Apple ends MobileMe and iWork $30 rebate programs ahead of rumored refreshes

“A source within Apple has provided us with an internal memo announcing the end of Apple’s long-running rebate programs for both the MobileMe service and Apple’s iWork productivity suite of applications. The rebate allowed Apple customers to receive $30 off their purchase of the $99 MobileMe if the service was purchased alongside a new Mac or iOS device. The iWork rebate program, also $30 off, became an option with new Mac purchases,” Mark Gurman reports for 9 to 5 Mac.

“Apple cutting the rebate program may add credence to past reports claiming that MobileMe is becoming a free Apple service,” Gurman reports. “The iWork rebate program is also being cut. We don’t particularly think that iWork is becoming a free service, but it’s a safe bet that we will be seeing an iWork ’11 update later this year.”

Full article here.


  1. Funny, I just got a mail stating that my Mobile Me trial is ending, and that I would be billed for it starting next week if I didn’t cancel. Probably sop…


      1. You know CT, I just renewed my MM and will do so again next year, because its a service I Value.

        You could have said, I tried that. Nope. I’ll just wait for the “new” MobileMe and start again. IMHO

        Your “humble opinion” should be delivered without conditions.

    1. Totally worth it. I will also renew today, because I rely on several-times-a-day iDisk and calendar syncing across my phone, iPad and 11″ Air. My most-used files have all been living in the MM “cloud” for a year or so and it’s working out great. That said, if they do make it free in 3 months a prorated rebate will be only fair!

  2. I have a MMe acct and have for years. I have to say I have mixed feeling. It seems a bit pricey to me, but I do like the service.

    I have to say that the new push on email is pretty darn good. When I forward an email from another cacti, it seems to arrive before I even send it 😛

    The iDisk is great – tho it does not seem to be as reliable as Dropbox, and sometimes it churns. 🙁 So I have taken to using dropbox for works in progress and iDisk for once major work is complete.

    The galleries are really nice and could not be simpler to do. I use it for all my family pix, tho i use Lightroom and a private site for more serious photography.

    I also use iWeb – it’s a bit limited (how come no tables Apple??? – jeeze!) but I like EASY. Lets me concentrate on my real work (writing & photography & FMP programming).

  3. … that will be leaving Beta and going “live”? I’ve actually found the service somewhat useful, though I’m a sorry choice for it. Don’t think I’d pay for it, it would just sit out there not doing much. For free? For free, I like it.
    About MobileMe … I’ll be keeping it – my main e-mail account.

  4. I’m shocked that Microstupid hadn’t yet announced an update to copy MME. Oh geez I forgot about their typical MO. Announce a couple of months after and declare to their drone that they have been developing their stuff years ahead of Apple.

  5. Apple ENDS the rebate program, so Mobile Me (for a new Mac or iOS device customers) now costs $30 MORE than before, and THAT means “MobileMe is becoming a free Apple service.” What kind of logic is that…? 🙂

    1. That’s called Switch Logic.

      It’s a common trait found in converts, who are accustomed to receiving a butt-load of free software with a new computer, many of whom hope they’ll never have to buy any thing else.

      No one is more price conscious than a Switcher. The first words out of their mouths is, How much does it cost?, followed by, does it come in beige?

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