Samsung vows to countersue Apple over patent suit

“Samsung Electronics said Tuesday it would take counter-action against Apple after the US firm filed suit alleging that the South Korean giant copied its smartphones and tablet computers,” AFP reports.

“Apple’s lawsuit claims Samsung’s mobile phones and Galaxy Tab imitated the iPhone and the iPad,” AFP reports. ‘Samsung will respond actively to this legal action taken against us through appropriate legal measures to protect our intellectual property,’ the South Korean firm said in a statement… ‘Apple is one of our key buyers of semiconductors and display panels. However, we have no choice but respond strongly this time,’ an unidentified official was quoted as saying.”

AFP reports, “Apple accused Samsung of copying the look, product design, packaging and user interface of its products, in a lawsuit filed Friday with a US District Court in San Francisco and quoted by the Wall Street Journal. ‘Rather than innovate and develop its own technology and a unique Samsung style for its smartphone products and computer tablets, Samsung chose to copy Apple’s technology, user interface and innovative style in these infringing products,’ the Journal quoted Apple’s complaint as saying.”

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  1. @clarencebodicker
    You are right of course, and even on the Korean national news tonight Samsung was being sneered at for its blatant copying of the iphone’s general look and even icons. But what the U.S. press hasn’t picked up on is Samsung’s strong point, which they’re using to trash talk Apple in the local press, namely a huge portfolio of U.S. patents, many apparently relating to telecommunications generally and cell phones in particular. Last year Samsung was only behind IBM in being granted the most U.S. patents, so they may well have some tucked away for this particular rainy day. In short, Samsung is not HTC in terms of its defensive capabilities.

    1. Counter-action…who would have guessed?!

      @Jake – Perhaps Apple is attempting to weaken Samsung’s patent portfolio by leverage this look-and-feel lawsuit to gain cross-patenting rights. Regardless, Apple would be remiss not to prosecute its case if it is a valid one. It would set a highly unfavorable precedent that would weaken Apple and embolden competitors to take even more advantage of the ‘free’ R&D.

  2. …”Samsung’s strong point, (…) a huge portfolio of U.S. patents, many apparently relating to telecommunications generally and cell phones in particular.”

    That would be an entirely separate, unrelated law suit. And they are, of course, free to file it (likely in that Eastern Texas ‘Rocket Docket’ district).

    As for this lawsuit, one look at the devices side by side and to anyone with the IQ above 60 it is obvious that they look practically identical.

    Can Samsung really afford to lose a customer as important as Apple over THIS???

  3. Samsung wants to settle because they have no choice. Apple is a key customer (as they confirm themselves) and is right. They are just strengthening their position in the sure to come negotiations.

  4. The reason Apple waited to file suit was because they needed to line up new suppliers of ram, screens and processor fabs. Now that that’s done Samsung gets the papers. Samsung has a lot to lose on this one. I wouldn’t want to lose my biggest buyer, Apple. Samsung does copy everything Apple and even if they get away with it they’ll lose billions when Apple buys parts from somewhere other than Samsung. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. That’s an understatement in Samsungs case. But maybe they don’t know that saying in Asia.

    1. It’s all EGO. Samsung doesn’t really want to be known as a parts supplier, they want to be known as one of the major electronic product makers. Looking to have #1 phone, computer, etc. Thus, they copy the best on the market and call it their own.

  5. I’ve seen the comparison pics of the products in question and it is hilarious for Samsung to defend their actions.

    If Apple winds this lawsuit, it will open the doors for Apple to go after everyone else.

    Be warned copy cats. Be warned.

  6. How can Samsung counter sue something they don’t have?
    Apple’s IOS came out first and is the most unique phone operating system ever devised. Steve Jobs said it himself, we’ve patented the hell out of this and plan on defending them.

  7. “we have no choice but respond strongly this time,’ an unidentified official was quoted as saying.”

    RESPOND? COUNTERSUE? With exactly WHAT on WHAT GROUNDS? This is a wimpy little bit of FUD from a company caught FAILing.

    Stick to what you’re great at Samsung! Wannabe also-ran smartphones and tablets are a distraction from your skill set.

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