Crowds line up for iPad 2 across the U.S.A. (with photos)

Apple’s iPad 2 goes on sale today at 5 p.m. local time across the United States and lines are already forming.

UPDATE: 5:30 pm ET: Readers tell us of huge lines at Apple Retail Stores. For example, one MacDailyNews reader counted 700+ people in line at Apple Store Crossgates in Albany, NY just before the doors opened at 5pm.

If you’re in an iPad 2 line, please send us a photo ( and please note your location and we’ll post them below!

Note that the iPad 2 line for Apple Store Bellueve  Square passes right outside the Microsoft Store located in the same mall!

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    1. I highly doubt the credibility of any story which says that a woman sold her place in line for $900. That makes no financial sense at all. $50, OKAY. $100, MAYBE. But $900? The cost of 2 iPads? Sorry, this is just a made-up story for the press.

      1. I believe it. The person *behind* me in line was offering $300 each for up to 8 people. She may have gone higher. She needed 16 iPads. These didn’t have to be first in lines, just front enough to get one early. This is in Palo Alto.

  1. Apple orders started out at 5 am EST. with a 3-5 day shipping timeframe. If you were to place an online order now, you would get a 2-3 week shipping timeframe delay.

    Apple expects that by the end of the day, shipping timeframes will be 3-6 weeks, due to huge influx of orders and demand- this from a conversation I had a few minutes ago with an Apple manager in Cupertino.

  2. At this rate they’ll have no more units left for the European launch. They’ll probably have two display units to play with in the Athens store but that’ll be about it. The average Greek is unemployed and can hardly afford an iPad.

  3. As I said the other day “there will be lines”. Too much pent up anticipation for it to be any different.

    Apple Store showing 2 – 3 week delivery.

    1. Aaron, that was Gene Munster stating to not expect waiting lines for the iPad 2.. Everybody seems to love Gene. F him! He intentionally made that article so people would be unprepared and he’d have first dibs for his iPad! I bet he’s already in line, and MDN has yet to correct him with an iCal as appropriate.

      1. In 2007, after AppleTV and the iPhone debuted, Gene Munster predicted that the AppleTV would be a runaway hit and that the iPhone was at best a niche product, given Apple total lack of experience in the phone business and given the power of the carriers. Munster is just an average guy, at best!

    1. Actually, (if you are talking about the main store on Market St) it was FOUR blocks longs. At 5pm, the line went completely around the city block (Stockton, O’Farrell, Powell, and Ellis); the end of the line was back at the store.

      As I was watching (not in line for this one), a few minutes after 5pm, a HUGE Fedex semi pulled up along the Ellis side, next to the back employee entrance. I figured they were unloading some more iPads for this key Apple Store, because the line had gotten so long.

  4. “Hard data points to sagging iPad 2 hype”

    “People just don’t seem to be all that excited about it.”

    “I get that once you have seen an iPad an improved iPad is far less exciting,”

    “I just don’t think more people are going to get excited about an incremental product over one that was magical”

    “This is starting to look like one of Apple’s most challenging launches yet. The company has stumbled a bit on timing and execution, and world events seem to be working against them as well. Apple is a crazy capable company, but it just feels like they are off their game at the moment, and clearly with their CEO under the weather, there are good reasons for that. In any case, the iPad 2 ramp-to-market, which I thought was going to be a walk in the park for Apple, is quickly looking like anything but.

    All quotes provided by Rob Enderle.

  5. Enderle is a douche, always has been
    gets paid by msft to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt

    Here in the midwest our local channel partners BB, WM & Tgt only have 5 units at the most

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