Cablevision premieres iPad TV app for ‘optimum package’ customers

“Cablevision Systems Corp is launching an app for customers using its Optimum package to watch television on their iPads at home,” Xavier Briand reports for Reuters.

“The service, available at no extra charge, will allow the cable operator’s more than 3 million customers to watch some 300 channels, search programing by genre and enable customers to record programs,” Briand reports. “The move by New York-based Cablevision comes weeks after Time Warner Cable launched its own iPad app in mid-March.”

Briand reports, “The Time Warner version allows users to watch live programing from 32 networks so long as they are at home using their Wi-Fi network.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Now, watch the cease and desist orders fly!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “ob1spyker” for the heads up.]

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    1. There is certainly no “hero” in this case. Cablevision maximizes revenue/profits from incentivizing customers to upgrade to the “Optimum” package. While it may end up being useful to customers, it is by no means an altruistic gesture.

      1. Taking on the studios and challenging for Fair use makes them a hero in my book. They’re a business, and a for-profit company, so they’ve done what’s in their best interest, and I see nothing wrong with that.

  1. Not the hero. More like the villain.

    They are trying to stake a claim in the future of television. A future they should have no real part of. Why should you have to go through a cable provider and choose a tier (which was designed to force as many people to take as many bundles as possible), when the networks could now be selling direct to consumers using their own apps?

  2. Reorganize the pricing system. Let ME choose the 20 channels that *I* want to subscribe to for Tier 1. Offer a higher price for a 2nd Tier with a 30 channel pick, (on up). This way ALL channels are hand picked by the USER. Why can’t *I* choose where my money goes? The current Tier subscription is robbery—forced payment for far too many channels I will NEVER, EVER watch.

  3. Getting TV everywhere is Cablevision would be great if you only you could use it outside your home. Working for DISH you can use the TV everywhere not only inside your home but outside as well and not only on your IPad but you Smart phone or laptop. I like being able to pull out my Android and watch LIVE TV no matter where I am at the time.

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