Apple releases iTunes 10.2.2

Apple today released iTunes 10.2.2 which provides a number of important bug fixes, including:

• Addresses an issue where iTunes may become unresponsive when syncing an iPad.
• Resolves an issue which may cause syncing photos with iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to take longer than necessary.
• Fixes a problem where video previews on the iTunes Store may skip while playing.
• Addresses other issues that improve stability and performance.

For information on the security content of this update, please visit:

iTunes 10.2.2 is available via Software Update and also via a standalone installer.

More info here.

Information about iTunes 10.2.2 for Windows (64 bit) here.


  1. I am still running iTunes 9 because the program seemed like it was getting buggy and bogged down enough and I only have a 2007 2GHz Macbook. Am I being paranoid? How is v10 vs. v9?

        1. I have a power mac G5 2 X 2.5 also. (2005)
          Runs iTunes 10 fine.

          Hell.. My PC with 12GB ram and i7 920 runs iTunes worse than the Power Mac.
          Although the last update doesn’t freeze on the PC now…(only use the iTunes on PC for background music, main library is on my MBP)
          The Power Mac is the shared Library setup for my Apple TV and iPad streaming. no hiccups.

    1. You call iTunes “bloatware”, as many others have done. But none of you give any examples of what makes iTunes “bloatware”? It starts and runs like it always did (on my computers), and the features I’m not interested in are easily hidden and completely forgotten. Meanwhile, iTunes has all the features it needs to do the job it was designed to do. Where’s the bloat?

      Contrast this app with Microsoft Office, which is so jam-packed with features that you have to read the manual to figure out how to do the simplest things. Now that’sbloatware!

      1. How do you get rid of the Ping messages when you buy a song. I do not and will not use ping but the messages can’t be switched off that I can find.

            1. You can suppress Ping pop up messages after you’ve purchased a song on iTunes by logging into your iTunes account and turning Ping recommendations off.

              It’s towards the middle of the page that says “Recommendations & Ping Postings”. You want to turn that off.

            2. Agree what Ballmer’s nut just said.

              when Ping first came out.. you would have been correct. they did allow us to completely remove Ping from our use of iTunes later. Thank you Apple.

              Hate Ping..

      2. I agree with omalansky. As with many things regarding iTunes, the biggest complaint is actually, “I don’t know how…and never bothered finding out”.

        I’ve been approached over and over from people who constantly bitch about iTunes, but then when I say, “Instead of screaming bloatware, like as if you even know what the term means, why not ask what you want that iTunes isn’t doing right for you?”

        There are some issues with iTunes, but most of the complaints I hear are that “it’s bloated”, but then they actually want features added, some which would actually bog down the app pretty significantly.


        You can pretty much eliminate Ping from your use of iTunes altogether. Go to Preferences and spend a few seconds unchecking anything related to Ping. You can’t remove Ping from the iTunes Store itself, but that’s something different, and certainly doesn’t qualify as bloat.

        1. Fuck you, you biased prick. I’m forced to use iTunes every fucking day. I’ve been using it for years. It is the most bloated piece of shit I’ve ever touched.

      3. You’re a fucking moron. iTunes installs iTunes, Bonjour, Quicktime, a seperate application updater, and several other full programs that are not necessary for iTunes to run. It doesn’t allow you to uninstall ANY software, or iTunes will not work. It loads up all the software at startup and eats your resources like a cancer. It is a huge program in itself that uses enormous resources. The program’s front-end is a store, a community, a hardware sync-er (especially iPod), music burning software, a media advertisement frontend, and a TON of other things– BESIDES the media player!

        iTunes is the very definition of bloatware, and I think you should be shot for defending it and then trying to bash Windows. I can smell what you’re stepping in, you biased, dumb piece of shit.

    2. Well, iTunes is a big app. The app’s title is outdated. Pretty much everyone agrees that it does too much and is therefore cluttered and confusing, particularly to newbies. Essentially, iTunes has taken on the tasks of a secondary operating system that coordinates a pile of functions and processes. Theoretically, the whole thing could be integrated directly into Mac OS X. However, there remains the question of what to do with Windows users where OS integration ain’t gonna happen. Therefore, we’ll most likely continue to have this massive multifunctional OS add-on with the outdated name on into the future.

      I’d love it if someone came up with way to better integrate both the Mac and Windows versions of ‘iTunes’ into the respective OSes.


    The corrected URL to download the iTunes 10.2.2 installer is:

    Download iTunes Now

    – There is no information about iTunes 10.2.2 for Mac on the ‘Apple security updates’ page because only the Windows version of 10.2.2 contains a security patch.

    – The Support page for iTunes 10.2.2 has a BAD LINK connected to the ‘Download’ button that for incomprehensible reasons dumps the user at the ‘Apple – Start’ page, which has nothing to do with iTunes, creating confusion. Instead use the corrected link above.

    I have reported the bad URL link problem to Apple and suggested they repair whatever problem on their server is causing the ‘bad’ URL to fail. (Both URLs should normally work as the only difference between the working and failing URLs is the addition of ‘www.’)

  3. I’m still on iTunes 10.1.2

    It seems like Apple releases a new version every couple of weeks. I don’t use iTunes so much as my iPod with content previously loaded.

  4. I sure hope the iPad sync issue is fixed. It’s been driving me nuts!

    It would hang about 3/4 of the way through the Backup part.

    I tried finding info on the Apple web site, but guess they keep such info well hidden.

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