Survey: Consumers would still buy Apple products in a post-Steve Jobs era

“Questions over how Apple would fare in a post-Steve Jobs era have long persisted,” Scott Martin reports for USA Today. “Now an analyst has released a survey on consumer sentiment for Apple products if the icon chief were no longer with the company.”

Martin reports, “The report reveals 93% of respondents would continue to buy Apple products if Jobs were to depart from the company. ‘Survey data shows only minor consumer impact from Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs departing Apple,’ wrote RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky in the report.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. Why, oh why does this happen? Even on something supposedly apolitical, the select morons of MDN have to inject cheap political crap…

      This site is like a car crash – I keep telling myself I’m going to look away, but…

  1. Of all his creations, Steve Job’s greatest is the company itself. I believe that it embodies his vision and that the right people are in place so that it will thrive even without his presence. Some believe not, though. Only time will tell who’s right.

  2. If it’s a RBC, Mike Abramsky report, then he’s using Changewave as his survey partner. They are notoriously unreliable. They are the numbnuts that said Mac sales were collapsing back in Dec of 2008, and Abramsky dropped his price target to $70. Remember that? It was all due to foolish Changewave. Why does MDN give these ‘tards any time? So what they said something nice today, they’re hacks, who have hurt Apple with their unreliable nonsense in the past.

    It’s like supporting some Middle East despot, only because they let us have military bases. The fact is, they’re still a despot.

  3. Well, I kept buying Apple products the last time he was forced out of the company. Don’t see why this time would be any different. Except, of course, for who is forcing him out.

  4. Would I buy Apple product post-Steve Job era?

    Condition 1: Apple products are relevant and useful to me.
    Condition 2: Apple products are the best in the Market
    Condition 3: Apple products are within reasonable prices.

    Only under the 3 conditions above I will remain an Apple customer.

  5. The question is not whether Apple without Steve Jobs can continue to sells products and make money. Of course it can! The big question is whether Apple without Steve Jobs can continue to push the envelope in ways that transform the lifestyle of the whole civilized world.

  6. Unfortunately the talking heads on CNBC keep asking this question over and over even though they are being reassured by Gene Munster and others who follow Apple, that Apple has a deep pool of exceptionally talented corporate leaders and all of the analysts are maintaining higher price targets for the stock.

    Steve has worked with these corporate leaders for years-they know how he thinks and would be able to continue to innovate and produce exceptional products, software and services.

    Get well Steve!

  7. FACT: Even during the declining Marketing Moron years that followed the departure of Steve Jobs from Apple in 1985, Apple continued to remain the single best computer company in the world. I was there. I worked on both Macs AND Windows boxes, still do.

    Anyone attempting to FUD ‘The Death of Jobs is the Death of Apple’ is a misery mongering troll. Trolls live to be trampled. Oblige them.

  8. I discovered Apple and the Mac when Steve Jobs was away… as I’ve said, Macs always beat Windows. When Jobs returned, Guy Kawasaki’s job as an evangelist was no longer necessary, and the world changed again and again. As usual, though, everyone copies Apple, who does the bulk of most game-changing. Steve is a true visionary- he was onto things in the nineties that we’ve only begun to bring to fruition, and I suspect that he and the DNA that fuels Apple will continue that work for years to come.

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