Apple debuts new iPad 2 ad; reminds the world what ‘We Believe’ (with video)

Apple’s has debuted a new iPad 2 TV ad on U.S. broadcast and cable networks, “We Believe.”

The ad’s voiceover, by Peter Coyote, states:

This is what we believe. Technology alone is not enough.

Faster. Thiner. Lighter. Those are all good things.

But, when technology gets out of the way, everything becomes more delightful.

Even magical.

That’s when you leap forward.

That’s when you end up with something like this. (single hand puts down iPad 2)

MacDailyNews Take: It is nice to see Apple using their full arsenal; reminding people what really sets them apart for all others is a smart move. This ad is reminiscent of Apple’s iconic “Think Different” ad:


  1. I saw this last night and my first thought was in fact: “hey, that’s very similar to the Think Different ads.” I give this a big thumbs up: very good emotional and intellectual appeal!

    1. Yup… logical point with examples to illustrate… Technology is at its best, when it gets out of the way of the user…

      Unless you’re a nerd who geeks out at a Dual core CPU etc…

      I have friends that say the Android is better than the iPhone… it is a good phone… just not AS good… (i know Android bashers would add to that)…

      Apple’s vertical integration will always be its strength going forward. Now they have $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for R&D and supply control… They learned where distributing the Mac went wrong in the PC era…

  2. I think the “Here’s to the crazy ones” advertisement is much more profound both in what it says and what it portrays. I love it. Think different indeed. Mythic Apple.

    1. Agreed. Apple should replay this add from time to time to remind people of the roots of Apple.

      I was thinking the same thing about the holiday Coke commercials from my youth – the one with the people holding candles and singing “I’d like to buy the world…” as the scene expands to show them in the shape of a Christmas tree. I like that commercial, and the polar bear ones, too.

  3. Wow. This ad only reveals just desperate and fearful of the competition MAC has become.

    When you don’t have a story to tell about Flash, removable batteries or Android app compatibility and refuse to acknowledge product specifications you make commercials like this. I don’t even know what it’s about.

    Luckily there are stylus-based tablets that run Windows so you can get some real work done. For the rest of us.

    1. The iPhone ads note, “If you don’t have an iPhone… well, you don’t have an iPhone.” Let’s face it, if you don’t have an iPad, well you don’t have an iPad. I guess you’ll have a Xoom or broom or whatever there is “for the rest of us…”

    2. The “rest of you” high IQ morons love non-Apple crap is all. Desperate to maintain your tech rebel stance. Unless you can take it apart jailbreak or hack it it can’t be part of your world. Sad. Sez way more about you than those of us who have a life, appreciate simplicity and things “that just work.”

    3. Okay ZT I have a couple questions for you,

      1. Why would I want Flash compatibility? So, our iPads will crash and you could have something to complain about?
      2. My battery lasts like 10 hours, why do I need to change it?
      3. My iPad is lightning fast, I can actually experience that. You don’t see Ferrari ads blurting out “Top Speed of 250 mph!!” do you? You just kinda know that if you get one, it’s gonna be fast.
      4. Why would I want a stylus. My finger can do the same thing, and I’m not so concerned about where I left it last.
      5. Why would I want to run Windows on my tablet. It’s slow, old, insecure, bloated, and not truly designed for what it’s being used for (sounds like my friends ex-wife).
      – On a side note, have you seen the size of the available Windows tables? The word tank comes to mind!
      – On a second side note. Microsoft killed the Zune!

      Please, just admit that Apple has produced a great product, like the rest of the world is beginning to do. You’ll be happier for it.

  4. I probably am one of the few that didn’t like the ad one bit. I found it a bit too self serving, vaguely condescending, grandiloquence that cues in an incomplete message… etc.

    Basically, it’s can be one of those silly MS (or countless others without an original hit in decades) ads, where someone would announce/proclaim to the world that the Wow has now started, without explaining who asked for the Wow, and whether it will blend.

    Compare this to the brilliant Mac vs PC ads, where anything irrelevant is stripped off, leaving only a bare white background and few careful quips. Brilliant in its simplicity, and bulls-eye effectiveness.

    Same goes for the early iPhone ads (unlike the new silly iPhone 4 tautology, if it’s not iPhone 4 it’s not iPhone 4). Instead of some crazy slick animation tricks like Samsung ads where things starts materialising on the world from their phones/Tabs, iPhone only showed off the unaccompanied ‘user manual’ of this new iPhone. You know, what if you just craved for some calamari for no good reason during a silly movie about pirates.

    Apple is great, they shouldn’t have to plead ‘believe’ with these ‘magical’ ads, rather trust your products to speak for themselves, and do their magic. In this case, touching is disbelieving.

