the Japan disaster earlier this year… Apple and all member of the Mac community who have helped and continue to help those in need deserve props and recognition for their support and humanity.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dow C.” for the heads up.]


  1. That is a huge commitment from Apple. There could be hundreds of thousands of damaged devices especially from home that were flooded but not destroyed.

    1. True but I can tell you those people will be customers for life! For the PR this will get them too, it’s a well spent investment and they have the money in the bank to make it happen.

      1. +1
        csr is woven into the fabric of a company. in apple’s case, they apparently felt it was the right thing to do. every company has its own way of “doing the right thing” we don’t need to be judgmental when they do it.

        also, csr is most effective when you don’t turn it into a marketing event. when it is done right, the compulsion to do it is not resident in the marketing department. the act needs to be impulsive, without expectation of helping the bottom line. the act also needs to matter to those being helped.

        can’t speak from personal experience, but if you have an out of warranty ibook that you take to the genius bar in a paint bucket after a tornado and just look helpless, chances are you might be pleasantly surprised. if you demand csr, you probably won’t get it.

        like respect, csr is given, not demanded.

  2. I was in Sendai last summer. I even took photos of the Apple store at the mall there. The store was often packed, and probably was the only one in Sendai/Miyagi prefecture. I have to look it up. If thousands of people show up with damaged products, Apple may need additional help. However, Japanese are extremely polite (even that’s an understatement), and certainly wouldn’t even think of taking improper advantages of this gracious gesture.

  3. Wonderful gesture by Apple. I am a little envious as I and several of my friends have Apple products damaged in the recent tornados dancing through southern USA. FEMA is here and we have been declared a disaster area, but things like our iPhones and MacBooks will be difficult to do without until we are able to get everyone fed and in shelter and bury our loved ones. Communication devices and a little entertainment would be great. ATT has brought in trucks with wifi and loaner phones temporarily to help people keep in touch but it is like a war zone.

  4. Although a noble gesture, and I applaud it, it sets a difficult precedent. Think of all those people here in this country who were wiped out by Hurricane Kathrina, and current major disasters wiping people out. I feel great sympathy for Japan, but there are many here in the U.S. who have endured great tragedy as well. It’s not always about those overseas needing help from American companies, we’re people too, and we’re right here at home.

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