Make Mac OS X Snow Leopard (and other cats) roar like Lion

“With a second preview version now in the hands of app developers, Apple’s next generation of Mac OS X, called Lion (Version 10.7), appears to be on track for its planned release to the public this summer,” Ryan Faas reports for Computerworld. “The company has announced several new features for the upcoming Macintosh operating system (some of which are lifted straight from iOS, Apple’s mobile platform).”

“Although Lion is still months away, Mac users don’t need to wait to get advances similar to the ones planned for the new operating system,” Faas reports. “In fact, several third-party applications and services already exist to meet the same challenges that Apple is aiming to address with Lion.”

Faas reports, “These free and low-cost tools can help you get results similar to those provided by Lion’s Launchpad, Mission Control, systemwide auto-save, Versions, AirDrop, enhanced multitouch capabilities and new Mail layout. Most of the apps work with Snow Leopard and Leopard (Version 10.5); some are available for Tiger (Version 10.4) as well.”

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  1. “Mac users don’t need to wait to get advances similar to the ones planned for the new operating system”

    Need names or where to find such items that are ready now, mentioned in the article

    1. This is the second time in two days that MDN has posted a recursive looping URL. At least they let you post the correction. I tried 3 times to correct yesterday’s bad URL and got rejected 3 times. I think MDN’s usual editor is on vacation this week. (0_o)

  2. Of interest: The source article has some errors. One I found is with regard to the utility program ‘Jump’. It is actually no longer available, has changed its name to JUMPER and is no longer free. You can BUY Jumper for $4.99 at the Mac App Store.

    Digging round on the Internet, I did find a link to the next-to-last version of ‘Jump’. You can download it HERE:

    Jump v2.0.4

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