    1. You are also probably one of the few here who don’t have and iPad. Well, if you don’t……..
      I like this ad. I don’t like the Android device ads that feature robots and flashing lights. Wow, how can I do that?

      1. You’re right, I don’t have an iPad 2, but I’m planning on getting it. My objection is not on the product, but the advertisement featuring it.

        I guess, my primary objection is, which I’m finding it a bit difficult to crystalise let alone articulate properly, the Ad gets in the way, while it was championing the technology not getting in the way. I guess, many aspects of the ad didn’t click in my subconscious. But that stood out. I guess, Mr. Coyote’s voice was also a distraction for me, where the messenger was taking over the message.

        1. I dont have any problem with the ad. it get the job done.

          the samsung ad with the ship or whatever… have you watched that ad? the guy is touching the screen AFTER the screen changes. the guy reaches to touch the screen, the screen changes… then he touches it. bad editing. but par for the course for apple’s “competition” anymore.

          1. Yeah, but I’m not comparing Apples to oranges. I’m stacking Apple against its previous work. This one felt a bit contrite to me, which one might expect from companies like MS, Samsung etc., as I have mentioned earlier.

            Going back to the original iPhone ad, “this is how you turn on your phone.” “This is how you read emails.” “And this, is how you answer your call… on your iPhone. ” Now that was mesmerising, magical.

            You don’t need to ‘resort’ to an Augustus voice-over to convey the message that iPad is a marriage between Technology and Liberal Arts. A child could just say those words and be more effective in an odd way. But I would have preferred more, maybe, if they only played a non-elevator music and showed off the Apps and capabilities of the device.

            You know, the main feature of this device is that it is portable almost anywhere. That message was lost in this over production ‘grandiose’ piece. A let down from the standpoint of Apple’s refined taste.

  5. Still got goose bumps feeling whenever I watch the “Here’s to the crazy ones” ad… Back then when it aired, I believed. Today, I’m just so glad Apple took that stand and over all, winning people’s hearts. The iPad 2 ad has strong connections to that and bravo to Apple in hitting the heart of the message – it’s not all about specs. Can’t agree more that when technology gets out of the way, the real magic begins.

    Hey Zune Tang, stop your denial… come get crazy. Change the world.

  6. Great ad. This is Apple. Apple has almost never been about the specs, Apple is all about how people interact with devices that make their jobs and their lives easier. I know exactly what this ad is about and so will most consumers. At our kids’ schools the Moms & Dads there for the most part could not tell you the specs of anything they own. I know, I fix a lot of their devices. I ask, what’s your processor? Don’t know. And guess what? They don’t care if it works. That’s what this ad is about, not caring about the wires inside, but about the fire it lights in their and their children’s eyes.

    Atlanta, GA

    1. :’) wow I’m starting to tear up!
      That is apple
      Apple is about the experience
      Apple is about the product and the consumer
      MS, HTC, moterolla, Google, etc. Is about the money

      1. Sooooo . . . you don’t appreciate how good engineering can enrich your life? Too many Dodge products maybe? Too many Clippie encounters in Windows documents to understand how well it _can_ be done? I started using MS products in 1987 starting with DOS 3.x. Then Windows 3.1, 95, 98 and XP (skipped over ME entirely). In 1996 I bought a Mac Clone and came to realize that the sum is not equal to the parts.

        It is a LOT about the money of course, which is why Apple is kicking HTC’s, “moterolla”s and MS’ asterisks. You haven’t been following Apple stock have you?
        If you had you would know that you can make money and also make transformative products that enrich people’s lives. In fact, one kind of follows the other doesn’t it?

        It’s not surprising that you would not understand if you’re not an Apple user. It’s like asking a lover of Velvet-Elvis art to grok Chagall.

        Atlanta, GA

  7. I am definitely not a marketing person. I do like the type of appeal in this ad though. It’s seems to be more broad-based than one where the emphasis is on specifications.

    Most people whom I encounter that are interested in the iPad just want to talk about what it can do. The typical questions include, “Can I put my photos on it?” And once they see the photo app, they’re delighted by it.

    I should be taking possession of my 64GB 3G iPad 2 tomorrow. It replaces my 64 GB 3G iPad (first generation). What can I say? I’m hooked.

  8. An interesting thing about this ad is that while Peter Coyote is narrating Apple’s philosophy, the video is showing you all the cool things you can do with the iPad. The viewer than makes an unconscious connection between the two. Brilliant marketing, absolutely brilliant. One of Apple’s best ads in a while, also.

    BTW, compare this ad to the goofball Tron-like ad for the Xoom. The difference is striking.

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