New iPad 2 lines form in front of Apple flagship stores; magical device quickly sells out again

“Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White today… notes that there were again lines to buy the iPad 2 at stores in San Francisco and New York this morning, and that checks with both stores indicated that they received much lower quantities of iPad 2 than the initial shipments on Friday, and that they would be out of stock in a matter of hours today,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

“The SF flagship store opened an hour early to a line of 400 people, and people at the end of the line were told they might not get a unit,” Ray reports.

Ray reports, “Also, online shipping dates for iPad 2 have stretched from a prior 3-to-5-week delay to 4 to 5 weeks now.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Sarah” for the heads up.]


  1. The die is cast. The only way any other tablet maker is going to provide competition to Apple is to come up with something that is out of this world. If not, they’ll just be fighting for second place – which wouldn’t be too bad a spot to be in if the tablet market really becomes huge. There’s always five to ten per cent of people who like to illogically go against the flow, and that could translate into millions of units. But forget about putting out “iPad killers” because for the next five years or so, that does not look like it’s gonna happen

    1. “There’s always five to ten per cent of people who like to illogically go against the flow” – isn’t it weird that for years that’s how we Mac users have been perceived by all the Windows drones. The difference is that we were right.

  2. FedX will deliver mine tomorrow. And I didn’t have to stand in line like a kid with no life. Hey MDN, I didn’t see what all the other Apple sites reported : Apple TV has 4% and Netflix has 61% of streaming video content. Why don’t you cover all Apple news? We need to know what’s going on not just fluff.

      1. Yes, they probably would have only been 60%. I doubt AppleTV has much to do with Netflix Streaming percentages. My HD TV streams Netflix… as do most new TVs. Blueray players, PS3, Wii, computers, iPhones ALL have Netflix. THAT is why it has such a great penetration.

    1. Not sure how it was really news. The survey is really comparing very different businesses. Netflix is a subscription and iTunes offers a la carte rentals and sales.

      Seems like a silly comparison. Besides, Netflix works on iOS devices so it’s a win for both companies.

    2. Why should this stat be surprising? You don’t need to buy a special box and connect it to your TV to do netflix streaming. You can stream netflix on any computer, Tivo, Roku, lots of cable DVRs, and of course, on AppleTV. AppleTV, on the other hand, is a specific piece of hardware.

    3. I waited in line for 22 hours. I spent much of that time working (with my MacBook Pro and free wifi) hanging out with friends, having a nice dinner and lunch the next day, watching movies via NetFlix, and being interviewed on CNBC. It was fun, and I got 2 iPads at 5pm.

      I agree though, Netflix is certainly related news. Not so much that Netflix’s gain is Apple’s loss, but rather Netflix is an important part of Apple’s ecosystem (as well as the ecosystem of others).

    4. Dude! Got mine this afternoon! Ordered at 1:30 am PT on Friday, delivered 1 pm by FedEx the following Tuesday. I don’t blame anybody for waiting in a long line for the “social event” aspect of it all, but if you got skunked, quit your bitching. You guys figured out who the biggest whiners are? Yup, those who thought they would be the first to sashay into the office, whip out their new 10-incher and ask the executive assistants, “Wanna play with it?” Meanwhile the dork down the hall shows up on Wednesday morning with his…

  3. The reason I have an iPhone 3GS and not an iPhone 4 is because when the 4 came out, the only way to get it was to order online — walking into a store and buying one was practically impossible; everyone was keeping wait-lists. And months later, when you _could_ walk into a store and get one, I was over it.

    I would love an iPad 2, so I’m anxious to see if supply is going to be iPhone 4 redux. I did preorder my iPad 1 on Fri 03/12/10 ~1am for Sat 04/03 delivery, so I guess I could order online this time, again, but really, walking into a store and walking out w/ what you want is so much more immediately gratifying.

  4. strikes me that all the hoopla and hoo har about competing tabs has only served to make these lines longer:

    tablets are must have, here’s one immediately available (!) I’ll have one of they.

    To quote another, there’s only two competitors in this iPad market: the iPad 2 and the stranglehold apple has on the iPad 1 market

  5. While this is a nice problem for Apple to have it is still a PROBLEM. Apple needs to rapidly ramp up to an availability of 2.5 to 3 million per month — and ramp up fast. Given the apparent pent up demand Apple very, very easily could sell 7 to 8 million iPad 2 systems worldwide in the first 90 days.

    I’d wager (really I would if anyone would take the opposite side of the bet) that if Apple had a stock of 2 million iPad 2 systems it would have sold them all within the first week. People are talking about a possibility of as many as a million within the first 72 hours. With the backlog still growing online, I can only suspect that Apple has taken *at least* 1 million in combined orders and sales to end users and very likely is approaching 2 million — and this is just in the U.S.!

    1. I’m thinking Apple had well over a million units in stock and in place knowing darn well they would sell like hot cakes and the demand outstripped their number and approached the two million mark, easy, first week for sure, easy and over two million, easy ……

  6. Apple playing games again. I’m an Apple head all the way, but this spoon feeding of the products is tiresome. I can understand if they get caught with there pants down once or twice, but gimmie a fukcin break- they release a product with not enough supply? do you go to a restaurant and the waiter describes the specials in mouth watering detail and the last sentence is… But you cant eat that tonite. You can wait on a line before we open tomorrow and you “might” get lucky, but we cant guarantee the chef will prepare the special meal for you. No we don’t take reservations unless you want to wait till next month. I’m tired of it. Just a game to give the illusion that Apple can’t keep up with demand, when the fact is they just spoon feed the supply in order to keep the “we can’t keep up with the demand” posture. BLOW ME Apple! Get your siht together before you release a product. Be prepared. Release it in May if thats when you can handle the volume. WTF? I WANT MY IPAD 2 NOW!! STOP TEASING ME!

    1. Lighten up dude. It’s just an incredibly thin tablet computer that will change your life forever.
      Trust me you can wait for a few weeks. The agony of waiting will make appreciate it even more.
      This happens with hot Apple products. Sometimes they completely misjudge the demand.
      Think this is bad. When the first Titanium G4 powerbook came out people were waiting for 3 months before it started shipping.

  7. Yet that is what it is like at the best restaurants. Just take Le Bateau Ivre in Berkeley or the Frenk Laundry in Napa.
    1. stand in line for ever or reserve months in advance
    2. take what the chef is concocting from their fixed menu based on the best ingredients at the time
    3. pay their prices

    You can supplement your meal with some extras of your choosing like wine (the equivalent of apps to go with your iPad).

    You’re in a different league now.

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