Is the end near for Apple’s iPod classic?

Apple Online Store“Stock of the iPod classic is on the decline at several retailers, a report observes,” iPodNN reports.

“At Apple’s online store, for instance, the silver Classic is now shipping in one to three days, as compared to 24 hours last week,” iPodNN reports. “Best Buy’s website notes that the same color has gone from one-day shipping last week to being backordered by one to to two weeks. At Target, shipping times are now listed as two to four weeks.”

iPodNN reports, “The black-tinted Classic appears to be unaffected by shortages. Apple allowing silver stock to fall low could nevertheless signal plans to kill off one or both models, or else finally release an update.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Some people say that iPod classic is an anachronism and, as a reader once emailed us, “there’s no need to attempt to carry around all of your media unless you don’t understand playlists.” Others swear by the device. Do you use an iPod classic? If so, why do you choose that iPod model?


  1. I use a classic to store all my music in full, non compressed files (80 gig) to feed to my car deck for the best quality music.

    The article states “no need to attempt to carry around all of your media unless you don’t understand playlists.” Count me as one who does not understand then. How would a playlist negate the need for all of my files to reside on my Ipod?

  2. My music is normally in Apple Lossless format. That said, Just to have a small playlist takes up a lot of room. If Apple would allow to Down convert to 256bitrate instead of 128bitrate I think I could do fine with a 32 GB or 64 GB iPod touch / iPad.

    Until Apple allows this, I will just have to bite the bullet and use the classic. 🙁

  3. I just replaced my 4th gen iPod (the original box called it the “iPod photo”) when it gave up the ghost with a new silver Classic. here’s why: Since installing aTV Flash on my (silver-sided) Apple TV, and thus increasing my Apple TV’s capacity to 1 GB, I have been re-encoding more and more songs in Apple Lossless format, since the Apple TV is in the living room where the good speakers are. As a result, my music in iTunes now exceeds 70 GB. I have an iPod-dock speaker in nearly every room and prefer to cart the iPod with said music around the house rather than rely on AirPlay most of the time. Only one iPod model will handle 70 GB with an eye to increase that in the future.

  4. Yup, my ipod classic is in the car with all music loaded. I don’t need to do anything to change my mind about what I want to hear. It comes in once a year in the summer (not quite so often in the winter) and gets the new stuff. For the Beatles box set I made an exception and took it in early.

  5. The ability to have all of my music in my car at all times is of great benefit to me (I can’t guess what my car guests (family / friends) are going to request). Playlists are non-issue here.

    If anything, I’ve been waiting for the iPod touch to gain a 128 GB drive to properly replace the classic, which has been way too slow to come in my opinion.

  6. It sits in the console of the BMW…where I am NOT going to put an iPhone or iPod touch…so SOME form of NON-communication device that serves as portable storage for music or data will survive for some time. the proprietary cable for the ipod in all these cars can of course be changed to work with another device but the software in the cars is also set to work with them. The inertia of the infrastructure Apple has built will keep them around in some form (solid state classic?) for at least the next 3 to 5 years.

  7. I can not begin to say how nice i find it to have all of my music with me. My 32gb iPhone still does not hold my collection and the ability to listen to any of my music anywhere anytime is incredible and a must for me. A discontinuation of the classic will leave me without the best way to experience my music.

  8. It’s pretty obvious whatever reader said that does not know how to drive. Apple should take note of this thread and how many of us need a high capacity iPod in our cars. There currently isn’t one big enough for all my music, but at least the Classic comes close, and a click wheel is easier to use without looking, making it the safer choice as well.

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