NPD: Apple’s new MacBook Pro pushed U.S. Mac sales up 47% as PC sales dropped

“Driven by strong sales of the new Thunderbolt-equipped MacBook Pro lineup, domestic Mac sales are estimated to have increased 47 percent year over year in the month of March,” AppleInsider reports.

“The new estimates from the NPD Group were revealed Monday by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster,” AppleInsider reports. “NPD’s estimates for U.S. sales put Apple up 20 percent year over year in January, 12 percent in February, and 47 percent in March, resulting in an average of 27 percent year over year for the quarter.”

AppleInsider reports, “Actual Mac sales for the quarter will be known come Wednesday afternoon when Apple reveals its quarterly earnings for the second fiscal quarter of 2011. Apple is scheduled to report its earnings after the market closes, and will hold a conference call at 5 p.m. Eastern to discuss the results.”

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Electronista reports that Apple’s “fast rise could lead to a major upset in market share. Overall American computer shipments were expected to drop between 6.1 and 10.7 percent in the US.”

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  1. Still waiting for the tipping point where Apple has at least 15% US computer market and mind share and keeps gaining to reach 50% while the wintels of the world lose share every quarter. This year 15%, next 2 30%? New Macbook Pro’s & IPads are killing the wintels.

    1. Macs with 15% is realistic; 50% not so.

      Macs can take a big percentage of homes users. Also creative workers at enlightened companies. It’s just that Window boxes are so cheap and so suited for drone work – think government, finance & insurance, customer service call centers, etc. There, cheap is as cheap does. They won’t go Mac.

  2. If I were an MSCE certified engineer, I’d be looking for new training in Unix based systems…

    In related news. MS IIS keeps losing share to Apache. (Cf. Netcraft survey) The chart shows the effects of MS trying to buy share by “rewarding” major hosting companies with cash for using IIS. It’s funny how the bumps dissipate with their share returning to a nominal ~18% each time.

    I like their strategy. I like it a lot!

  3. If Apple ever gets near 20% the financial hit on Wintel will be crippling as they lose the high income areas altogether. Its always the income from your market share rather than the share itself that counts its that balance point between the two that Apple wants to hit beyond which there is declining profitability to be had.

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