New in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion: QuickTime X 10.1

“Whereas version 10.0.x offered only iTunes, Mobile and YouTube as sharing options, QuickTime 10.1 in Lion adds Vimeo, Facebook Flickr and Mail,” Fairer Platform reports. “Also, In the Export/Share window that pops up during the upload process to YouTube et al, there’s an ‘Unpublish’ button.”

Fairer Platform reports, “You can access Social sharing via a button on the control bar and, this is kind of weird, the control bar itself can be dragged around inside video window (but not outside).”

MacDailyNews Note: The ability to move the control bar inside QuickTime video windows is neither weird nor new; you move it if you want to see things while it’s active and it debuted with QuickTime X in Mac OS X Snow Leoprad on August 28, 2009.

Fairer Platform reports, “The big addition to export options are savable (Command + Shift + S) file types — 480p; 720p; iPhone & iPod, iPad (up to 480p); iPhone & Apple TV (up to 720p) and Audio only. What you see in this pulldown depends on the type and quality of video file you’ve got open.”

More info, including screenshots, the full article here.


  1. I hope Apple doesn’t forsake pro users with this Quicktime X Lion edition with crippled and simplistic export features like it is now. For anything more sophisticated we have to use Quicktime 7 and not Quicktime X in Snow Leopard which has been redesigned for mostly morons. Say it ain’t so favorite fruit company!

    1. From what I’ve read about Quicktime X, there’s a lot more work Apple plans on doing. They just didn’t have the resources to complete it for the initial release.

  2. Considering that Apple plans to release a 64-bit Final Cut Pro in the same timeframe as Lion and that QuickTime is a foundation for FCP, I expect QuickTime to become fully 64-bit and regain many of the pro features it had in version 7.

  3. Computing power has increased tremendously since QuickTime was first introduced. Perhaps the moniker needs a refresh.

    I’m ready for SnappyTime!

  4. MacDailyNews Note: The ability to move the control bar inside QuickTime video windows is neither weird nor new…

    Maybe so, but it would be nice if it was possible in the iPad version of QuickTime. The control panel is fixed in place about a third of the way from the bottom of the screen.

  5. Not allowing the controls out of the window is annoying. I understand why they did it that way. It’s because they’ve chosen to go to the stupid 16:9 format for their monitors, and so there won’t be any place for the controls to go, because a video takes up the entire screen. So that makes sense for full screen video on a 16:9 monitor. But it makes no sense for anything else.

    There are times when the controls are wanted while the video is being played. And with Apple’s new arrangement, that means it’s got to be on the inside of the video. And then, because there’s no way to tell it to stay on, you’ve got to keep the pointer inside of the bar.

    Truthfully, this is very unApple. If it now extends to programs other than the video viewer, that’s not good.

  6. A very well deserved RANT at Apple:

    OMFG APPLE! WTF is wrong with you guys that you STILL CAN’T FINISH QUICKTIME 10!?!?!?!?!

    This is when Apple users justifiably get PISSED-THE-HELL-OFF at Apple.

    Let’s get real here:

    1) There never has been any ‘QuickTime 10.0.x’. There has only been QuickTime Apple dumped QT 10.0 on us in 2009 and left the buggy thing laying there with no improvements to follow! THAT SUCKS!

    2) Now we apparently are going to get a mere token of an upgrade with 10.1.0 that still cannot come close to the functionality of QuickTime 7.x Pro, therefore, we STILL HAVE TO INSTALL QUICKTIME 7.x!!!!!! THAT SUCKS TOO!

    Besides the CRAP functionality of QuickTime 10, and the fact that QuickTime 7.x is only 32-bit, there is one other CRITICAL reason to RANT for Apple to actually FINISH QuickTime 10:


    Q: What Apple software has the single WORST SECURITY? It’s not Mac OS X folks.

    A: It’s QUICKTIME as in QuickTime 7.x!

    MOVE YOUR LAZY ASSES APPLE and FINISH 64-bit QUICKTIME 10 RIGHT NOW!!!! It should have been finished A YEAR AGO!!!!!

    I hope other Apple users are equally pissed off at this stoooopidity at Apple. (And folks, I NEVER troll).

    1. Wow, Mr. Currie. Taking all this a little personally? I’m not against criticism and, while I am not troubled personally by some of the complaints in these comments, I understand different tastes in UI. But, geez, relax. Getting high blood pressure over quicktime is what’s really stoooopid. Nothng you’ve said goes anywhere beyond subjective.

      And, by the way, it’s the trolls who always (have to?) make a point of saying they’re not trolls. If you feel the need to declare as such, then rethink your comments.

      1. Agreed. There has to be something wrong with someone for them to write an angry post about the new QuickTime being worse than the last Quicktime. Some people just need to get a life.

    2. As Monty Python said:

      “If you want to get something done in this country you have to yell until you’re blue in the face!”

      I wholeheartedly stand by exactly what I said. I have published it a two further sites as well as at my Mac-Security Blog. This is indeed the time to scream until you’re blue in the face at Apple.

      Dumping us with a half-baked 64-bit QuickTime, YET AGAIN, in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is LAZY LAZY LAZY! Acquiesce to this nonsense and you’ll only get more of the same. I’m actually ashamed of the two of you for defending Apple’s blunder. That is the stuff of Microsoft users. For shame! For shame!

      1. I wholeheartedly agree Derek. It had gotten to stage where I thought Apple had decided to deprecate QT in favour of some new fangled version but it appears this doesn’t seem to be the case. I guess only time will tell.

      2. @Derek: Well, I have to agree. Quicktime X never should have existed, at least not in its current form. Apple should have waited until it had every feature in Quicktime 7 Pro AND THEN SOME before releasing it. I really, really hope that the version that comes with Lion is everything QP7Pro is and more. If not, then I have no idea what to play many of my videos in. I absolutely rely upon and require many of the Pro features like the Movie Properties; the ability to select a time range; and the ability to export to the format and size that _I_ want, not what Apple wants. Heck, QT Player X doesn’t even have a Preferences panel, that’s how rushed to release it was! It’s beta-quality software at best.

  7. I’m really frustrate with the new QuickTime that came with Lion. I had QuickTime Pro previously and was able to adjust many things (like the size of the video on screen) that I can no longer do with QuickTime 10.7. Does anyone know of a cheap program that will allow me to do that, since Apple doesn’t seem to want to cater to that aspect in QuickTime.

  8. Quicktime that comes with OS X lion is 100% pure, taurine excrement. Versatility, adjustability, compatibility all suck on this latest version. Software is supposed to improve as it evolves and Quicktime has taken a huge step backward.

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