RUMOR: No 64GB iPad 2 models in AT&T stores today; no iPad 2 at all in some Verizon stores?

“We’ve just heard that AT&T retail stores won’t be selling the beefiest iPad 2 model today,” Jonathan S. Geller reports for BGR.

“As for Verizon Wireless stores, we recommend customers call ahead of time to check if their local store will be carrying the iPad 2 at all today,” Geller reports. “We’ve been told not all Verizon locations will have them in stock but they can all place orders on site. The Verizon Wireless locations that will carry the iPad 2 today should be receiving the 64GB model, we’ve been told.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


  1. My local Verizon said if you come in 5pm they’ll order you one online – no promise date for delivery.

    My local Walmart told me they got 2 32Gb WiFi models, 1 in each color.

    My local Target told me they got 5 – they don’t know which models they got, because they were “told by Corporate to not open the box until 5pm”.

    This stinks! Apple should have allowed preorders like every other iToy!

    1. Actually if you think about it the math isn’t that hard. 10,000 stores are carrying the iPad 2. If each store sells 100, you’ll soon hit your 1,000,000 target in next to no time. Maybe not this weekend but for sure in the next week. I don’t think it’s the lack of demand that’s hampering sales but the lack of available units for sale. Throw in your online orders that’ll soon add up to quite a few units sold. The only drawback is online orders won’t be filled until 3 weeks down the road.

  2. There are two local AT&T stores (Winter Park & Altamonte Springs, essentially north Orlando) in my area. One store only has 4 iPad2s, 32GB or smaller, and the other store has none. My local Target says they won’t know until 5PM which ones they have. Sounds to me like it’s a trip to the Apple Store if you want what you want

  3. ouch..
    I ordered my 64GB 3G online last night, will be here next friday if all goes well. I was going to stop in a local AT&T for the heck of it and see if i could grab a 2nd one and sell/cancel the one i ordered last night… guess not.

    I also ordered a 32gb White wifi model (my mother’s) so 50/50 split between black/white. Also Curious to see which sells more, black or white. and for that matter Verizon vs AT&T..

    1. Drove past both a local AT&T and Verizon store earlier, block apart.
      Verizon sign, they didnt get any…
      AT&T sign, Limited number and 32GB 3g Black only.

      I have a feeling that Black will outsell white, and AT&T will outsell verizon.
      If only due to supply.

  4. I live in the Toms River/Lakewood, NJ area. Both Targets only received 15 ipads each, all black, no 3g, and no 32 gbs. I got to the front of the line in each while they had 16gb and 64gb available. I wanted 32, just wi-fi for a friend so left. The AT&T store at the mall had none, and said only the Freehold AT&T (near the Apple Store) had them. REALLY DISAPPOINTED.

  5. I waited in line for an hour at Best buy where they gave out tickets for all except the 64g verizon. Unfortunately that was the one I wanted. Could have got a 32, but opted to order online.

  6. Yep, got screwed by Verizon today. No iPads at the store. Sure it is Apple’s fault as well, but when I went to my local Verizon store to check that they would have them today, I was assured that they would have them in stock and that I should come back. Well, when I went back today, no iPads, just a promise to ship in two weeks. Well, if they can deliver on their promise today, why should I believe they will have one in two weeks. Thanks Verizon and Apple.

    1. Put the blame where it belongs , it’s all on APPLE. My Verizon store told me they were supposed to get their delivery in the morning. They were surprised to find that it was BS, as was I when I drove back to buy one. Apple pissed me off so much I bought a Zoom.

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