First news story completely shot on an iPad 2 (with video)

MacDailyNews reader Mike McNeill, who works for Fox 4 (KBTV) in Beaumont, Texas, shot and lightly edited what is likely the first news story to broadcast over the air that was completely shot and edited on an iPad 2:


      1. Welcome Memetech!

        Since this is your first post ever, here’s a piece of advice. Don’t post anything even remotely anti-Apple on this site. Actually it doesn’t even have to be anti-Apple. Simply praise a competitor and you will be eaten alive by some of these commenters.

        1. Don’t worry I’m as rabid as rabid as the next fan. Over twenty years of apple worship, including the hard times that tested my faith.
          And not my first post, my first “first post”

    1. Why the quotes around Fox “news” ZBeeb. You find the sycophants at NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN superior? Non-biased? Really? If you want news and opinions other then those copied from the State-Run media and dutifully reported, then you NEED to go to the only media outlet free of serious progressive/lib bias…. that would be Fox…

      1. I have this new Safari plug-in. it’s called AutoTruth. it’s very frustrating…

        here’s what I want to say to MacMan:
        “you’re the best! I wish I were your friend.”

        irritatingly, here’s what it keeps insisting I really mean:
        “you’re an idiot. drop dead.”

  1. As an Apple loving, bagpipe playing, guy from Beaumont who is getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day I am thrilled to see both this story and how it was made. Way to go!

  2. It seems he recorded with the VGA camera…failure number one. He’s also terribly annoying, failure number 2. He used an iPad for a news story, great idea, could have been better.

  3. Shot on iPad2. Don’t know about “edited.” It’s all one long scene with no cuts. The couple of graphics had to have been added in at the TV station after the fact.

    That said. Who knows. We may see TV stations completely replacing their expensive pro video equipment with iPads!

  4. Don’t get lost in the substance of the story or the reporter’s style or location.

    The fact that this was shot on an iPad and processed on an iPad is huge. This is a watershed moment.

    Holy Cow!

    1. Yeah, this is going to be big with field reporters, I think. If an iPad is all they need to have, they can be more agile and post their stories right away. Just don’t expect it to replace the broadcast quality cameras quite yet…

  5. Jeez, liberals are like cockroaches, come from from everywhere when the lights go out. But turn on the Light, say “vote” and watch ’em scatter to Illinois!

    1. not really sure what this post is saying…more like a weak poitico trying to be cute, i guess….sounds like a couple of my pop’s drinking buds..loud, spew words but don’t have a clue…neway..the video…thumbs up for giving it a spin and getting it on air..and lighting in an all night 7-11 kind of place isn’t easy at all, having done a few shoots in that environment myself…

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