Apple’s Safari 5.1 beta passes Google Chrome to retake HTML5 benchmark lead

“Competition is a good thing… The summer Mac OS X 10.7 Lion release will bring with it a thoroughly updated browser that offers much better HTML5 compatibility,” FairerPlatform reports.

“When I last looked at the HTML5 test in March compatibility across the mainline Mac browsers, Chrome 11 earned top marks,” FairerPlatform reports. “Now, two months later, Google’s browsers have stalled and Safari 5.1, a beta version of Apple’s WebKit-based browser that ships with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Preview Release, has risen to the occasion, grabbing the brass ring.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “fred” for the heads up.]


  1. I have been having problems with Safari for some time – I believe it is related to the presence of plugins. It has slowed the browser down considerably – both in start-up (expected – to load the local plugins) and how fast web pages load. On my wife’s side of the computer (with no plugins), Safari is much faster. I actually started using Chrome this past 6 weeks for the speed. This past 3 or 4 days Chrome has become erratic (I have the latest version).

    Anyway…. has anyone else had problems with Safari slowing down when plugins are present? If so, I hope it is something that Apple will address in the next version. I keep most of the plugins turned off – Safari is still not as zippy as it used to be. I have reinstalled Safari as well – no difference.

    1. Check your Cache, I delete mine from time to time. Also running Diskwarrior on the directory seems to speed up the entire machine. Lastly check your cookies. I delete anything not used in the past year.

      Normally Safari for me is the first thing I notice that slows down when I need to run system maintenance. Try using OnyX for your flavor of OS X. It’s free!


  2. Uninstall Flash from your computer, use the Chrome browser (with Flash built into it) for sites with Flash content. Use Safari for everything else. You’ll be happy you did.

  3. are you kidding me? if you compared with Google chrome official version, you did wrong because it is safari BETA. if you want to do that, you should do with chrome beta which is still way faster than any browsers in the market. safari has a problem in real life. it’s only good with faster internet speed. I take a trip a lot every year. safari suffers from internet speed. it’s very sensitive. but google chrome is just faster no matter what situation is. for the record, I use Chrome developer version (now it is 13.xxxx). it’s like thunder bold you never imagine. compare right way. geez. throw away safari.

      1. well, you don’t even read mine. go fuck your self. plus, you have no idea how situation is different when you take a trip. literally, I have spent 4-5 months for business trip. you have no idea. grow up, expand your experience. but I don’t think you could. you got financial problem? your reply is nothing to do with the article. you are totally retarded.

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