Richard Branson: Apple is a great brand; Jobs is the entrepreneur I most admire

“Sir Richard Branson has expressed his admiration for Apple and its founder Steve Jobs, joking that he’d consider merging his Virgin empire with the tech giant,” Patrick Goss reports for TechRadar UK.

“Branson, who was in town to check out the new Virgin Media TiVo box, told TechRadar and T3 of his love for Apple as a company, with the iPad 2 already on his wishlist,” Goss reports. “When asked about the biggest name in technology, Branson needed no time to think. “Steve Jobs,’ he answered. ‘I hope he gets through his current illness. He’s the entrepreneur in the world I most admire and I think [Apple] is the brand I most admire. [Jobs] is the greatest comeback artist as well. He’s twice been down and out and fought his way back and created a brilliant global company. Everything he does is real class and if he wants to rename his company Virgin Apple I’d be happy to merge! It’s a great brand and a great company and may he get well soon… It sounds like he may not be coming back [to work], and he really has done incredible things; he’s got a great legacy.'”

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[Attribution: 9 to 5 Mac. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Branson is a showman and a self publicist that’s all. His companies are so intertwined with cross shareholdings that no one actually knows what profits the are making if any. He is the epitome of style over substance. This identifying with Apple is just another part of that self promotion and any identification with him by Apple would be potentially disastrous and a total disintegration of the core brand. Don’t touch him with a barge pole. The only person worse would be Alan Sugar.

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