Android malware sees explosive growth; even faster than with PCs

“Google’s Android mobile-phone platform faces soaring software attacks and has little control over the applications, according to security firm Kaspersky Lab,” Jonathan Browning reports for Bloomberg News.

“Applications loaded with malicious software are infiltrating the Google operating system at a faster rate than hackers did with personal computers at the same stage in development, said Nikolay Grebennikov, chief technology officer for Kaspersky,” Browning reports. “The company identified 70 different types of malware in March, up from two categories in September.”

“‘The growth rate in malware within Android is huge; in the future there will definitely be more,’ Grebennikov said. Kaspersky will offer security on Android in the third quarter of this year,” Browning reports.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Sounds like fun times for those who would settle for pale imitations of Apple innovatons.

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      1. John, there’s this thing called sarcasm you might want to learn about.

        But then, if you resemble, in any way, the sort of humor-impaired people who normally miss sarcastic humor, then your comment is about what one would expect. 😉

      2. John, why do you feel the need to make a personal attack on someone? Gilles has done nothing wrong and the avatar is simply a graphic. Please stay on topic and leave the catty attacks elsewhere. Please.

      3. It’s like the Zune Tang thing. He caught people for years (think we all were at first) always read and think a little before deciding if someone is serious. (Sometimes it difficult, there are real idiots out there who say some really crazy stuff and actually believe it’s true like Gates and Ballmer.)

    1. That’s right, now that Android has eclipsed iOS marketshare, its come under attack. iOS’s puny marketshare proves the rule; security through obscurity.

      Android has become so wildly popular in recent weeks it’s now a target-rich envionment for both those hackers.

  1. “Any time a technology becomes adopted and popular, that technology will be targeted by the bad guys,” said Jay Abbott, director of threat and vulnerability at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.

    …and yet, not once does the article mention the overwhelming popularity of iOS across iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Sounds like someone’s trying to peddle the tired old “security through obscurity” line.

  2. Google has already removed some 58 malware applications in the past couple of months, including remotely killing the software on handsets in the wild.

    I’m thinking its in these guy’s business interest to scream “malware” from the rooftops, not that it dilutes the message that an antivirus company is reporting it.

    However their assertion that the growth is more explosive than on PCs is out in left field. Even the claim that its far more progressed than when PCs were at the same development point is ridiculous.

    For starters Android has a security model and sand boxed application runtime that PCs did not have until the last couple of years!

    It would be just as accurate to say that Android has security far more advanced than the PC had at this stage of its evolution! lol.

    Really the statement holds no water beyond a marketing ploy to scare up business.

    1. Nice take Dude, couldn’t agree more. The malware repelent firms have always hated Apple for lack of product to sell.
      And you can bet that they finance their own malware devs “for research” – the same way that evil rogue doctor’s polio research in the Congo brought on AIDS.

  3. When you have a multitude of hardware vendors each out to eat the other’s lunch running the same underlying operating system, you will get a wide variety of manufacturers each with his own sense of quality control. It’s inevitable that malware and viruses run rampant on the Android platform because you don’t get a single overarching entity to ensure that the software you run on the phone passes some sort of quality control.

    1. Defending Android from malware is the least of their problems. in fact it is the user´s problem. Its all in the terms of service.

      Defending Android from legal battles with the likes of Microsoft, Oracle, Nokia and many others is a bigger problem. Who pays for these lawyers? These bast… er… businessmen get payed win or lose.

      One day Google investors will come to senses and request management to start charging for Android services.

  4. Take that again Apple, can your iOS run the latest and greatest malware and virus? I think not!!!!!
    Android Marketplace has more than thousand malwares, how many does you “app store” have?
    Android does looks more and more like a PC every day.

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