Component makers: Apple could sell 60 million iPads in 2011

“At some point this has to stop—one analyst said Thursday that Asian components makers think Apple will ship 45 million iPads this year and later in the day another said she’s heard figures of as high as 60 million from those sources,” Damon Poeter reports for PC Magazine. “Carolina Milanesi, a Gartner research vice-president for mobile devices, told that in talks with component providers, ‘the numbers we have been told vary from 40 to 60 million.'”

Poeter reports, “Milanesi cautioned that makers of different components that go into Apple’s iPad and iPad 2 offer different views on the raw number of units that will get built, shipped and sold for the entire year. ‘Depending on which supplier you talk to about iPad screens versus memory versus something else, the numbers go from 40 to 60 million, so you need to take those numbers with a pinch of salt,’ she said.”

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  1. There are countless of component makers. Just because some attention/publicity/pr/advertisement seeking “source”/site reports whatever made-up numbers, it does not mean that Apple will be actually able to produce that much.

    1. iPad hype is at an all-time high and analysts are only setting up Apple shareholders for a fall. Many of you have already seen what happened to Google on earnings and they weren’t nearly as hyped as Apple is. Analysts are throwing out impossible numbers for Apple to achieve.

      1. Not true ….. Their numbers don’t have over 20-30 million iPads figured …..

        Even at $6 a share this quarter they are low, Apple will once again blow away the estimates ….

  2. Then again, the original estimates was for 2-5 million for a year. Then revised after they received report of higher part and component shipments.

    Still they under estimated the production numbers. But, take the reporters number with a grain of salt. In case they are wrong again.

    1. Did you offer to buy te extended warranty from best buy?
      They were holding iPad 2’s in back unless someone got their ext warranty.

      Might go to bb and offer to buy the warranty 😉

  3. Nice sales estimates but there’s one little issue remaining. Sooner or later there has to be adequate stock to sell that many. Every time I check an Apple Store they never “get in” the 64 GB 3G and Wi-Fi model. The other models trickle in, in minimal quantities as well with not enough to meet demand (which isn’t news at all to everyone here). I know sooner or later this will be remedied, but in the meantime it’s frustrating.

  4. With all the whining about supply, they are still offering a pretty reasonable 2-3 week lead time on all models/flavors if you buy online. Anyone know if they are meeting those times recently? Honestly I’m not sure why you’d call an Apple store (much less drive to the Worst Buy) every few days for 2-3 weeks to check stock, when you could just order online and have shipped to your door…

    1. If those kind of numbers were really possible, do you think Apple would be giving “weak” guidance and don’t you think investors would be buying Apple shares instead of selling them off into earnings? Analysts are just making this stuff up in their heads to get attention.

  5. I’m an Apple shareholder and I think some of these analysts have gone completely insane with their iPad numbers. I honestly don’t think Foxconn can build numbers above 40 million before year’s end. I mean, they can’t even keep up with iPhone demand and that’s not as high. Maybe the analysts mean that demand for iPad 2s COULD be that high.

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