Analyst sees white iPhone 4 boosting sales by 1-1.5 million per quarter

“Analyst Brian White with Ticonderoga Securities said on Wednesday that he sees the long-delayed white iPhone 4 playing a meaningful role in pushing iPhone sales even higher. Earlier this week, White had predicted that a “mystique” surrounding the device could lead to strong sales following a 10-month delay,” Slash Lane reports for AppleInsider.

“White made a more specific prediction on Wednesday, after Apple officially announced that the white iPhone 4 will finally go on sale on Thursday, April 27,” Lane reports. “The device, first announced last June but delayed numerous times due to production issues, will be available in 28 countries this week, and White believes it will bring in customers who might have otherwise passed on the iPhone 4.”

Lane reports, “‘This delay has created a certain mystique and scarcity value around the ‘white’ iPhone 4 that we believe could drive incremental iPhone 4 purchases in the range of 1 million to 1.5 million units per quarter until the iPhone 5 potentially comes to market in September,’ he said.”

Read more in the full article, including Phil Schiller attempting to explain some reasons for the 10-month delay of the white iPhone 4, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. That’s crazier than a bedbug! Like I’d hold off on buying an Audi A8 until one came in chartreuse. I’l take the black one until I have an option (contrac expires, etc.). But no way in the world would color be a deterrent.

    1. I agree LACK of white was NOT a “deterrent.” But it may be a “motivator” for someone who is not a current iPhone customer. And it gives iPhone some media coverage at a time of year that would otherwise be “slow” (at least for the current model). Most people do not follow Apple news on a daily basis, and countless non-iPhone two-year contracts are expiring every day. “Hey, there’s a white iPhone now… that’s my next phone when I get to upgrade next week.”

    2. Fortunately for Apple, not everyone is like you.

      While there is no explanation to a lot of people’s actions, if some have held out all this time because they wanted a white iPhone and only a white iPhone, so be it. Now they’re happy, and now Apple will get their money.

  2. It will be interesting if apple give a breakdown of sales by color of phone. 1.5m doesn’t sound like much since thats less than 10%. But that’s still an additional $1b revenue.

  3. “including Phil Schiller attempting to explain some reasons for the 10-month delay of the white iPhone 4”

    Sounds like someone at MDN really wanted a white iPhone a while ago.

  4. Lets see, …

    – Apple sold 18.6M iPhones in Q1 2011 (approx. 200,000 iPhone/day).
    – 26% of people would buy a White iPhone according to (unscientific MDN poll)
    – 30 day full refund policy

    200,000 iPhone/day x 30 days x 26% White = 1,560,000 White iPhones that should not actually count as “sales increase” since the equivalent number of black iPones will be returned. (keep an eye out for “ANALysts” that will ignore this in their calculations)

    Apart from these 1.5M White iPhone, all subsequent sales will be whites INSTEAD of black so we can expect a different breakdown but not an increased total.

    I find it hard to believe that 1.5 million people PER QUARTER will be so close to the buying threshold that colour would be the tipping factor in their decision. I think the more likely scenario is that analysts can’t count.

  5. I would offer an alternative reasoning for white iPhones increasing sales however :

    I would call it the “Female Gift Factor”.

    While there would seem to be no reason for someone to buy an iPhone only because there’s a white available one now, I do think that guys who are (often cluelessly) trying to find a gift idea for their wife/girlfriend, will see the white iPhone as an ideal gift (where a black iPhone would not have seemed as appropriate).

    How many would that amount to ?

    – lets assume that guys who will buy an iPhone for a girlfriend gift will inevitably have served themselves first (so they are part of the existing iPhone statistics).
    – 55/45 Gender split (M/F) on iPhone sales
    – even spread of birthdays over days of the year (to make calculations simple)
    – 74M iPhones sold to date
    – Men with a girlfriend that does not yet have her own iphone = 55%(M) – 45%(F) = 10%

    So there’s a potential of 10% of the 74M iPhones sold that belong to guys with a girlfriend who does not yet have her iPhone. That’s 7.4M birthday gifts. One quarter = 1/4th of birth dates, so 1.85M white iPhone gifts per quarter; That’s assuming these guys all get that idea. I reality, fewer than that will do it because most guys are clueless when it comes to having gift ideas for their girl.

    If you think the above calculation is far fetched, crazy and outrageous, then I may be on the right track to becoming a famous analyst myself.

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