Nokia CEO Elop: We’re standing on a burning platform

“With Nokia expected to unveil a shift in its long term strategy at the company’s annual Capital Markets Day this Friday, it should be no surprise that rumor and conjecture are rife,” Steve O’Hear reports for TechCrunch. “Much of that has focused on whether or not the Finnish mobile giant will be adopting a third-party platform with talk of Windows Phone 7 given new CEO Stephen Elop’s previous connection with Redmond. A rumor that our well-placed sources would appear to confirm – see below.”

“But we’re also hearing that Nokia is planning to lay down stronger roots in Silicon Valley too – like so many a European tech outfit… And in what looks like preparing the troops for a major change of direction, an internal Nokia memo titled ‘Standing on a burning platform’ has been doing the rounds,” O’Hear reports. “The widely distributed circular penned by Elop himself is a description of Nokia’s somewhat precarious position – and I say that as someone who has been fairly bullish on the handset maker’s recent products.”

MacDailyNews Take: Steve Jobs, pyromaniac.

O’Hear reports, “Specifically, our sources say that the memo paints a picture of a smartphone market in which Apple owns the high end, Android is winning in the mid-range, and Chinese competitors – MediaTek is singled out – are likely to snatch the low end. In other words, Nokia is being attacked on all fronts. Symbian and MeeGo are cited as simply not being competitive enough. Instead, the choices facing the company, as hinted at by Elop in Nokia’s recent earnings call, are to ‘build, catalyse or join’ – the implication, says one source, is that to build is a reference to Symbian or Meego, catalyse refers to Windows Phone 7 and join would mean Android.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Going from MeeGo to MeToo is not a winning strategy, it’s merely a survival strategy. It’s wholly unsurprising that Microsoftie Elop would chose such a route.


  1. If they go Android or Windows Phone 7, it should be an attempt to stay afloat while they design their own decent OS — lest they become another HTC. And there’s only so much money to be made when you’re dealing in a commodity market.

  2. Personally I hope they take up Windows Phone 7 and not Android. More competition is always a good thing, and two party races rarely work out well in my opinion (just look at our current political system). A three party race may force cooperation, and stop one from becoming totally dominant.

  3. “build, catalyse or join’ – the implication, says one source, is that to build is a reference to Symbian or Meego, catalyse refers to Windows Phone 7 and join would mean Android.”

    That’s exactly how I interpreted Elop’s comments during the earnings conference call. However, in his other comments it seemed obvious that “catalyse” is his favored choice. Symbian will stay at the low end. WP7 will replace Meego on high-end handsets, and Meego might stay for tablets.

  4. When will people get it?

    It’s not just the OS that matters it’s the entire ecosystem: OS + Media/App Shop/Library + Device = success

    Or to put it another way:

    iOS + iTunes + iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch = Apple

  5. I hope they go with wp7, not a widely adopted platform, but we more alternatives than android, and MS and Nokia together have the numbers to theoretically a viable alternative. I would hate android be a defacto standard.

  6. They didnt get it when they needed to, and now they have got it, its too frickin late.

    Nokia will not be able to build an OS and an App store because its all over – Apple, and in a somewhat f**ked up way, Google, have

    Microsoft? Game over – like volunteering to go down on the Titanic.

  7. Nokia will have no choice but to join the evil empire based in Redmond; or else fade into irrelevance. Their entire mobile phone lineup is very old school and looks very tired, fit for the bottom end of the market where profits are thin on the ground.

    MS offers the only real hope for a new beginning, a new chapter in the Windows Phone 7 drama that’s only now being written.

    Combine the N8 with the Kinect; now that’s what I call a barnstorming idea in the best traditions of the original barnstormers in the 1920’s. 

    Of course an idea of this magnitude can only ever come out of the nut of Ballmer’s bald head.

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