Apple sues Samsung for attempting to copy look and feel of iPhone, iPad

“Apple Inc. sued Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. claiming the Korean electronics giant copied the look and feel of its popular iPhone smartphones and iPad tablet computers,” Ian Sherr reports for Dow Jones.

“The lawsuit, filed on April 15 in the Northern District of California, alleged that Samsung’s smartphones, such as the ‘Galaxy S 4G,’ ‘Epic 4G,’ ‘Nexus S’ and its ‘Galaxy Tab’ touchscreen tablet, violated Apple’s intellectual property,” Sherr reports. “‘Rather than innovate and develop its own technology and a unique Samsung style for its smart phone products and computer tablets, Samsung chose to copy Apple’s technology, user interface and innovative style in these infringing products,’ the lawsuit said.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: On September 17, 2010, we wrote that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab deserved to be “hit with a very well-deserved Apple Trade Dress Infringement lawsuit (at the very least).”


    1. This still isn’t the big fight, it’s just a stepping stone. They’ve won a lot of smaller lawsuits against smaller companies. Now they’re going after a medium sized one.

      All of this is meant to set precedence before they go after the Google.

      Apple is patient, taking their time, doing it right. Google’s gotta be nervous.

  1. Apple is supposed to purchase something line US$7.8 billion worth of components from Samsung this year, making Apple Samsung’s largest customer.

    Note to Samsung: Dance with who brung ya.

        1. I used to live in Tejas & there are a lot of really nice & intelligent people there. The problem is that they are drowning in a sea of crazies.
          I remember a Governor losing his reelection bid because of his then unique support for “don’t pass-don’t play” in Texas schools. The win at any cost crazies went wild and organized against him for simply requiring students to be in good academic standing before participating in team sports, etc.

      1. Actually, Texas is home to a *lot* of high-tech companies. Indeed, the East District court region (where most of the patent trolls file) is a *very* high-tech area. I serious question your statement that the average American IQ would increase if Texas seceded. Indeed, I’d be willing to argue that it would actually drop.
        I’m from California, btw.

  2. The USPTO has now approved sufficient Apple design patents that leave few plaintiff escape routes in IP litigation. The beginning of what Apple promised to transgressors has started …

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